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Mind Reading Plot Ideas

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    It's not far into the season, but I think it can pretty much be agreed that Allison's mind reading is the least used of her abilities in general. Which is odd when you consider it should be the cheapest to use (from my reasoning...maybe not).

    On that note, I thought about what it would be like if Allison's mind reading ability was amped up a little and grew to what we typically think of as mind reading - hearing another person's thoughts crystal clear. Okay, this is so sitcom cliche, but I would love it if there was an episode where she could read everyone's, particularly Joe's, mind. It would be absolutely hysterical and I would love the writers for it.

    However, I realize that this is corny and not in tune with the type of psychic Allison is, but it would just be great if they could maybe incorporate it with a murder mystery one episode. At the very least it would lighten the show up a bit from the heavy moral dilemmas it seems to be fixated on.

    Thoughts? How do you think they should next use Allison's mind reading ability?

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