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Medium spinoff?

How would you feel about a Medium spinoff?

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    [1]May 9, 2010
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    It looks like Medium may face cancellation soon--of course it has always been on the bubble. How would you feel though if they continued this story in a spinoff, maybe focusing on Ariel in college or a new medium whom Allison grooms to take her place? I have a hunch though the producers may be planning to pitch a spinoff to the networks. It seems like they've had a lot of Ariel-centric stories lately. They could very well be planning "Medium the Next Generation!"

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    [2]May 11, 2010
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    A couple of seasons ago I couldn't bare the thought of Medium being cancelled as it has been one of my favourite shows since it began, however I haven't felt that engaged this season so I suspect you are right about it being cancelled. Medium used to so be so original, full of surprises but now it feels rather predictable, but after 6 years it is hardly surprising

    I find it interesting that you brought up Ariel because the few episodes I have enjoyed this have been those centred around her, which surprised me because her character never really stood out to me before, but now she is one of the only characters that stands out. I get the feeling a lot of the actors are bored with the writing material, and perhaps the reason why I find episodes with Ariel so engaging is because she seems so passionate about her part.

    As much as I love Medium I don't think I would mind if the show rapped up at the end of the season, I would rather a decent ending than stringing it along until even the diehard fans are bored and stop watching.

    As for a spin off?? Sofia may be passionate about her role right now, and the concept is interesting, but she has already played her character for 6 years, and no ambitious young actress wants to be typecast so I doubt it would last long if they did.

    As for a whole new character.. If I am right in thinking the writers are already running out of great material now I think it would be a mediocre show at best so I am doubtful about the idea. All I care about is seeing Medium end on a high note rather than a rush ending because it is being cancelled half way through a season.

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    [3]Jun 13, 2010
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    I don't think there would be enough decent material for a spin-off and I don't think it would work personally. I can't see a spin-off being made anyway because the ratings for season 6 weren't all that great so another show along the same lines doesn't seem likely.

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    [4]Jun 18, 2010
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    medium is not really a good show to spin-off. So no- bad idea.

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