Season 2 Episode 21

Death Takes a Policy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 08, 2006 on CBS
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Allison is busy investigating the death of a local doctor when a man claiming to be "Death" begins appearing in her visions, causing her to worry that maybe her time in this world is nearly over.

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  • When Alison dreams about a man who claims to be death {kelsey Grammer} and also is claiming that her time is up. Alison starts to overreact.

    The episode was chilling and once again keeping you double guessing about the outcome. When ALison dreams about a men who claims to be Death and also claims that her time on earth is up. She starts to worry about her own life. But in the end, Mr. Death was in fact a Life Insurance sales man who had been conning his custmers out of life.

    The Episode was great, The twist was shocking and the acting was like usual on top if its game. and I loved Kelsey Grammer guest staring, it made my night, his so funny, but he wasn't funny on the show, he was creepy.

    I did have a small problam with the fact that Death wasn't really death but some old fart. I would've really liked alison to be dreaming about Death and they could even make him a re-occuring role on the show, you know someone who drops by every few episode to push alison in the right direction.

    But overall, this episode was okay.moreless
  • My Mom loves this show. It is about a woman who talks to dead people and helps other people who want to talk to their families. Its kind of scary but also good.moreless

    Good show, my Mom always watches it. I really like the mother and daughter. They seem normal even though the mother talks to dead people. Every show there is a new predicament, where she helps people talk to people who have died. It is the same woman who was in the movie Holes. She was really good in that movie and she is also good in this one. I wonder if people can really talk to dead people. Mom says that there are real people who can do this and this show is about a real person. It is a good show for people who believe in supernatural things.moreless
  • Allison gets mysterious dreams where she sees her death. She sees a mysterious man in all her dreams (Kelsey Grammer). The man eventually or should I say Allison learns he’s the Angel of Death.moreless

    On top of that Scanlon and District Attorney are looking into the mysterious suicide of a doctor.

    Well it was a interesting episode. They toyed with the idea of Allison seeing her death but I knew that wouldn’t happen. Of course the twist was that she sees the Angel in human form in Bob Sherman (Grammer) an insurance agent.

    However, Allisons smells too much of a coincidence that Sherman was representing some of the dead doctor’s clients who also died quickly. She forms the theory that Dr. Banastree and Bob had an agreement where the doctor fed the sick patients bad drug, then Bob would take an insurance policy with them to gain a huge profit.

    The ending was pretty dumb I must say though, it didn’t make much sense but again it was one of those funny moments in the show where they didn’t want to show that Allison’s dreams weren’t all wrong.

    An ok episode.

  • great episode

    Allison dreams of someone who might be the angel of death himself. When Allison goes to work the following day, she helps investigate a death of a local doctor. In their investigation, it appears that the doctor's death is an unfortunate accident. But Allison's dreams tell her otherwise. When she passes by a highway, she gets to a sign post by the road where she sees the same man in her dreams. This episode is really exciting, the writers came up with an exciting episode. I really enjoyed this episode. It's so much fun from start to finish, I really had a great time.moreless
  • Allison has a vision of her own death

    Everybody is there; Davalos, her family, even detective Scanlon all waiting for death to lead her to her rightful place at her own funeral. She wakes up to question Joe about their will, debts and arrangements but he kinda screw up once he assures her the Universe would give her a heads up if her time is running out. Scanlon doesn’t help much either with his "when your time is up, is up" philosophy but they do go back to their friendly banter (rather than the scary borderline affair like one they've been having for the last couple of episodes) during Allison stressful times and Lee even gives her a ride to pick up her kids at school much to the girls delight.

    Death, however, keep visiting her on her sleep, amused to chat with someone on the same business as he is, he fails to notice his enthusiasm is not shared at all by Allison who refuses to drive her own car or go anywhere alone. So by the time she sees "death" on a billboard, Joe finally suggest she should go see the man from her visions, if he really is death then she's gonna die no matter what she does to prevent it but if he isn't, he can't allow her to live in fear for something that might happen. Problem is: the man from the billboard has nothing to do with the smooth & charming stranger that often talks to her during her sleep, as a matter of fact Bob Sherman is the one who has been profit from an insurance scam on terminal patients the DA is currently investigating and has killed a Doctor in order to continue to do so. Both Davalos and Scanlon set him up on a "poker game" that results in an escaped murderer and a distraught Allison ...that is until Death pays her a last visit, in order to reveal the real target of his latest endeavor: once murderer and conman Bob Sherman, rest in peace.moreless

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