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    Terrifying, Not Unlike Your Real Life by Ginia Bellafante May 4th

    This article has an interesting take on Medium. I personally watch Medium for entertainment (it does not scare me). I don't really stop to think whether I should associate this show with real life & how the "system" might be failing me.

    A few tidbits from the article:

    "Aside from some of the more banal horrors of reality programming, Medium has nothing to rival it as the most frightful hour on television."

    "...has been a quiet success on NBC for four seasons, receiving some of its highest ratings in recent months as the show has delved further into the human capacity for selfishness and intimate depravities."

    "Medium creates a mood of gothic foreboding from the first few seconds of its opening credits."

    "Medium borrows from the conventions of [time honored] horror the idea that real nightmares result from arbitrary or misplaced trust."

    "When Medium isn't terrifying us with images of children about to be sodomized and killed, it is unsettling us with its belief that all of our systems and institutions essentially fail us."

    "The scariest message from Medium is that we only have our instincts to guide us."

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    Well it has gotten pretty dark lately, I agree.

    And I do find it disturbing. Nearly to the point of not wanting to watch. I watch shows to escape reality, not be innundated with it.
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    Whoever wrote that article is my hero.
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