Season 7 Episode 12

Labor Pains

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Allison is on her way to Denver for a law school interview, but before she manages to get on a plane, she gets sidetracked by a man (Jeremy) who wants her to help him find out what happened to his missing wife. She disappeared two years ago, while pregnant, and Jeremy's determined to find out why. Allison promises that she'll look at the case file, but the police believe that she left him. Jeremy refuses to believe that, so he wants Allison's expertise.

Meanwhile a body is found in Chandler, and the man convicted of the murder confesses to it, but he won't give up the identity of the victim. Allison gets a sudden vision of the victim just as she's stabbed in the neck with a syringe. Allison suspects that the murderer is lying.

Marie is having trouble at school after breaks down during a spelling test. Joe goes to speak with her teacher, who tells him that they suspect she might have a learning disability. Joe is sceptical, but agrees to take Marie to a learning specialist in order to find out what's wrong. Later that night, Allison receives a phone call from Jeremy, who seems very determined to get in touch with her again. Allison has no time to meet, as she's headed to the airport for her interview. However, she again gets sidetracked by Jeremy, who holds her up at gunpoint.

Jeremy takes Allison to an isolated cabin, a place he claims was once owned by his wife. He forces her to drink sleeping pills so that she'll dream, but her dream happens to be of the victim from earlier, her body being dumped in a shallow grave by a mysterious woman. She tells Jeremy of the dream and says that she needs to tell the police about it, but he refuses to let her go.

Since Allison never shows up in Denver for her interview, both Joe and Devalos are suspicious. Jeremy breaks Allison's cell phone so that no one can contact her. Allison's next dream is about the mysterious murderer again, who meets Elena (Jeremy's wife) at a Lamaze class. Allison tells Jeremy this, but he presses for more details. Before she can dream again, the mailman comes to the cabin. Allison screams for help and is rescued, while Jeremy escapes.

After taking a myriad of tests, Marie doesn't seem to have any problems. In fact, she's actually quite bright. The specialist suggests that it might be because Allison was missing which caused Marie to have a breakdown in school. But later, when Marie visits Allison in the hospital, Marie says that she's lost her abilities again.

Joe takes Allison home since there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her. Jeremy is found and arrested. Allison's next dream is about the mysterious murderer, who visits Elena, who tells her that she's decided to leave her husband. Before she can change her mind, the woman drugs Elena. Allison meets Jeremy to identify him as her kidnapper. But she doesn't have the heart to press charges against him, considering the truth about what happened to Elena. Elena was murdered and her baby was taken to be raised the murderer.

Joe and Marie are back in the specialist's office, trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with her. Joe finally figures out the truth. He's had a difficult problem for work on his laptop and couldn't figure out a solution until he meets a professor in the waiting room of the clinic. The professor is able to help Joe, so it turns out Marie's difficulties only manifested so that Joe could meet the man who could help him with his project.

Allison and Jeremy meet at a preschool, where Jeremy's daughter is enrolled. Elena's kidnapper, Veronica Tate, has been arrested. She was kidnapping pregnant women, killing them, and taking their babies as her own. But now, Jeremy has a daughter he needs to get to know.