Season 3 Episode 20

Head Games (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

The opening scene shows a wife (Mrs. Paxton) nagging her husband about gambling over a basketball game. She reminds him that it is her money paying for the hotel. Mr. Paxton doesn't seem too happy. His wife rubs it in further, saying that she is grateful that she listened to her mother and signed a pre-nup. Mr. Paxton sneers that he wishes she were dead. The husband leaves the hotel room. The wife takes a shower, crying, and then hears the TV turned on again. As she drips out of the shower, she calls her husband's name, only to be grabbed by him from behind, and then he slashes her throat. Allison wakes up - it was one of her dreams. She is screaming and grabbing her throat. Her husband guesses that it was a dream about the Paxton murder, which is ongoing in court, and which gets worse - the husband also decapitated his wife. Allison makes breakfast for her kids, asking out loud, "If only i could continue the dream long enough to find out where he hid her head." Then she screams wildly as she sees the head in her pantry! She then wakes up from yet another dream. Meanwhile, Joe, who witnessed two of his co-workers murdered recently, is enduring therapy. He is feeling depressed and not very cooperative. Back at the ongoing trial of the Paxton murder, Devalos delivers an amazing closing argument. However, since all of the evidence is circumstantial, Devalos is tempted to make a deal. Allison is furious that anyone is considering a plea, because she is having the same dream every night and she knows that the husband is guilty! Her boss agrees with her. During the trial, a woman named Debra barely bumps into Allison's car in the parking lot, and claims that she feels guilty for it (she searched Allison out just to tell her about it) and invites her to lunch. Mr. Paxton, on trial facing the death penalty, decides to fire his lawyer and speak to the jury himself for his closing arguments. He confesses that he committed adultery, and gambled. But he says that there is no way he killed his wife, and gives a persuasive emotional plea. The scene then shifts to Joe, who decides to skip therapy. Debra meets Allison for lunch and asks Allison all about her work and about the present case. Since Debra is not from the area, and says that she will only be in town for a few weeks, Allison is very open with her. Later, Allison dreams that Mr. Paxton is let off/vindicated. She wakes with a start to discover that Joe is not in bed, but sitting in the living room sending a text message on his phone, supposedly to someone at work. They go back to bed. The jury has reached a verdict and found Mr. Paxton guilty of first degree murder. Devalos and Allison celebrate with the whole office, and hope that he gets the death sentence. Joe visits his colleague in the hospital - she is the other person who lived through the shooting incident, and she has just delivered her baby. Joe is obviously not doing well emotionally. He shares with her that he is seeing a therapist. His colleague shares that she has been horrible with her husband after the shooting, and asks if it is okay to keep texting, since it makes her feel so much better. Joe goes home but feels "blah" even when Allison tries to make conversation. He tells Allison that he didn't go to therapy, but promises to go the next day. She knows he is not doing well emotionally, and tells him that she loves him and wants him to be happy again. He apologizes. Allison dreams about someone checking into a hotel headless. She is called at 5am to go to a hotel where a murder has occurred, including decapitation. Allison has just seen the hotel in her dream, and fears what is coming. But she and Devalos are not prepared for what is waiting for them - not only was the victim decapitated, but the preserved head of Mrs. Paxton is there in the bed where the other head should be. Unfortunately, this causes the public to call for the release of Mr. Paxton. Allison feels that perhaps what she was feeling in the dream was the fear of the wife, but the wife didn't see who murdered her, so she might not have been killed by the husband after all. Allison receives several messages from Debra, who phones again from her hotel bar. Allison asks Joe if it is okay if she goes for a drink with Debra, even though it is in the middle of the week and Joe won't be going. She says she feels weird, but then she sees Joe's phone out and realizes he is waiting for a call and gets angry and throws his phone into the bathtub. Then she leaves to meet Debra. Debra asks her a lot of questions and buys her drinks. They talk a lot about the case. Allison comes home late to find the TV on. The scene cuts to a hotel room where a police detective finds another headless body. The preserved head of the 2nd victim is in the bed, and the detective asks the crime scene guy if anyone knows who this victim is. He says, "Well, we found her ID." He then shows him a driver's license - it belongs to Debra! Allison was dreaming this; she wakes with a start, and the show ends.