Season 3 Episode 20

Head Games (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS
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Allison is confused when her dreams of a man murdering his wife keep occurring, even after she helped Devalos convince the jury of the suspected killer's guilt. Through her troubles she manages to make a new friend named Debra. Meanwhile, Joe is frustrated by the therapy sessions that his job enrolled him in, and can't express his feelings to Allison because the recent hostage situation he was in is still greatly affecting him.moreless

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  • great episode

    Allison dreams about a man suffering from a gambling addiction murder his wife in cold blood. She is convinced that the killer who was caught by police is really guilty. Somehow something strange happens and the convicted murderer is set free. Allison accidentally meets a girl at the parking lot. She insists that she needs to pay Allison for a slight damage to her bumper. Joe is having trouble meeting with his psychologist. Things happen in this episode. It ends with a cliffhanger, but it's well written. The scenes were well directed, the actors were great. I'm so looking forward seeing the next episode.moreless
  • Allison and Joe find somebody else to confide their feelings wich causes more harm that good to their relationship. Meanwhile the case of a man accused to decapitate his wife gives an unexpected turn after Allison's dream wasn't quite acurate.moreless

    Continuing with Joe's problems after the situation at Aerotech, he's driving himself away from Allison, maybe relying on his pregnant college who went through the same thing. I hope this situation doesn't go far from these 3 chapters cause I really love how AllyJoe are as a couple and trully they deserve to be happily everafter. About this Debra, since the car "smack", I thought something must be wrong about her. All that truble, or she was in love with Allison, or she was looking for something "weird" about her. After seeing the scene where she says something about Allison having a lot of power over the D.A. I must think that it was the second, besides the thing on her last dream that there was a confusion on the name of the 3rd victim.. that gaves away her cover. But obviously Allison won't get the point straight as happened when she dreamed about Marie.moreless
  • Yes, the case is interesting - but what makes this episode so great isn't the murdery mystery.

    Nor is it Al, or any of her work-friends. It's Joe.

    Finally the guy, who for three seasons has said basically nothing more than "It's just a dream, go back to sleep" and "It's the middle of the night, what are you doing up", is getting a viable storyline of his own. We're seeing his thoughts, his interactions with people aside from Al and the girls - and better yet - we're seeing some flaws.

    Joe is a perfect man, isn't he? Sensitive, good with children, loving, he has a great job, he's understanding about his wive's quirks and even though he's useless at it - tries to assist whenever he can. But he really didn't have a place in the show before - he was secondary to everything else, and usually felt like a filler. He was someone for Al to talk to, so that we knew what she was thinking.

    But I love this character development of Joe. He's going through something genuine and believable - and wherever it leads, I'm sure this means the show has been revived and will survive more seasons than it would otherwise had.moreless
  • Been waiting for a long time for a good double-episode, and this surely qualifies.

    In the first 90% it seemed like usual: getting dreams, catching the bad guys. Most of the times it comes down to this: if the jury finds the suspect guilty, then he's innocent, and vice versa. And that girl was sorta flirting with Allison, it was becoming awkward to watch. But in the end, it was all justified and become very exciting, so there must be another reason why that girl showed up. I believe the suspect guy will run free, but catching the real killer is gonna be much more complicated, looking forward to that.moreless
  • Looks like the next couple of episodes will be powerful and well-written as this story arc continues.

    Very rarely is the crime part of the show better than the daily life part of the show, but this is a fine example of such an event. The show started off with a man slicing his wife's throat and Allison waking up and holding her neck. Pretty normal start, until Allison dreams within a dreams of the head popping up in the cupboards...good creep factor.

    The courtroom speeches were well writtened and well performed by Miguel Sandoval and guest star Jason Priestley. Usually I don't find courtroom talks all that interesting, but this one kept my interest and especially because the defendent talked for himself.

    Neve Campbell with a short do adds some sparks to the show (if only for a few episodes) in a quirky, but untrustworthy way. Of course something is up with her character, but for right now, I'm enjoying her onscreen presence.

    Though I said the crime part was better than the family part, I still believe Joe's problem has been interesting and not gotten off the deep end and provided some good quotes.

    Allison asks Joe about the therapy session.

    Joe: He said I was full of anger.

    Allison: What did you make of that?

    Joe: I was pissed.

    They also shared some tender moments, as Allison wanted to be 'proactive' with Joe. I'm glad Jake Weber is getting the chance to stretch his acting muscles, but the way Patricia Arquette looked, with somewhat teary eyes, you could definitely see her sorrow, but not in an overly dramatized way. I definitely give her props for showing these acute expressions that other actors may underplay or overplay.

    Back to the crime. When the covers was pulled down, revealing the displaced head on the decapitated body, I had to cover myself up a little at the scarey image. And I knew just then that this story arc would be one of the best Medium has yet to give us.

    The episode ends with Allison dreaming of Neve Campbell's ID being linked to one of the murder victims. How will it really turn out. Only the next few episodes will tell.

    After the last few lackluster episodes, I'm so very glad Medium has returned to its kickin self for the sweeps.moreless
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Jason Priestley

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    • Allison: How was therapy? How's the therapist?
      Joe: Oh, he said I was angry.
      Allison: Oh yeah? What did you make of that?
      Joe: It pissed me off.

    • Allison: You ask a lot of questions you know that?
      Debra: I know, everyone says that. It's horrible, and I think it's my way of avoiding answering any questions.
      Allison: Oh really?
      Debra: I'm not answering that.
      Allison: Mmhmm.
      Debra: Not answering that either.
      Allison: How about another drink? I'm buying.
      Debra: You can't fool me, I'm not answering that either.

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