Season 7 Episode 4

How to Kill a Good Guy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2010 on CBS

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  • Good episode

    Good episode, the interaction between Ariel and Bridgette was both funny and a little sad. Alison should cut Lee some slack though!
  • I will miss 'Medium' a great deal when it ends this season but one thing I WON'T mind being without is Lee's older brother, Paul as I have had quite enough of him.

    With Ariel heading off to Dartmouth, an appearance by her dead grandad warns her that her sister will miss her. She mistakenly thinks that he is talking about Marie when in fact it is Bridgette who is suffering at the thought of her older sister going away.

    Meanwhile, Lee's annoying (and dead) older brother is back yet again, causing as much havoc as he possibly can for Lee and, by extension, for everyone else when a young girl's ghost visits Allison and gives her details of her murder some ten months earlier. The only thing she doesn't reveal is who killed her and, after dreaming some more, Allison is pretty certain that Paul killed her before his own death.

    Quite frakly, Lee's brother annoys me as much as Lee's wife does and that is quite a lot so I hope we have seen the last of him in the few episodes that are remaining of this great show.

    Sad moments between Ariel and Bridgette as Ariel leaves for the next stage of her life but we knew that was coming. A good episode but please, no more Paul Scanlon!
  • Allison's disturbing visions of Lee's brother add yet another nail to the coffin of their relationship, meanwhile Grandpa Dubois makes a visit to warn Ariel this is the last window of opportunity to fix things with her sister.

    The mixed signals Bridgette gives are nothing compared to the loud and clear signals Lee shouts, after his problems with Allison over his brother's death reach the breaking point. Once that Allison'd rather work with fellow Sheriff than to call Scanlon to solve his brother's crime, Lee comes to term with the fact they may be done for good.

    However, it's not them who are done but Bridgette and Ariel ...that is, until Gradpa makes Ariel remember all those moments she did share with her sister, so the big sister goes to Bridgette's room and tells her she's allowed to sleep in her bedroom, allowed to pretend she doesnt care if she leaves the house and allowed to remember, every night, that her sister does love her, they still have a lot of things to share and, no matter what she says, they did share a lot too.

    Almost like following the kids example, Allison and Lee start having those same details all over again: she waits for him in his parking space, he talks to her about his case, they are about to call each other in the middle of the night again ...when she figures out Lee's brother set him up to get killed, at the hands of the real murderer, the Sheriff Alison had been working with. Luckily for Lee, the medics Allison called bring him back at the last minute. Luckily for Lee, he's conscious enough to her Allison say how wrong she was about him. The strangled non-spouses, have, finally, renewed their vows.
  • With Ariel heading off to college, Alison finds herself dealing with a few unclear dreams.

    Absolutely stunning episode, in my opinion the show gets better and better. When I saw Lee lying in the bathroom, I seriously thought they made a mistake. Why did they have to kill off one of the pilars of the show? But then the twist came, and I just could think one thing: YEAH! Please keep them comming, this really is one of the best shows I've ever seen on TV, and even here in Europe we're following it closely. They sadly don't make shows like this here, so we have to drag ourselves through the week thinking about the next episode.
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