Season 1 Episode 5

In Sickness and Adultery

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on CBS
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Allison is frustrated when Joe has a medical procedure done and she cannot "see" anything about his health or future. She seeks the help of Catherine, a fellow psychic, who warns of her trouble ahead. Meanwhile, Allison dreams of the location of a murder weapon and is later called to court to explain why and how she knows the location of the weapon.moreless

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  • An Allison /Joe episode. What you see is some times only part of a much larger picture.

    This episode was mainly centred around Allison's relationship with Joe, and how her visions some times only show her part of the story, which leads her to jump to the wrong conclusion some times.

    For all the romantics out there, there is plenty of romance in this episode thanks to the great writing and the fantastic connection between Allison & Joe who can convey so much love and affection with just a look. It takes good actors to pull that off.

    The other side to the episode is the story about the man being accused of killing a police officer. When Allison leads the police to a new piece of evidence she is called to testify in the trial. The courtroom scene is not to be missed.

    I think there is something for everyone in this episode, that is over 18 I might add.

    A great episode.moreless
  • Liar Liar

    From cringe-worthy to the sublime, Medium is back on track with an episode that throws in every emotional crisis a married couple faces but the kitchen sink (although Allison seemed to be on the verge of smashing that bottle of vodka over Joe's head…and they were arguing right beside the sink, but that's neither here nor there.).

    Just like the last episode, the main psychic storyline takes a backseat; however, unlike last time it's to the meatier familial upset, caused by the burdens Allison must carry with her. I was so glad Joe not only explained his side of the story, but tore Allison a new one over her apparent, and admittedly understandable selfishness – so far he has been the funny guy of the show, so to see him not only get serious, but furious, came as a pleasant surprise.

    Patricia and Jake are on fire during those heated scenes. The writers on this show manage such realism in their dialogue it comes as a welcomed relief from all your typical American melodrama. Both Allison and Joe are in the right with what they have to say, which makes the argument a difficult one to referee. -_-_-

    It seems to be a common trend among sci-fi shows that our lead's powers seem to be tied to their emotions. Allison has difficulty in general throughout, unable to draw logical conclusions to her dreams about her husband. She cannot get a read on him because she's too upset, too unwilling to face the possibility Joe's having an affair.

    The court case goes nowhere until that superb moment when Allison unleashes all of the Lawyer's dirty little secrets, confirming his suspicions that she is in fact a psychic. To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for those scenes and the argument in the kitchen, this would have been your standard episode of Medium.

    As it turns out, what was generally a safe 7 gains an extra rating due to some fantastic acting and solid writing – both aforementioned scenes managing to highlight just where the series' strengths lie.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison speaks to the psychic that she spoke to in the first episode. The psychic gives her a really weird message. It makes Allison worry so much about her life and her marriage. A case comes in at work where a police is being investigated for a murder of a fellow officer. They are trying to find a murder weapon that would incriminate the defendant. Allison's psychic abilities come into play. She helps the prosecuting team in finding the gun, but their comes into legal scrutiny. It's a really good episode, each case shows something interesting to watch. It's good.moreless
  • High Infidelity

    One of the main problems with early Medium is the inconsistent nature of both Allison's abilities and Joe's treatment of them. For instance, A Couple of Choices showed Allison as a woman who can't be duped, and knows exactly what "birthday surprise" Joe has for her. In Sickness and Adultery shows Allison as completely wrong, as her visions, which apparently show Joe cheating on her, turn out to be extremely different scenarios to the ones she had originally thought they were. It's obviously still early days at this point, and it'll obviously be a while before the writers get a hand on her abilities, but it's the only minor complaint I have for an episode which, for the most part, is one of the most emotional hours so far.

    Patricia Arquette is truly awesome here. She perfectly puts across a woman unsure of her husband's fidelity, and the slow build-up of all her anger and frustration is remarkable to watch, culminating in an emotionally draining argument between Allison and Joe that comes across as one of the most believable seen on TV. It's a testament to the writers that they don't reduce themselves to silly soap opera-style amateur dramatics for the fight like smashing glass or throwing things, instead portraying a realistic situation between a husband and wife.

    The case of the week is less interesting. Despite a brilliant finale with Allison basically destroying Larry Watt whilst under oath, there wasn't much else I was entertained by. But the main focus of the episode, the crumbling and rebuilding of the Dubois marriage, was excellent.

    Director: Aaron Lipstadt

    Writer: Michael Angeli

    Rating: Bmoreless
  • Great episode

    this is a great show and this episode is so far the best in season one and have not seen all the episodes yet. But I´m sure about that this will be one of my favourites. I think it is a cool way they decided to make this adventure show and

    I like the thrills in the show a lot. I look very much forward to watch the second season and i can not wait to get it on dvd. I´m almost done with the first season and this show is the greatest. So if you are thinking of watching it: Do it you won´t regreet it.moreless

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