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Series Finale Un-Fans Unite! :-)

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    [1]Feb 6, 2011
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    series finale un-fans,

    i have a suggestion for how to express our dissatisfaction/anger with the Medium series finale: let's add a Series Finale Controversy section to the wikipedia article on Medium.

    i'm not sure what it would take to convince wikipedia to allow us to do this, but i bet we could present a strong case. and i'd be happy to do the legwork.

    whaddya say? :-)
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    [2]Feb 8, 2011
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    I definitely think you should pursue that!
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    [3]Feb 19, 2011
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    It is said that if you spend 5-minutes complaining - then you have wasted 5 minutes out of you life.

    The show is over -so let it be. No one cares if someone liked or did not like a past show when a series is finished. It is obvious that not enough people liked the series - if they did it would be on. I only saw the first fee minutes but the star of the show looked much better in glasses and her daughter also looked better than usual - I would give a thumbs up on that.
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    [4]Mar 26, 2011
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    I will always love this t.v show so much, when you watch one series of it, you can't wait to watch the others. Because this show is that good that you become sort of hooked on it and I am so disappointed that they killed of Joe character from the programme, because Joe is big part of the programme as much as alison and alison needs Joe for moral support has her husband and father towards there children, then I read afterwards after the 7 season came out they cancel the programme and put the 7 season on DVD straight away. Which I definitely going to buy and watch after I finished watching season 6 on dvd. I realised though from since they killed off these beloved characters, such as Joe from medium and Jim from Ghost Whisperer despite that Jim is not totally out of the programme, he just come back from the dead as different character, it could of caused the viewing to have slipped dramatically and that's probably why that CBS have decided to cancel both hit programmes. That's why any hit shows that becomes so popular on t.v, the producers and directors have to be very careful of killing of popular characters that make the show popular in the first place. But anyway despite what's happened, medium the tv series will always go down in history as one the best USA hit shows thats probably been watched all over the world in different countries in different languages, and many of the hit tv show fans like myself will always embrace the t.v programme which is now on dvd for people to watch over and over again and to be shown to the next generation. This show has shown great drama, great story lines and definitely great acting from all characters of the show, especially Patricia Arquette who plays the main and lead character of the show which is Alison Dubious. She has shown people on t.v, that her acting is as brilliant and surperb on t.v as well as on the big screen all those years ago. If it wasn't for her acting and the good story lines in the show, I don't think the show would of went on as long as it did. Anyway Medium might be gone from t.v screens for good, but it will never be forgotton and now on t.v they have t.v programmes such as mentalist which obviously from the looks of it, it's now going to be taking the place of medium, because the storylines is bit similar to Alison Character. A psychic using his psychic ability to work with Law enforcement to solve crimes after his family was murdered by one serial killer that police his finding it hard to catch even with Patrick psychic help. Even though viewers are enjoying this hit show the mentalist while it last on t.v because it is good entertainment, but one thing that I know that the mentalist will never be as good comparing to medium, doesn't matter how entertaining it is and I know that most people will agree with me whose watch both of these programmes and if they draw both comparison to the two programmes as well.

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