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Your top 15 episodes....

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    [1]Jan 24, 2011
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    I must admit, I didn't watch every episode of season 7, because I knew it would be it's last, so I saved some episodes to watch on DVD...

    What are your favorites from the 130 episodes?

    There are my top 15 episodes of the show: (I orginally wanted to only make it 10, but that was too hard)

    1. Time Out Of Mind

    2. Method to his Madness

    3. Twice Upon a time

    4. The Boy Next Door

    5. Whatever Possessed You

    6. The One Behind the Wheel

    7. Mother's Little Helper

    8. And Then

    9. Wicked Games part 2

    10. Bring me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo

    11. A Person of Interest

    12.The First Bite is the Deepest

    13. Pain Killer

    14. Dear Dad...

    15. Time Keeps on Slipping

    Also, A Taste of her own Medicine, deserves a shout out!

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    I'm really bad at favorite episodes...I'd have to go back and look. And also this wasn't one of my favorite shows so I didn't really keep track either. Just that one "I Married a Mindreader" episode sticks in my head. And maybe a few of the Cynthia Keener ones, or the Neve Campbell ones...and maybe even the latter Tracy Pollen episodes.
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    I'm bad with episode names also. I liked the whole Cynthia Keener arc very much. Anjelica Huston is a class act. I also enjoyed Tracy Pollan although the actress herself annoys me for some reason. The episode where Allison had 'I Will Survive" playing in her head was an excellent one also and the one where Ariel was grown up and married to the chap who was actually a killer. Those would be my favourites.

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