Season 4 Episode 4

Do You Hear What I Hear

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on CBS
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A young deaf girl is kidnapped, causing Allison to completely lose her hearing. With Allison at a loss, Joe decides to help her and Cynthia Keener investigate the kidnapping.

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  • Good episode

    This episode was one of my favourites. I like that she dreamt about a child who was deaf and being kidnapped and then waking up deaf. I just can't imagine how I would feel if I was in Allison's shoes. I thought this episode was well directed too, it gave a special touch because David Arquette directed this one. I thought it was well done.

    Some people say that they don't like Cynthia that much, to be honest I kind of do. I like how Cynthia and Allison work together and get along well... sometimes. I know the character Cynthia can me a pain in the behind sometimes but deep down I like to believe there is a nice woman inside. Even though it may not show most of the time. I also thought the ending was shocking, I didn't see that coming. But apparently other people did.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode and I really hope that David will direct more in the futuremoreless
  • Walking in someone else's shoes.

    As I'm learning sign language at the moment I thought it was a slight deja vu moment. This episode showed something completely new in the series. Sure Allison has been effected before by the dreams, but this was truly something which would be so frightening to experience - just waking up deaf.

    I must admit that the ending did surprise me as the writers had given no obvious clues as to who was involved in the kidnapping. Plus another great feature of this episode was the superb acting by all parties.

    Just one negative note, I know I've said it before, I just don't like Cynthia at all. Leave the show alone Cynthia!moreless
  • great episode

    Allison dreams about a girl getting kidnapped. When she wakes up she couldn't hear anything. She goes to the doctor to get her hearing checked, the doctor says that she might be having a serious hearing condition. When Allison goes home and receives a call from cynthia, she reports that a girl have been kidnapped, and the girl is deaf. So she begin to think that the kidnapped girl might have something to do with her being deaf at the time being. This is a really awesome episode, it's a classic crime drama with a little dose of paranormal, that makes it a very exciting episode to watch.moreless
  • Allison goes deaf after having a dream about a deaf girl

    Oh, for goodness sake! Sometimes Allison is just so annoying and, frankly, stupid. I mean, she has a dream about a deaf girl and, voilá, she wakes up hearing nothing. And she can't understand why. Come on, she has had dreams about people before and waking up believing she's someone else. So why can't she see the connection this time?!

    And the way she acts like a child sometimes. This is not the first time I've been irritated at her for acting like a child. Sometimes I don't understand why Joe puts up with her. I mean, i.e. in this episode when Joe is on the phone with the hospital after Allison wakes up deaf and Allison's not letting Joe talk on the phone without constantly interrupting him asking what they're saying! I hate that kind of stuff, she's a grown woman, doesn't she know to be quiet when other people are on the phone?

    Otherwise, a fairly good episode. :)moreless
  • Silence is deafening.

    I am definitely a fan of the show and I thought this was an excellent episode. I thought Allison's reaction to suddenly becoming deaf was very realistic and powerful. I loved how David Arquette directed the episode, especially when the scene would go completely silent and then back to sound. That silence really forced the viewer to experience what Allison was experiencing, especially when people are talking and you can't figure out what they're saying. How frustrating!Another reviewer said that they didn't like Ariel because she acts "more like a spoiled child than ever." I strongly disagree! Actually, I think the reviewer confused the children. Ariel is the oldest daughter. Not only did she not act spoiled but she showed more maturity than I have ever seen in an episode. Throughout the episode she comforted Marie and read to her. Also, the trivia and allusions mistakingly identify Ariel as Bridgette. I can only the reviewer made the same mistake.moreless
Nancy Travis

Nancy Travis

Laura Swenson

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Steven Culp

Darren Swenson

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Erich Anderson

Erich Anderson


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Miranda Carabello

Miranda Carabello

Marie DuBois

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Anjelica Huston

Anjelica Huston

Cynthia Keener

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Marie: Is your mama a llama?
      Ariel: There we go.

      The girls were reading from Is Your Mama a Llama?, a popular 1989 children's picture book written by Deborah Guarino and illustrated by Steven Kellogg, featuring a baby llama who asks each of his friends if their mama is a llama and receives rhyming responses in return.

    • At the end of the episode, close-captioning revealed dialogue that was not particularly audible on the audio, just before Allison's hearing properly returned. Bridgette was saying, "No, is your mama a llama?" and Marie asked, "Can you read about a giraffe?" to which which Bridgette responded, "No."

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Darren Swenson: What they want, I don't have. I don't have 5 million dollars, not just lying around ready to be thrown into a duffelbag.
      Laura Swenson: We will find it!

    • Cynthia: (aiming gun at Darren Swenson) Just so you know, it would give me enormous pleasure to put one of these between your eyes and another through the center of your chest.

    • Allison: What did she say?
      Joe: I feel a really bad case of carpal tunnel coming on.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Air Dates:
      Australia: March 6th, 2008 on Network 10
      The Netherlands: March 9th, 2008 on Net 5
      Sweden: April 24th, 2008 on TV4
      Norway: May 27th, 2008 on TV2
      United Kingdom: September 24th, 2008 on BBC1
      Czech Republic: March 24th, 2009 on Prima
      Finland: October 21st, 2009 on Nelonen

    • Although credited, Miguel Sandoval (D.A. Devalos) does not appear in this episode.

    • Anjelica Huston is billed as a "Special Guest Star".

    • This is the second time that David Arquette has directed an episode of his sister Patricia's show. The first time was in the season 3 episode "1-900-LUCKY".