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    [1]Mar 3, 2009
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    I know Cynthia Kenner is reprising her role. Patricia Arquette spoke about that briefly at her Paley center interview, which I attended. Someone asked if she was coming back and she said "hmmm... you must be a medium yourself!"

    Does anyone know or think:

    Lucky (Allison's Brother from: "Lucky", "Lucky in love" and "1-900-LUCKY"), Dr. Walker (the killer from the past, from: "Penny for your thoughts", "Doctor's orders" and "Blood relations"), Sonny Troyer (the psychic killer from: "S.O.S and "We had a dream") and Capt. Push (From: "When Push comes to shove" 1 and 2, and Apocalypse, Push") will reprise their role?

    I really like her brother and Dr. Walker from the shows. I hope they come back this season.

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    I wasn't aware that Cynthia Keener is coming back-- what great news! I love her character!

    As for the others mentioned, I'm sure they will resurface at some point, at least Capt. Push and "Lucky" anyway. Agent Cooper (Kurwood Smith) is returning within the next few weeks, isn't he? Joe's parents will probably be returning soon, especially Joe's mother because we don't know what's going on with her health (if I'm remembering correctly).

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