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Official Discussion: 6x12 "Dear Dad ..."

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    [1]Jan 20, 2010
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    Oh yes, I'm 5 days late! Hah...but I felt I really needed to comment on this...though no one else made a topic on it...hmm. Sad that no one cares enough.

    Anyways -- this episode seemed on track with Allison's recent feelings on justice, which is good. And the Devalos twist was a good one. Except for the fact that once again, the case revolves around someone Devalos knows that's had trouble in the past lol (and this time Devalos himself had trouble too!) And once again, Allison is being too risky -- this time the bad guy even said he could rip her head off right then and there! He'd go to jail then though, so he probably wouldn't want to do that...but still!

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