Season 1 Episode 11

I Married a Mind Reader

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2005 on CBS
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While Allison is sick and resting, her sickness takes over and she dozes off. While dreaming, she's taken into the behind-the-scenes world of the TV show she was watching, "I Married a Mind Reader," which was set it the 1960's. She dreams of the events that sent one of the main characters to jail for murder, but discovers that what appeared to happen might not be the truth.moreless

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  • A clever script, great acting and a touch of fantasy make for a very enjoyable episode of medium.

    A clever script, great acting and a touch of fantasy make for a very enjoyable episode of medium. They did a great job with the flashback scenes in the sixties where Allison is seeing what happened behind the scenes of the tv show "I married a mind reader" where the lead actress is supposably murdered by the lead actor, her husband. In the flashbacks Allison sees the events through the eyes of the assistant. There is a lot of drama, surprise and suspense as the events unfold. I think they put a lot of time in effort into making the episode and it shows. I recommend watching this episode.moreless
  • Groovy, baby!

    Oh, this was just bundles of fun, wasn't it? Medium, so far, has been a show that knows how to mix it up, without ever succumbing to outright crazy storytelling. It's what set it apart from its rival, Ghost Whisperer. The Love-Hewitt driven psychic series never really had fun and always came across as either too serious for its own ridiculous plotting or simply too 7th Heaven in its execution. It should have taken a few pointers from Medium and still can, as both series are still running strong.

    It's hard to classify this episode as a game changer within a series that changes its game almost every other week. I just knew I was in for something different as soon as the dream sequence finished (probably my favourite dream sequence so far). From the funky hairdos to the slammin' soundtrack and groovy costumes, the production team had a blast with this episode.

    The episode borders on predictable and ends about 3 times before the actual case is resolved. The idea that Abigail shot herself in order to seek revenge never even entered my mind until the second time I saw the flashback, with Dorothy stressing that she didn't do it – yes, you sound totally nuts m'dear, of course you did it! Oh, wait…

    There are a lot of fun moments, too: Allison's little feverish sex dream and Joe's reaction to it was very funny. Their little tiff over Allison going to California was a delight and her 'we still wouldn't be even' line shut Joe up good and proper. And, once again, Joe gets all of the best lines. 'Say it one more time so I can relay this to my divorce attorney' was probably his best yet.

    A psychedelic episode that shouldn't work at all, but it does! Brava.moreless
  • worth watching episode.

    i like this episode. allison has a cold & she was home & watching reruns of a sitcom she loved way back then. then she dreamt she was in a sitcom playing the actress' assistant. the setting is in the 70's w/ the hair & the clothes during that era. the hairstyle is funny. & she's like living in this alternate world the reason being that she will help reunite a father & son who never know each other in the real world. the father was serving time for confessing to killing the actress protecting his mistress whom he has having an affair w/ & pregnant w/ his baby. then the actress' ghost told allison that she shot herself coz she was sick anyway. & the spirit of the assistant thanked her for reuniting said father & son. this is like that roswell episode in season 3 i married an alien where isabel also imagined herself in a sitcom called bewitched.moreless
  • nice episode

    Allison gets sick and she indulges herself by watching TV, she gets to see a 60s sitcom called I Married A Mind Reader. The male lead of the show went to prison for killing her wife, the female lead of the show. After watching the show, she gets a dream about the show, but in her dream, it shows the actors living in their real lives instead of acting in the show. This gets her to investigate what the dream is all about. It's a really good show, the episode is well written, it's really well done. The way the scenes were directed makes this episode entertaining and intriguing at the same time.moreless
  • Leave It to a Fever

    One of my favorite episodes from season one (with the others being Coming Soon and Lucky), I'm a huge fan of I Married a Mind Reader mainly because of the unique visual style that sets it apart from other Medium hours in almost every respect.

    My favorite scenes were the ones set on the '50s sitcom set. I loved seeing Patricia Arquette all dolled up in that huge wig, and I liked the way that Allison was put in the place of Dorothy in the flashbacks. I should also commend the behind-the-scenes crew for the undoubtedly expensive realism of the '50s location. From the outfits and colors to the vintage cars and beach houses, it comes across like something you'd see in a big-budget movie, and just proves the amount of attention to detail that goes into making this show.

    I also liked the exploration into Allison's psychic experiences when she's sick. From the visually stunning teaser (and surprising Marie Antoinette cameo) to Joe's hilarious reaction to Allison's X-rated fever dream, it yet again shows the writers attempting new and creative ways of setting up a case of the week.

    And, like every episode before it, the casting is again spectacular. Frances Fisher gave an honest and brutal performance as Abigail, and makes the audience feel complete sympathy for a character that engineered her own demise and the end of her husband's career. I also thought Paul Blackthorne was perfect casting too, as you could totally picture him as a suave sitcom lead from that time period, with the slicked-back hair and briefcase. Loved the James Bond reference too.

    Director: Duane Clark

    Writer: Rene Echevarria

    Rating: A+moreless
Neil Vipond

Neil Vipond

Older Henry Stoller

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Phil Abrams

Phil Abrams


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Kerry Leigh Michaels

Kerry Leigh Michaels


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Kendahl King

Kendahl King

Devalos' Assistant

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Henry Stoller suggests that they go for drinks at the Dresden. Paul Blackthorne, who plays the role of Henry, went on to star as Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Allison: (about the old TV show I Married a Mind Reader) I used to watch the re-runs. They haven't shown it in years. I guess because of the scandal.
      Joe: Ok. I'll ask. What scandal?
      Allison: Henry Stoller - the husband - at the height of the show's popularity, he shot his wife to death.
      Joe: I'll bet that hurt the comedy.

    • Allison: You're not gonna believe what I stumbled upon. This show I used to love when I was a kid: I Married a Mind Reader.
      Joe: You're kidding. There's a show like that? I'm suing for invasion of privacy.

    • Abigail Marsh: The future is nothing more than another today. It's just that when you get there, you have more yesterdays behind you and fewer tomorrows to look forward to.

    • Allison as Marie Antoinette: Ungrateful bastards, have you actually tried cake? It's not like I said, let them eat Brussels sprouts.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

      Joe mentions this movie to Allison and also mentions that he fell for Phoebe Cates (who played Linda Barrett in the movie). Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a classic 80's high school comedy movie (featuring Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli), which has a famous scene where Phoebe Cates bares all in a dream sequence.

    • Title: I Married a Mind Reader

      The title is a reference to the 1942 movie starring Veronica Lake, I Married a Witch.

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