Season 3 Episode 22

Everything Comes To A Head (3)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 16, 2007 on CBS
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In the third season finale, Allison's life, along with the lives of her family, is uprooted as her psychic abilities are revealed to the public. Allison must now find a way to catch the "recapitator" serial killer on her own, as she can no longer turn to Devalos or Scanlon for help.moreless

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  • Boy the Neve Campbell character really has it coming to her

    Haven't watched this episode to the end yet.

    I'm catching up on the show now, long after it concluded, in recorded form.

    But boy, the Neve Campbell sleazebag reporter character really has it coming to her. She is cruisin' for a bruisin'.

    I'm guessing she's going to get her comeuppance PDQ, and that it will be a classic case of "poetic
  • great episode

    Finishing the stories from the last two episodes, the story follows the investigations on the recapitator serial killer. Allison investigates on her own after Devalos is temporarily replaced. Devalos is at risk of losing his job for good. Scanlon himself is about to lose his job. Allison gets a break after the serial killer strikes again. this time debra is the victim, Allison gets help from Scanlon and she solves the case with a little help from her old friend who is now sending signals from the dead. I really love this episode. It's a real rollercoaster ride. I'm so excited about next season.moreless
  • Enough to send me running for the remote...

    I liked the first part, the second left me wondering why they even made it, and this episode? It just didn't work for me.

    The entire 3-part finale was too long, too boring and some of the actors who played the part were too bland. Jason was ok in the role of the killer, but Neve? I've never been a fan of hers but was impressed with the first episode, but then her character turned whiny and annoying to the point I was glad the reporter was killed off. I looked forward to it, but boy am I glad its over and I hope the writers and staff learn from this major mistake and don't do it again!moreless
  • The worst episodes of the series

    I fell behind on Medium and was letting them pile up on my video recorder so I’ve watched the whole bunch in the last couple of weeks. They were all good until this last three-part series. It was so, so dull. I was amazed at how boring it was. It just seemed to drag on and on. About halfway through the first of the three parts, I started just fast forwarding through to see what would happen. And I was shocked when I discovered that it was continued the following week. And even more shocked when it was continued yet another week. Perhaps if they’d made it a single hour episode you would’ve been halfway decent. I actually just fast forwarded to the major plot points and stopped to watch those, and even they weren't interesting. It is slowly paced, it is predictable, it is downright annoying. There was really nothing of redeeming value. I’m so confused that several people have given it rave reviews, I don’t get that at all.moreless
  • I did stay up all night thinking about a different end...

    I loved this ep! Before you kill me, let me explain why.

    Besides everything, and how it ends... i did enjoy stayed up to find out that PD is finnaly out!

    Neve Campbell were mean... she had to die! It's like "final destination" you can keep saving her or this will turn out to be a sin-off about her!

    But anyway, let's wait to see if Joe get a new job, if the kids get well accept in school or if anyone will get ever talk again to Allison!moreless
Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley

Walter Paxton

Guest Star

Arye Gross

Arye Gross

Cooper Conroy

Guest Star

Amy Price-Francis

Amy Price-Francis

Pamela Franklin

Guest Star

Tina DiJoseph

Tina DiJoseph

Lynn DiNovi

Recurring Role

Miranda Carabello

Miranda Carabello

Marie DuBois

Recurring Role

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    • Cassette Recorder Man: Excuse me, are you Allison DuBois? You just pulled into her parking space.
      Allison: If you'll just...
      Television Camera Man: Is this her?
      Cassette Recorder Man: I think so.
      Allison: I have to get to work.
      Reporter #2: Mrs. DuBois, can you talk about your relationship as a spiritual advisor to the District Attorney?
      Reporter #3: Do you actually talk to dead people?
      Reporter #4: Are there any dead people here right now? Can you point them out to us?
      Allison: I really have to get to work.

    • Joe: You know how we never really told anyone about Mommy's dreams? About how Mommy sees things, knows things sometimes? Well, now that this article is in the paper, people are going to know. And some people, some people are going to think that Mommy's lying. And some people might even think that Mommy's crazy. And you two may hear some of that at school and when you're out.
      Ariel: Do you really think people are going to think that?
      Allison: Some.
      Bridgette: So what do we do, I mean, if someone says something bad?
      Allison: Well, what I'd like you to try to do is to ignore it. I mean, we know the truth, right?

    • Lee: We're not gonna get Paxton, no one is. Walter Paxton is bulletproof, at this point nobody can accuse him of anything. I'm telling you, if he got caught robbing a bank tomorrow, they'd have a parade for him.

    • Joe: And what about Devalos and your crazy dream and your angry daughter, what are you gonna do about that?
      Allison: I just wanna go to sleep and not wake up for 20 years.
      Joe: I like that, deal with your problems head on.

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