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Official Discussion: 5x16 "The Man in the Mirror"

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    [1]Apr 27, 2009
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    In this episode, Allison goes into a coma and someone takes over her spirit.

    Do you think she will appear in this episode? It is very uncommon for the main star of a show not to appear, at all, in the episode. My guess is she will probably be shown lying down in a hospital bed with no lines.

    How do you think this episode will play out? Do you think it will be good? Do you think Allison will be involved in it at all? I hope so, one thing i look forward to every Monday is seeing Patricia Arquette!

    And do you know how many episodes are in this season? is The First Bite is the Deepest the finale?

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    Well, it turns out that Allison herself was actually involved pretty heavily in the episode. Yes, a fair portion of it was her lying in a hospital bed, but there were plenty of scenes with her. Fun episode. The only thing I didn't think was played right was the whole thing about Joe not believing at first that it was really Allison. It goes back to a problem that I had before with the one where she went back in time, but that whole thing was apparently a dream, so I forgave it. But this whole thing apparently wasn't a dream. This guy really did have Allison in him, so wouldn't be easy to convince him that it's her, by, like, I don't know, just telling him really intimate stuff that there's no way that anyone either than he or his wife would know?

    (P.S.: We need another minor numbering correction. This is 5X16, not 17.)

    (P.P.S.: Next week's episode is not the finale. If you check the episode guide, you'll find all the episodes for this season listed. The finale is on June 1.)
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    A good episode but compared to the previous ones kind of lame, mostly a filler but entertaining.
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