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Season 2 Episode 19

Knowing Her

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Three girls are found murdered. Allison's visions connect Det. Scanlon with the case.

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  • nice episode

    Allison attends a police investigation where a girl have been murdered, it turns out that this case connects the murders to another one of her old cases. This episodes reunites her to det. scanlon. it's a really good episode, the drama doesn't go dry. Every scene is interesting to see, the story itself is solid enough to watch through. The detective storyline doesn't look old news, it looks like something new. It's very entertaining. Allison's dreams really look interesting. It's a bit creepy, but it's also heart warming, since we get to see Allison living with her family. This is a good episode.moreless
  • Allison starts dreaming about Scanlon

    Since "A couple of choices" aired last season, detective Scanlon has been featured as a good friend and an ally, at one point he even rival with Joe as the guy Allison ran things with and he was the one she always went to whenever Davalos needed facts to back things up but, how well se really know this guy? Enough to call "nonsense" to whatever dream that features Scanlon either high or getting married that’s how!

    The audience however, learns her trust may be misplaced once Lee shows up on a meeting to celebrate his third year of sobriety and wakes up next to a woman that might get him hurt or killed (if Allison’s dreams are correct about her); nightmare by nightmare Scanlon gets himself in even worst danger while Allison can't do anything but watch. As it turns out, this self proclaimed pathological bachelor was indeed, at one point, ready to walk down the aisle with none other than Elena, the drug-lady who’s in some part responsible for the crime Davalos is currently investigating.

    And yet just like Ariel, Lee ends up living up to Allison’s expectations, having both Ariel & Lee to take extremely hard decisions regarding their current situation that are in no way diminished by the third party watching over them. The only difference is that while Ariel’s faith in her teacher is never restored, Lee at least has the comfort of knowing Elena did love him, even if it was only in her own terms.

    Only problem I have with the episode is the way Allison and Scanlon acted towards one another. Maybe it’s because the bride on the dream cake was blonde rather than brunette, maybe is because Lee was trying to date a woman who's basically a single non-psychic version of Allison or maybe because they had no business going to the stairs to talk in private something they could be discussing in a more public area or at least in an office. The truth is that while their relationship has always been close it never felt ...inappropriate like it did here - at times the editing made it seems as if they were both sleeping on the same bed rather than miles apart from each other (and with different people) – and I really hope things do work out with the deputy major, before lines grow even more blurry between them.moreless
  • Dubois visions lead her to believe that Detective Scanlon might be a murderer.


    Great episode. Again though were glad that Allison’s visions can be wrong as Scanlon is a very likeable character. She gets visions that he is a murderer and has his eyes plucked out. None of that happens but we do learn a lot about Detective Scanlon. He was apparently involved in a situation to bring down a drug criminal who was using prostitutes. Scanlon is working on a case involving three dead call girls.


    One of the girls ends up being an undercover vice agent. However the main story is Scanlon’s intimate relationship with his contact , Elena I believe is the name.

    Some great acting here by David Cubitt really impressed me here displaying a lot

    of emotions that a great actor should have.

    The side story with Ariel and her teacher was interesting as we get to see her psychic powers at work like her mommy. She was right though her paper wasn’t that great and other kid deserved to go on that school trip. I’am glad she did the right thing and opened herself to the kid as well by inviting him over for dinner.

  • An interesting look at supporting characters

    Despite Allison’s heavy presence in this episode, I got the feeling that she was mostly in the background. This was a strong episode for two supporting characters, Scanlon and Ariel, and the big question for the audience is whether or not those characters are compelling enough to maintain interest. For my own part, I was initially interested in Scanlon’s past but quickly found that entire situation to be predictable. Scanlon, at least for me, works better as a secondary character.

    Ariel’s situation, however, was a little more interesting. As I said before, it should be interesting to see how the daughters react to their evolving and expanding abilities, and this is a mundane yet relevant aspect of it. It’s not always going to be dark territory or dead serial killers; the hard part will be dealing with knowing more than one should know. And we’ve seen how the abilities once crippled Allison; she has to know what the girls are in for, and Ariel is likely to be the furthest along the path.

    In response to the review for “S.O.S.”, many noted that this emerging challenge to Allison’s family is the arc for the show. I’m not entirely convincing. It’s a recurring through-line of the series, certainly, and it should become more important over time. But when I mention an “arc structure”, I’m thinking more along the lines of a “Babylon 5” or “Buffy” seasonal structure, with a distinct beginning and ending for character transitions and the three-act format for the episode progression. I don’t see an “introduction/complication/resolution” structure to any recurring storyline in this season.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, because a strongly episodic series can still have very satisfying serialized elements. This is a good example. There’s nothing in previous episodes that pointed to these particular revelations about Scanlon and Ariel’s abilities that would suggest a subsequent consequence to either plot point. Things will inevitably come up when they come up, and by the end, there will probably be a discernable character development. But there’s nothing exterior to the characters that I would call a “season arc”, in terms of larger set of events driving the character development.

    That’s what makes Scanlon’s development in this episode a little frustrating. It adds to the character, but what is the likely consequence of this new knowledge? Probably nothing. Similarly, there’s no reason to think that Ariel’s interesting development of psychic abilities will lead to any specific future event. Thankfully, the characters themselves and the subsequent dynamics are enough to keep the series more than viable.

  • Like allways, a cleverly plotted episode that kept me interested till the very last second.

    NBC's Medium never ceases to amaze me. Week after week the show gives us gripping storylines, loveable characters, and great directing. I have been watching the show since the very start last January, and am amazed at how the quality of the show keeps on going up. This was another fine example of the hard work that is obviously put in the each and every episode of Medium. I can't wait untill next week for the episode with Molly Ringwald!moreless
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