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Has Medium jumped the shark?

Do you think that Medium has jumped the shark?

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    confusedboy24 wrote:
    hplover09 wrote:
    Umm, to those who think Medium isn't doing well in the ratings, I don't think you've looked at them recently. Medium's ratings have been getting better and better each week this season. Two weeks ago, I believe it was, Medium was a top 20 show for the week. This Monday Medium got 10.72M viewers and a 3.4 in the 18-49 demographic, which is the one the networks really look at. Ratings haven't been this high since season two. Also, these ratings were higher than Deal or No Deal's, and they are currently one of NBC's highest rated shows. I'm pretty sure Medium will be in the top 20 again this week! So, those who are saying that Medium is not doing well are wrong and really should do their research...Medium has obviously picked up new viewers and the hype is getting louder each and every week. Have you noticed that TV Guide had begun to talk about Medium more? They never used to do that. The majority of viewers must think that Medium hasn't jumped the shark, or the numbers wouldn't be so high. They must think, as I do, that this is the best season so far and that the stories just keep getting better!
    In your research you also seemed to have skipped through the part that Medium's competition were all reruns and it still wasn't able to crack the top 10 or be #1 for the night. Quite disappoint, but for NBC's standard it is doing good. Which is not that great of a compliment, with NBC doing horrible overall reruns and non.
    Actually, hplovers comments were pretty close to being on target. A few points: 1)While Medium has not "cracked the top 10" as you point out, it has been in the top 20 several times this season, when it didn't even crack the top 30 last season. And it has consistently been one of NBCs highest rated shows, even scoring the net's highest ratings last week. 2) Medium's season average for the last four seasons looks something like this S1- #19 S2- #35 S3- #61 S4- #40 (to date) 3) Last season, Medium's average viewership was around 7.5M, with its season low at 5.61, and it's high last season at just over 9M (which it was only able to clear a couple of times). This season, it's average is around 9.3M (give or take) with its season low at 7.6M and it's high at 10.85M. It has only been below 9M three times (and only below 8M once) this season, and has cleared 10M three times this season. 4) Last season, it averaged a 2.8 in the demo, while this year it has averaged 3.3, with a high of 3.5. 5) As for it being up against repeats, while CSI:Miami has mostly been in repeats, it has aired several new episodes, and Medium has scored better ratings against NEW eps of CSI:Miami than it did against LOST all season last year. AND it has consistently beaten new eps of The Bachelor, both in the demo and in HH, handily winning its time slot in the demo in almost every airing this season, and winning it in HH's a few times as well, when it didn't even come close to doing that last season. 6) As for being the #1 rated show of the night, it's against DANCING WITH THE STARS on Mondays, and NOTHING has been able to derail that Monday juggernaut. It's like American Idol on Tues. or Wed.. There's just nothing that's going to beat it. So for Medium to do as well as it has this season has been very impressive, especially after the disastrous ratings last season. But it has been consistently been in the top three or four shows on Mondays this season, which is considerably better than it was doing last season on Wednesdays. These numbers may be down from its first season, but considering last season, these figures are darn good. (And, let's face it, the only reason the numbers were down last season was because of NBC's stupid scheduling moves). You can say that it's improved numbers this season were due to the strike, but that would not be entirely true. NBC's decision to move it back to its old home on Mondays was a big part of it, but also because of its creative upsurge, as well as having Anjelica Huston on board for half of the season, was also ao big part of it.
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    Lost ratings this yr:
    01/31/08 16.14 M 6.7
    02/07/08 15.29 M 6.5
    02/14/08 13.76 M 5.8
    02/21/08 13.65 M 5.7
    02/28/08 12.89 M 5.4
    03/06/08 13.01 M 5.4
    03/13/08 12.08 M 4.9
    03/20/08 11.46 M 4.6

    and the ratings are better then last yr.

    CSI: Miami this yr:
    09/24/07 15.08 M 4.6
    10/01/07 14.72 M 4.5
    10/08/07 14.45 M 4.5
    10/15/07 15.59 M 4.8
    10/22/07 15.67 M 4.6
    10/29/07 14.85 M 4.6
    11/05/07 14.07 M 4.3
    11/12/07 15.46 M 4.7
    11/19/07 15.83 M 4.9
    11/26/07 15.58 M 4.6
    12/10/07 14.11 M 3.9
    12/17/07 14.01 M 3.9
    01/14/08 14.80 M 4.3
    03/24/08 16.06 M 4.9
    03/31/08 15.65 M 4.9

    The only way Lost was a harsher competitor was the genre they share.

    Without the strike, Medium would have ended on Sundays as planned. So it very much had everything to do with the strike in persuading NBC to move Medium.
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    What about Yes, other? I think the they did with the whole Cynthia thing, but its okay
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