Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • If you go into the woods tonight...

    Oh noes, an episode centering on the most irritating Dubois member! But wait, it's actually…good! And, dare I say it; I completely underestimated Sofia's acting abilities. She has been given the unthankful task of being the brat of the show – the Dawn of Buffy, if you will – and it's not until now that I realized how underused she is. Much like the rest of the cast, she finally impresses me. Now, I do not want a family orientated case with the kiddies every week, but if they all happen to be as dark as this, one a season is fine by me.

    Sofia gets a lot to do in this episode and shows exceptional range – she gets to play frightened, fun, scary and sad and she nails it. In fact, the child acting on this show is astonishing. Maria Lark is an absolute golden find. And the guest star this week, ICarly's very own Jennette McCurdy, I'm not sure if they actually spooked her at such a young age, but she was so convincing as Sara, very powerful performance.

    The actual case this week was horrifying. Medium has a twisted sense of storytelling which I find very appealing. The fairytale dream sequences are contrasted by such a grim tale (a child molester/murderer offering a little girl to his brother as a gift, then holding her captive for 2 years) and that final fairytale image of Ariel holding a gun and shooting it at the screen was delightfully bizarre. All in all, it's a surprisingly effective episode. It also fleshes out Ariel and allows her to breach that whiny, tantrum stage and step outside of her stereotypical shenanigans. Let's hope she pipes down from now on. Joe also goes through the motions here (is he worried or jealous? Maybe both!); everyone has a gift but him. D'aww. A good offering, far better than expected.