Season 4 Episode 7

Burn Baby Burn (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on CBS

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  • great episode

    Allison dreams about her father in law, he tells her something that's going to come. When she wakes up she finds out that her mother in law is visiting unannounced. Cynthia tries to push Allison's dreams towards some outstanding cases so she can generate some business for her employer. It's a really cool episode. Ariel dreams about a boy's mom setting herself on fire. It turns out that the boy's mom got killed in a fire and her ex husband is blamed for her murder. This is a really interesting episode, so much is happening that we're not aware of at first, but slowly the mystery unravels itself, it's a great episode.
  • A burning episode!

    Ariel dreams about her classmate's mother setting herself on fire. The body is identified and the husband is arrested. Meanwhile, to get City Hall to understand pay raises and such a massive "sick" day is called on but Scanlon still goes on the murder case of the husband, intent on shutting him away and he and Devalos both demand Allison's "gift" (a funny moment) on whether the husband is guilty or not.

    Cynthia is afraid of being shipped out so she leaves a stack of runaway profiles for Allison to work on. She dreams about a mad dentist and one of the runaways.

    And Joe's mother comes, bearing money and a secret...

    A two parter, can't wait for the other half of this episode!
  • Two for one deal.

    In this episode both Allison and Ariel are having dreams about two different situations. Ariel dreams about a classmate's mother, who douses herself with accelerant and light herself on fire. Or did she? Scanlon investigates her death as a homicide and Devalos appears in this episode as the suspect husband's attorney. Devalos brings in Allison. Scanlon and Devalos then fight over Allison, demanding to know what she "sees." Allison is frustrated because she was unable to sense anything about this case because she is too busy having dreams about an evil dentist and a prostitute. And according to Cynthia Keener, Allison isn't doing a good enough job dreaming about that case either. Poor Allison! To top it all off, her mother-in-law has come to visit and she wants a piece of Allison's gift as well. Of course, this was a two-parter so we have to tune in again to figure it all out. The episode was well done, I just am still wishing that Devalos got his job back and Allison and Joe got themselves together. Who wants to watch people struggle financially. I don't have to watch TV to experience that!