Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • A good episode with a fantasy twist.

    This episode shakes things up slightly by having Ariel, Allison's eldest daughter having the dreams, shown as a fairytale. At least to begin with. A girl has been missing for two years, presumed dead due to a confession by a convicted murderer. When Ariel starts having her "fairytale dreams however, she think differently, and before long Allison begins to sense the girl is alive. Allison and Joe have a hard time deciding if they should let Ariel talk to the police or not, but the girls life is on the line.

    A good episode with a nice amount of surprise and suspense. Not one of my favourites but I enjoyed it and would recommend it.
  • If you go into the woods tonight...

    Oh noes, an episode centering on the most irritating Dubois member! But wait, it's actually…good! And, dare I say it; I completely underestimated Sofia's acting abilities. She has been given the unthankful task of being the brat of the show – the Dawn of Buffy, if you will – and it's not until now that I realized how underused she is. Much like the rest of the cast, she finally impresses me. Now, I do not want a family orientated case with the kiddies every week, but if they all happen to be as dark as this, one a season is fine by me.

    Sofia gets a lot to do in this episode and shows exceptional range – she gets to play frightened, fun, scary and sad and she nails it. In fact, the child acting on this show is astonishing. Maria Lark is an absolute golden find. And the guest star this week, ICarly's very own Jennette McCurdy, I'm not sure if they actually spooked her at such a young age, but she was so convincing as Sara, very powerful performance.

    The actual case this week was horrifying. Medium has a twisted sense of storytelling which I find very appealing. The fairytale dream sequences are contrasted by such a grim tale (a child molester/murderer offering a little girl to his brother as a gift, then holding her captive for 2 years) and that final fairytale image of Ariel holding a gun and shooting it at the screen was delightfully bizarre. All in all, it's a surprisingly effective episode. It also fleshes out Ariel and allows her to breach that whiny, tantrum stage and step outside of her stereotypical shenanigans. Let's hope she pipes down from now on. Joe also goes through the motions here (is he worried or jealous? Maybe both!); everyone has a gift but him. D'aww. A good offering, far better than expected.
  • interesante

    Ariel was the star inthis episode .went ariel bugun to have rare drem that she was a princess and she was in a hause well the dreem continue an ariel todd to alison and she bigun to investigate abaut it the name of the girl was sahra and she was dead and his body never found and alison decide to speak with the killen she nows that he not kill her but his older brothe have the girl and the en te to the hause tnaks of god that she get safe of there i gas so cool went sahar shoot the man a Onther thing viva PANAMA AND LATINOAMERICA
  • great episode

    Allison's daughter Ariel dreams of herself. When she wakes up, she's really freaked out. Her mom calms her down telling her it's just a scary dream. When Ariel goes to a school field trip, she sees something in a billboard that may hold clues to her dream. This episode is really good, it's got Allison's daughter discovering her gifts and she's in the middle of the case. We get to see a different type of story here, and it's done so well, it's well written, the actors were great. The story is so engaging, this one got me to the edge of my seat.
  • The Scarytale Princess

    Coded is the first episode which gives one of the Dubois kids a decent storyline, with Ariel receiving the visions this week. I thought it was particularly neat how Ariel's visions were in the form of a fairytale narrated by Allison, as it's something she probably experiences every night. I also loved the gothic look of all her visions, mixed in with the animation. I was also impressed by Sofia Vassilieva, who manages to put across a decent performance with such a large amount to do. Considering her pre-Coded scenes had basically consisted of Ariel yelling at Bridgette, it must have made a welcome change for her.

    One successful element of this episode was in Joe's reaction to Ariel's powers. Subtle and understated, all he wants is to have his kids stay out of Allison's extra-curricular activities and not experience the pain she goes through every night, yet is realizing that it may be something that he can't control.

    The main case was pretty nasty. The way the brother kept referring to Sara as a "present" was undeniably creepy and the idea that she's been locked up for so long is majorly ick-worthy. I also thought the actress playing Sara was excellent, and she's obviously a master at "scared face", since her expressions throughout the episode perfectly put across the fact that she was being held captive by some insane child molester.

    An impressive episode which surprisingly succeeds despite resting entirely on the shoulders of a 12-year-old actor. Coded isn't a masterpiece, but it's a strong enough episode to warrant re-watching.

    Director: Bill Norton
    Writer: Moira Kirland
    Rating: B
  • Scanlon returns for Ariel’s first vision (Spoilers)

    Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Ariel who used to had dreams such as the ones her mom has, her dad was upset because he couldn’t protect her from bad dreams come to life; that he couldn’t say to her there is no monsters or young girls don’t get kidnapped and he couldn’t promise her that everything will go away in the morning because chances are that it won’t and so her mom lied to protect her saying the dream was hers, she gather the wise King and his best knight and vow to free young Sarah from the dreadful life Ariel dreamed about.

    This time it’s the knight, i.e. Detective Scanlon, the one who enters with relative success in Allison domain as he learns not only that is Ariel - and not her mom - the one who dreams about the kidnapped child (left for dead two years ago) but also the dream by the dreamer herself as Allison agrees for him to interview her daughter. It’s hard not to notice the parallel between Joe and Scanlon when it comes to Ariel’s gift; one with concern and resignation, the other with esteem and admiration both doing their best to protect these two little girls to the best of their capacities. However, their investigation alerts the kidnapper - a man who confessed three murders (including Sarah’s) to avoid death penalty and who gave Sarah as a present to his brother in order for her to take care of him - thus Sarah must be killed before the police would find her.

    It is then that we find Ariel safe and sound with her own father while Allison and Scanlon travel through Castle road in order to find Sarah, Ariel calling her mother to tell her the last piece of her dream before Sarah herself shots her kidnapper, Ariel eating breakfast with her family while Allison and Scanlon take a distraught Sarah away from there. These are Ariel’s dreams and even though they may go away as she grows up she now knows that even if they don’t she has the means to make sense of them and help when its needed.
  • One of the series' highlights.

    Basic Plot
    Ariel begins to dream about a girl named Sarah who is not so dead as everyone thought.

    Allison’s daughter Ariel steals the show this episode, as this time it's her having the dreams, and not her mum. The fairytale dreams alongside the quite dark real life happenings work well, and the plot races along at a fair pace, unlike many of the other episodes. The short fairtale scene of Sarah taking the gun and wishing she could "blow out her captor's brains" is very eerie too. Hopefully, more episodes will explore the possibility that Allison has passed on her paranormal gifts to her children.
  • My first Medium Episode.....

    and it must have been pretty good because I came back for more. I loved the premise of a mother cursed with a gift she doesnt want, who unwillingly passes it on to her daughters. Though Bridgett is my favorite of the DuBois children Ariel is very moving in this episode. She is very much like her mother in this episode, pushing to find out the truth. While it's not my favorite episiode I'll always have a soft spot for it since it got me watching the series.
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