Season 6 Episode 15

How to Beat a Bad Guy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2010 on CBS

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  • This is what I think about the episode...

    I would once again say that this episode was okay. It wasn't horrible or great. When it first started off with Allison walking to her car and these guy asking for money, then she beat them up. But then she found out it was just a dream, THEY beat HER up. Not the other way around. And in her dream when she went out to the kitchen and he came up behind her and grabbed her mouth and smashed her up against the fridge... I really hoped it WASNT a dream. I think that because I would have really liked it if it was REAL and not a dream because I wanted to see how she would react to that and how she would have dealt with the situation, other than taking self-defence classes 

    Wow! The ending! That was a shocker! I won't spoil it but wow! Did Scanlon really hate his brother that much? Or did he just want him to get what he deserved?

    And what I also don't like is: that the episode called "Dear Dad..." and "How to beat a bad guy"... They both didn't really say what was going to happen after that episode. I mean, with "Dear Dad..." when Devalos did that thing wrong ( I didn't really understand what was going on) it didn't say in the next episode what would happen or what would the consequences be. And "How to beat a bad guy" I didn't say in the next episode if there would be any future consequences for Scanlon. 

    But anyways. The episode was okay. I think the episodes are getting worse and worse each time :( hope they come up with better ideas for the show