Season 2 Episode 7

Judge, Jury & Executioner

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2005 on CBS
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Joe serves his jury duty on a case against a man accused of murdering his rich wife. Allison starts having visions about the man but D.A. Devalos orders her not to work on the case because of a conflict of interests.

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  • Be a deer and solve this mystery...arf.

    The dream sequences this week were suitably creepy. They weren't scary in a 'Boo! AHH!' kind of way; it was just the uneasy idea that people, generally, are willing to do anything for money. The opening sequence, as many have noted, was very well done. Probably my second favourite opening this season so far, right after Allison's dancing sequence, it was the kind of dream that you had no idea how it'd turn out. I liked that.

    Unfortunately, I found the main storyline a little bland. I'm not sure what it was exactly, it may have had something to do with the courtroom scenes – they send me to sleep on any show – but the murder mystery never really took off.

    I enjoyed the interplay between Allison and Joe, as always, and I liked that Devalos was shown to be off his game. It's just…well…I think the dream sequence set up this episode to be bigger than it actually was.

    Compelling performances from the entire guest cast certainly made me doubt if Stephen did kill his wife, but there weren't enough obstacles thrown into the mix to really sell it.

    I guess I'm just being picky.

    A competent episode, fuelled by solid performances.moreless
  • Another great episode

    Like last episode this one also begins with Allison having a shocking dream. I found it disturbing but it set the right tone for the rest of the program. I was a little bit distracted by the guy in the beginning however because I thought he looked a lot like Christian Bale. In this episode the case involves a man who may or may not have killed his wife on a boat. There is no body but the DA is convinced the man murdered his wife in cold blood for her large fortune. Allison has been told to keep her distance from the case due to the fact that Joe is serving on the jury. However this does not stop her from having disturbing dreams about it, but for the first time she can't share them with Joe. I definitely recommend this episode.moreless
  • Creepiest opening ever!!!! (spoilers)

    Wow! I was so deeply disturbed by the opening scene. It was extremely well done and well acted. What a powerful scene to start this episode! Overall, I really liked this one, especially the scenario of Joe on the jury and Allison not able to tell him that the defendant murdered his wife. I loved the twist that we find out the wife's body wasn't found because she didn't drown but was shot in the woods and buried on the family hunting grounds. I also thought it was a great twist that the husband had been plotting his wife's death since before he ever really met her! My only problems with this episode were that the DA's case was so pathetically weak, I can't even believe that it would have been brought to trial in real life. Also, I didn't like that the father ends up killing his son-in-law the way his daughter was killed. It seemed like the simplest, most dramatic way to end the story, and thus, it was the easy way out. It seems unrealistic that the father had the opportunity to kill his son-in-law so quickly. Wouldn't the police have at least brought the husband back in for questioning? I mean, I'm no lawyer, but they could have at least arrested him for perjury, and actually, I'm not sure double jeopardy would have been an issue, since the circumstances around the wife's death were totally different than those presented at trial and the charge would have been murder 1 if it were retried, not negligent homicide. So these issues are why I'm giving this episode a 9.5 instead of a 10.moreless
  • great episode

    Joe is selected to become a jury on a case against a man who is accused of murdering his rich wife. Allison starts having visions about the man on trial before it starts. Devalos orders allison to stay away from work while the case is still open. But allison keep dreaming about the defendant. Each dream takes her closer to how the defendant killed his own wife. It's a great episode. Great detective story at the same time. The writers did a really good job making this episode riveting. I enjoyed watching it. I can't wait for another episode of Medium.moreless
  • If only Allison had that deer to help her out with other cases.

    This was an exceptional Medium Episode, with Joe providing a little comedy relief as he prepares to flunk out of jury duty.

    The conflict on both of them not to discuss this court case that Allison keeps dreaming about must have been soo difficult. I wouldn't have liked to be put in that position.

    But the end of poetic justice. What I don't understand is....since the husband was only charged on criminal negligence (or whatever the phrase was), why couldn't they, when they had the proof it was murder, then go and charge him with murder?

    Double indemnity only applies where the accused is aquitted of the same crime. In this case he was aquitted on a lesser charge and therefore should have been able to be charged after his aquittal on the greater charge.

    Still, I was happy with the outcome - justice was served.moreless

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