Season 2 Episode 6

Dead Aim

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2005 on CBS

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  • Allison has disturbing visions of a rape and murder while she helps DA Davalos run for re-election. (courtesy of TV Guide)

    This is an error in the listing of this episode. \"Too Close to Call\" hasn\'t been shown yet, and won\'t be until next Monday (11/14). The episode that was shown on the 24th of October was \"Dead Aim.\" The Halloween episodes were repeats from season 1.
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  • Law and Order: Special Psychic Unit

    Hmm, a bit by-the-numbers, wasn't it? There are a few standout moments – Allison's opening dream sequence, for instance. It's just…well, nothing really becomes of this episode. Joe finds out, thanks to Bridgette, that he's actually making an algorithmic something or other, as part of a missile. Is that it? Allison discovers that a rival lawyer to the D.A. is also using a psychic to help with his cases, but it turns out she's a fraud (in a very amusing scene). Manuel pretending to have visions was a hoot, and I very rarely mention how great Migeul is, mainly because he has been so consistently strong with his material. Not quite a snoozer, but it felt very much like Medium on auto-pilot. C'mon, where are those cracking storylines hiding?
  • An exciting, tension filled episode!

    This episode begins with Allison having a very shocking and violent dream involving the people she works with. It was quite a shock and the perfect way to set up the tension for the rest of the episode.

    A young man is being charged with murder . In the courtroom Allison begins to notice a strange woman whispering things to the defence council about the witnesses taking the stand. How does the woman know such personal and private information about these witnesses. Could she be a psychic?

    I really enjoyed the twists and turns. It was very clever plot and it kept me guessing. I definitely recommend this episode.
  • great episode

    Allison is trying to help Devalos put away a murderer. But the defendant's lawyer is using a psychic that helps him win his arguments against devalos. Joe brings Bridgette to work, she picks up some vibes on joe's work. This is a really good episode. A return of a former lawyer makes Allison's case really complicated. Another psychic on this episode makes this plot so riveting. when devalos pretends to be a psychic in one scene, that scene looks so funny, the scenes are not fast paced, but the mystery that unravels throughout the episode is so engaging that it keeps you glued on your tv. i love this episode.
  • Is this a television show or a first person shooter?

    One of the really good things about Medium is the opening sequence. This one is one of the better ones. What appears to be a shootout at the DA's office turns out to be a video game dream for Allison. That was classic.
    The ever cute kid portion of the story involves Joe taking the little cutey to work. Of course, she is the first to figure out the boss is asking them to make a bomb.
    The "dueling" phsyic turns out to be a fraud. I was a little disappointed with that. I thought maybe Allison had finally met her match. The scence where she goes to see the woman at a book reading is priceless. Allison tells a heckler in the crowd to be quiet only to realize he was a ghost.
  • A strong, if slightly flawed, episode

    I’m very happy with this season so far, even if it hasn’t paved much new ground. Most of the same stressors are in place, the same conflicts, but there’s a sense that the scope of the concept hasn’t been fully realized yet. For instance, we haven’t seen Allison put up against another psychic before, which involves a different level of anxiety. Nor has Joe’s job really been much of an issue.

    The writers blend the two main aspects of Allison’s life together in a neatly complex tapestry on a weekly basis, and the surprise is that it continually feels fresh. We’ve heard Joe complain about the bills before, yet it doesn’t seem at all repetitive in this context. Perhaps that’s just me, but it felt very true to life, especially in the current economy.

    So Joe’s boss, the Engineer of the Gods, who was also an evil Mayor bent on demonic dominion in a past genre life, doesn’t have a problem with their chips going into happy little missiles. This is all the man needs…another reason to go insane! I have to say, though, that he’s hardly the first engineer in the world to discover that his practical solutions were being used for military gain. In fact, given his job and the kind of work he does, he ought to have suspected it a long time ago.

    Allison’s side of the story had its high points, especially when she was listening to the heckling spirit at the reading. And I loved the smackdown in the final act, when her boss got to play psychic and deliver the gut punch to Mr. Assistant Turncoat. I’m not sure about that FPS thing, but it was a gimmick used to introduce the story, and those typically add some unique commentary on Allison’s mental filters, so I give it the benefit of the doubt.

    The one thing that was a little over the top for me was the prosecutor’s exaggerated style. Those lengthy pauses, designed to make Davalos look sloppy and weak, were a touch too theatrical. I’m not sure that a real judge would allow those antics, or that a real jury wouldn’t see right through it. But for the purposes of the story, it led to a wonderful final act that felt immensely satisfying!

    I also felt the whole “false alarm” business was over the top, and combined with the antics in the courtroom, it seemed to take the whole question of Davalos’ credibility going into an election a bit too flippantly. Ultimately, Allison and Joe depend upon her work to keep them afloat and keep her relatively sane. Without the DA’s support, they wouldn’t have any of that. That could be an interesting subplot for the future.

    For all that, this series is still delivering everything that I enjoyed in the first season, and this episode is a good example of a series becoming very comfortable in its own skin.
  • You of all people should have seen that coming…GAME OVER!!

    That was a trip though the candy store. I found it oddly amusing that she could not dream her own death. And what was even odder was that the gun shooting has not real. I mean in a way it was but wow, I understand why she pulled the fire alarm.

    The dueling psychics that was an interesting story line and I mean I was confused up until they revealed what in the world was going on. Wonder if that guy will ever do something like that again?

    Overall a great episode, this show is quickly moving to the top of my list of all time favorites. Keep them coming…
  • Shoot-em-up in the D.A.s office ending with "CANNOT DREAM YOUR OWN DEATH -- GAME OVER" was a great way to start this eppy. :)

    That was amazing. The opening sequence was shocking, and then it was just ... fun. And how "Olga Z" was able to spill all those shocking details at exactly the right time because the assistant D.A. was feeding them to her -- although both him and his girlfriend have some [i]serious[/i] ethical issues.

    And I loved the ghost at the book discussion. That was just enjoyable.

    This was a great little case. The pressure from the mayor's office was a little artificial, but I ... G-d, I loved how they turned it around on that jerk at the end. "Olga Z" had a vision that couldn't have been more wrong or insulting, and that guy was left to just twist. That was fun.

    Poor Joe. He's gotta be concerned about where his applied math is being applied, and yet he still wants to get paid. That's ... just gotta suck.

    Nice work by the actress playing Bridgette in that scene, tho. Just adorable.

    All in all, I really enjoyed this eppy, and I wish them all continued success. :)
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    I loved the how Allison never confronted the other "medium". She understood at the reading that the ghost was screaming she was a fraud and Allison just smiled. I love how Joe finally listened to the middle girl and asked his boss what they were working on. This was a great episode all around.