Season 2 Episode 6

Dead Aim

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2005 on CBS
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Allison helps the district attorney put away a murderer whose lawyer is also using a psychic and at the same time tries to prevent a shooting spree in the D.A.'s Office. Meanwhile, Bridgette figures out that Joe's new project at work isn't what he thinks it is.moreless

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  • Allison has disturbing visions of a rape and murder while she helps DA Davalos run for re-election. (courtesy of TV Guide)

    This is an error in the listing of this episode. \"Too Close to Call\" hasn\'t been shown yet, and won\'t be until next Monday (11/14). The episode that was shown on the 24th of October was \"Dead Aim.\" The Halloween episodes were repeats from season 1.

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  • Law and Order: Special Psychic Unit

    Hmm, a bit by-the-numbers, wasn't it? There are a few standout moments – Allison's opening dream sequence, for instance. It's just…well, nothing really becomes of this episode. Joe finds out, thanks to Bridgette, that he's actually making an algorithmic something or other, as part of a missile. Is that it? Allison discovers that a rival lawyer to the D.A. is also using a psychic to help with his cases, but it turns out she's a fraud (in a very amusing scene). Manuel pretending to have visions was a hoot, and I very rarely mention how great Migeul is, mainly because he has been so consistently strong with his material. Not quite a snoozer, but it felt very much like Medium on auto-pilot. C'mon, where are those cracking storylines hiding?moreless
  • An exciting, tension filled episode!

    This episode begins with Allison having a very shocking and violent dream involving the people she works with. It was quite a shock and the perfect way to set up the tension for the rest of the episode.

    A young man is being charged with murder . In the courtroom Allison begins to notice a strange woman whispering things to the defence council about the witnesses taking the stand. How does the woman know such personal and private information about these witnesses. Could she be a psychic?

    I really enjoyed the twists and turns. It was very clever plot and it kept me guessing. I definitely recommend this episode.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison is trying to help Devalos put away a murderer. But the defendant's lawyer is using a psychic that helps him win his arguments against devalos. Joe brings Bridgette to work, she picks up some vibes on joe's work. This is a really good episode. A return of a former lawyer makes Allison's case really complicated. Another psychic on this episode makes this plot so riveting. when devalos pretends to be a psychic in one scene, that scene looks so funny, the scenes are not fast paced, but the mystery that unravels throughout the episode is so engaging that it keeps you glued on your tv. i love this episode.moreless
  • Is this a television show or a first person shooter?

    One of the really good things about Medium is the opening sequence. This one is one of the better ones. What appears to be a shootout at the DA's office turns out to be a video game dream for Allison. That was classic.

    The ever cute kid portion of the story involves Joe taking the little cutey to work. Of course, she is the first to figure out the boss is asking them to make a bomb.

    The "dueling" phsyic turns out to be a fraud. I was a little disappointed with that. I thought maybe Allison had finally met her match. The scence where she goes to see the woman at a book reading is priceless. Allison tells a heckler in the crowd to be quiet only to realize he was a ghost.moreless
Conor O'Farrell

Conor O'Farrell

Larry Watt

Guest Star

Hayes MacArthur

Hayes MacArthur

Randy Pilgrim

Guest Star

Dempsey Pappion

Dempsey Pappion

Mr. James

Guest Star

Tina DiJoseph

Tina DiJoseph

Lynn DiNovi - Mayor's Liaison

Recurring Role

Kendahl King

Kendahl King

Devalos' Assistant Sondra

Recurring Role

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    • Allison: What you got there, pumpkin?
      Bridgette: It's a picture.
      Allison: A picture of what?
      Bridgette: Daddy's work.
      (Allison looks at the picture, which shows a bomb dropping on houses with people running in all directions.)
      Allison: Daddy's what?
      Bridgette: His bomb. He and his friends are making it at work.
      Joe: Bridg, I told you, Daddy is not making a bomb. Daddy is making an algorithmic microprocessor component, remember?
      Bridgette: Whatever you say, who's going to tuck me in?

    • Allison: (after she sets off a false fire alarm in the office) What is so funny?
      D.A. Devalos: Just imagining the headline in tomorrow's paper: "D.A. burned in court, not in office!"

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: July 17th, 2007 on TV2
      Czech Republic: January 23rd, 2009 on Prima

    • Five months before this episode was aired, Harry Groener (Joe's Boss) and Eric Pierpoint (Chief Parker) were both seen in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes "Demons" and "Terra Prime".

    • The scenes in the "first person shooter" perspective closely resemble scenes from the movie Doom, which opened in theaters just four days after this episode aired.