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This show needs a good villian

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    [1]Mar 31, 2010
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    Is anyone else getting tired of the bad guys being so typecast? I swear in about 80% of the episodes people either are killing their rich spouses for money, are pedophile/rapist/murderers, or serial killers.

    We've had some good villians in the past, like the grey area vigilante FBI agent, the sadistic girl who likes to pretend to be chained up with her victim to gain her victim's trust, the lady who murdered her nurse daughter for being munchausen by proxy to her child, that one creepy doctor ghost who haunted many people to get them to do bad things, and the one rich guy who gave her a high paying corporate job to cover up his son's bad behavior.

    I'm just hoping the writers bring some better villians. Two episodes in a row about a relative being a pedophile/rapist/murderer? I mean really?

    It's either some sort of Freudian slip or lazy writing. The rest of the writing is fantastic, but I just think some of the criminal typecasts are too blatantly evil, I would like to see more grey-area characters.

    Shows like LOST and Dexter and Lie To Me and 24 and Prison Break are very good at showing people who make bad lapses of judgement or do evil things out of some sort of compulsion or mental illness. Good villians are relatable, and act like real people who were pushed too far or put into tough circumstances and make the wrong choices. They cave into pressure rather than blatantly relishing in committing evil acts for the sake of being evil. With good villians you see their point of view, understand their flawed logic, and pity them for putting themselves in bad situations that cause harm to others. Or doing things to save their own ass when they could be doing the right thing. Or just being hedonistic morons.

    Most criminals are victims of their own flawed logic, bad decision-making, greed and circumstances and do evil not because they love to cause harm to others but because they are trying to fill some void in their life or overcome some past trauma or are battling mental illness or some such. While there are enough psychopaths out there, they are the exception and not the rule.

    It just rings a bit false to me that people would rape and murder for kicks, like Lee's brother bringing over a teddy bear for his daughter and acting lik ehe's proud of his criminal acts, or the 2nd cousin at the wedding being Mr. Cheerful when he's getting ready to strangle Ariel. Two weeks in a row of girls being strangled by pedophile rapists put me into the mood to vent. Plus I don't like rape scenes, perhaps once per season or something but not two episodes in a row.

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    [2]Apr 3, 2010
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    You are right about things getting a bit repetetive. I just sense this 2-parter has a twist though. I want a villain who performs randomly with no rhyme or reason and is mentally off enough not to sense their own evil; hence sending mixed signals to Allison. Maybe someone who believes so much in theor own righteousness that their killings don't register as evil kinda thing.
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    [3]Apr 11, 2010
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    Agreed, they need to get more creative again. A recurring villain would be cool too.
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    [4]Jun 15, 2010
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    I absolutely agree with this point of view. A good villain whom Allison has a lot of trouble 'seeing' properly, or something of that nature would be great. Hopefully we'll get one in the new season!

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    [5]Jun 17, 2010
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    Honestly, I think the villains are not so typecast. Take Grey's Anatomy; that hospital has been through every scenario that it can concoct. Anything you can think of, it'shappened on Grey's Anatomy. However, on Medium, I like that it seems to be a bit more realistic, because there are a lot of rapist, pedophiles, and psycho killers that murder everyday. I'm not trying to dis on your blog, because I do agree that the show can use a little "face lift", I just think that the villain department is okay. Maybe a bit more complex crimesto solve, such as the"Phantom Killer", would be better. That would definitely add to the suspense.

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