Season 1 Episode 6

Coming Soon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on CBS
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Allison has a horrifying dream that one of her daughters has been kidnapped and murdered. She is traumatized when she runs into the murderer from her dream at the D.A.'s office, providing information about a recent burglary. Joe thinks her obsession with this would-be killer is being fueled by another source.moreless

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  • Excellent episode

    I probably give 9's and 10's too generously, but this was a fantastic episode. I really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces. The actor playing the "golem" Jared Swanstrem was also the brother, Jack, on the short (but sweet) lived series Journeyman. It was cool to see him playing a different character. He somehow managed to be more evil, but much nicer. Very entertaining. He's a very good actor. I just checked IMDB and he's been on a lot of shows recently, and was apparently a regular on Homicide for a while. I was shocked that they went ahead and explained that another one of her kids had psychic abilities so soon. It seems like they could have held off until later episodes. It was still a great episode, though. Definitely the best so far.moreless
  • A Good Samaritan with a twist.

    A Good Samaritan witnesses a burglary calls the police and helps them with their investigation. He also volunteers at a homeless shelter and even mentors a young boy. He seems too good to be true, but Allison sees something quite different. She sees a monster who violates and murders young woman

    The episode had some really creepy moments and the plot was very clever. If Medium runs long enough I hope they return to this story in season seven or eight to show how it all plays out. One of my favourite episodes of the season and well worth watching.moreless
  • Your gonna die in seven years.

    Probably the most intricate storyline thus far, Coming Soon has some fantastic displays of imagery on offer, juxtaposing the cartoonish visions with some horrific descriptions and imagery. It's a clever piece of television, one that keeps you guessing until the very end.

    While the main family plot this time round bored me to tears – Ariel comes across as nothing more than a spoiled brat so the revelation was a bit flat – the dream sequences were extremely unsettling. Especially that moment when Jared calls out ''Mommy'', It's the closest Medium has gotten to full on horror so far.

    After the last episode, where we endured an Allison unsure of herself and her abilities, it's good to see her take charge again. I loved the moment when she basically says 'screw it' and rams into Jared's car just so she could break the law and draw attention to her situation.

    The second golden moment has to be Allison warning a 14 year old Sharona that in 7 years time a man will try spark up a conversation and offer her a lift only to kidnap her and repeatedly rape her before killing her. Intense stuff.

    Overall, it's an imaginative play on the entire foreseeing the future aspect of the series. Currently the show is on its 5th season, it would be cool if it reached its 7th season and developed upon this plotline.moreless
  • Good Fella

    Easily the greatest episode of season one, this is Medium at its best with a scary and effective case for Allison to investigate and an interesting family subplot.

    Allison's determination to find fault in Jared Swanstrom's life is excellently realized and the whole case becomes more and more interesting as we discover how he's basically an all-round nice guy.

    The dream sequences are terrifying, from Jared's screaming of "Mommy!" over and over again to the excellent use of animation in the flash-forward scenes where Jared kills Sharona. The mystery is well resolved and I can't help but think that if Medium runs for seven seasons or so, the series finale may well be about Allison attempting to stop Jared, who has evolved into a complete psychopath in a short period of time.

    Joe's subplot is intriguing and Jake Weber gives a pitch-perfect performance. His happiness over the fact that Ariel may have adopted some of his greatest qualities and his sadness when he discovers that Ariel has just adopted some of her mother's gifts is well written and continues the feeling that Joe sees himself more and more as an outsider from the rest of his family.

    Coming Soon is a remarkable episode with an energetic script and an excellent twist ending.

    Director: Vincent Misiano

    Writer: Moira Kirland

    Rating: A+moreless
  • good episode

    Allison dreams of an intruder coming to her house at night and kidnapping her daughter. When she wakes up from her nightmare, she tries to make sense out of it. She meets the intruder in real life while she goes to work. It turns out that the intruder is a good samaritan who witnessed a robbery and reported to crime to the police. Allison is sensing some really bad vibes from the good samaritan. This episode was well done, it shows a different outcome for Allison's dreams. But it's still good and entertaining. The plot unfolded really well, it's a good episode.moreless
Reed Diamond

Reed Diamond

Jared Swanstrom

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Camryn Grimes

Camryn Grimes


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Kendahl King

Kendahl King

Devalos' Assistant

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The title of this episode refers to the vision of Sharona's possible future as well as the possibility that Allison and Joe may have a child 'coming soon.'

    • Goof: In the scene after Allison met Jared, when she is throwing up, the pregnancy test her boss notices in her bag has the words 'pregnancy test' clearly displayed on the top. However, when they are walking down the hall, the top of pregnancy test can still be seen in the bag, but now having a blank top.

    • Goof: The series is supposedly set in Phoenix. However, the intersection of Chaparral and Miller Road (where Allison claims to be driving) is actually a residential area of Scottsdale, not the partly industrial area with a skyscraper in the background that's shown in the episode.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jared Swanstrom: (to Allison) I'm a devil, I'm a monster - and your little girl is in the trunk of my car. Now if you'll excuse me, I came back for the other ones.

    • Allison: (to Joe) I'll pick up a pregnancy test at lunch.
      Joe: (to Allison) Bring it home - I'm good at tests.

  • NOTES (3)