Season 6 Episode 22

It's a Wonderful Death

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 21, 2010 on CBS

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  • Pretty good but not the best season finale ever

    (spoilers ahead)   I enjoyed this episode. Yeah I think the season 5 finale was WAY better than this one... But I'm pretty impressed that they didn't make this season finale crap. The episodes right at the beginning of the season were wonderful, after that Christmas break the episodes had really dropped. I was ALWAYS excited for Friday to come and after when they episode was over... I was dissapointed. But the episodes after " There will be blood... Type A" they started to become better.  But the preview for this episode looked EXTREMLY awesome and I couldn't wait! So when I watched it taped... I knew that when they were going to bed, something wrong was going to happen because in the preview it showed him trying to wake her up. And when they had people over in all black... We all probably knew she was dead. It was very sad with the music and looking at the girls crying. And seeing Devalos and his wife there. 

       I didn't see it coming when Devalos got shot, was he shot? I don't really know. But what I didn't like was that when Allison was dead she was still trying to solve the crimes... And making Ariel go to the DA's office and all. Like if your dead than go to the happier place and leave your dang daughter alone so she can consentrate on her future! But it was also sad that Ariel started to drink so she could block out her mom. And hearing Allison crying In the background really broke my heart. It was emotional. But now comes the ending. I was a little dissapointed that it all was a dream. But they ( I don't really know who) announced on Twitter that " Medium" was coming back for another season, well I started to wonder that how would they continue the show without Allison? So I knew that somehow she wouldn't be dead for sure. I was hoping that something would happen over time and she can go back into the past before she died. Like kind of what happened to Ariel in " Time keeps on slipping". But I guess not. And I'm just a little sick of her ALWAYS dreaming about things. Like when I found out it was a dream I was relived but a little anoyed. Can't some things in the show NOT be a dream?? Like common. But I liked that Scanlon and Lynn got married. I thought it was time for them to have a wedding and I thought it was a nice ending. 

      And one last thing. I didn't really like the mystery about the belt person or whatever. I thought the writers could have done WAY better. Like I don't know how many times I watched the season 5 finale and haven't got bored of it. But I'm sure that when I buy season 6 on DVD I will not watch this finale. But overall this season was pretty good. Since they're coming back for another season I REALLY REALLY hope that season 7 will be sooo much better. But if they don't come up with better stories than what's the point for doing a season 7 when we know it's going to be crap? But I love medium, I really do and I'm excited for the fall so it returns to CBS
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