Season 5 Episode 14

How to Make a Killing in Big Business (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 04, 2009 on CBS

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  • Best ep in a long while - sets up for an interesting conclusion

    Okay I totally agree about this being predictible. I think the biggest mistake was in her dream, allowing her to open that door and see the victim. So, from the very beginning, we know that the job is tied to the crime. Oh - shucks if only they hadn't done that this would have been a really great one! they could have just had her hand on the door and not open it. sigh oh well. It is still a mystery what Ariel's role in all this is - if it does tie in- although, there again, perhaps they've revealed too much there as well. That said, it's the best the BEST in a long while for many reasons - not least of which - there is a new and different and difficult obstacle for Alison to exercise her psychic skills to solve/prevent murders - - and, we have a change of pace from the DA's office, and, we have Joe once again trying to push Alison away from her criminally focused psychic dreams. My big request to the show producers in future though would be to have WAY less serial killers. and also to throw in a signficant number of eps where there is in fact no murder victim. That would be a great way to mix it up - serial killers should be a rare exception. not the norm - the usual murderer type of the week.
  • Allison is recruited by a Fortune 500 company to predict business trends. However, she continues to dream about a case she was working on in the DA's office.

    This episode is one of the best. Though, at first i thought that the first part was boring, but watching the second part, makes me more interested in this 3 part episodes.

    The plot was wickedly twisted and awesome, and well written. And the episode was also thrilling and nail biter in some point. I also like Ariel's b side plot. Her supernatural ability like Allison was devoloped in this episode. She started seeing her dead friend. I also think that using water as a sign if ariel's dead friend ghost are somewhere in the room are really good for a plot device.

    Kudos to Patricia Arquette. Her acting was superb and believable and it seems your watching her act in person. I smell another emmy nomination.

    In the end Alisson's dreams, and story, and ariel's plot seems connected. Plus, the twist ending is really unexpectable. Cant wait for the part 3!

    overall, this episode is thrilling, and well-written.
  • Enjoyable but a tad predictable (spoilers!)

    As usual, this episode was well-acted and the Dubois family seemed like a normal family, except for the whole psychic thing, which is a big part of why I like this show. I really enjoyed the first hour of this three-parter, but in part 2, I figured out pretty quickly who the murderer was and I was honestly a little disappointed. Since it was pretty clear after part 1 that whoever was paying the detective to clean up his murders had to be wealthy, I immediately thought of Lydecker but this didn't seem right. However, as soon as Lydecker's delinquent son was mentioned, even before the audience got to meet him, I knew he had to be the killer. That said, I am interested to see how the conflict between Lydecker and Allison plays out in the third installment, and I'm also extremely intrigued by Ariel's vision of her dead substitute teacher. I'm really looking forward to next week!
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