Season 2 Episode 4

Light Sleeper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on CBS
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Allison's recent habit of sleepwalking keeps landing her in dangerous situations. This leaves her exhausted while she hurries to solve a kidnapping case before it's too late.

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  • Sleep banking...

    The writers are having a lot of fun with Medium's premise this season, and I'm having equals amount of fun lapping it up. This time around, Allison is sleepwalking, only it's taken to the nth degree as she withdraws 15,000 dollars from her bank account and drives all over town under the condition.

    As with most weeks, Allison and Joe provide the meat and potatoes of the episode. And once again, both sides present very strong arguments. I completely empathized with Joe's situation, but I do think he may have been a bit too extreme towards Allison. When he completely lost it, I was startled. It's one thing having Joe disagree with Allison, or become agitated by her abilities, but to completely fly off the handle like that, I gotta say, he startled me. On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps Allison was a little bit too nonchalant about the whole situation. I get that she felt helpless, and too right that she's a victim in all of this, but she didn't seem to realize the potential danger of her condition.

    Ariel gets a sweet (if somewhat thrown together) subplot this week. I liked that she was using her powers for personal gain, and that she has a stronger grasp on them than Bridgette (who was previously showcasing more abilities this season than her older sis). But at the end of the day, the storyline didn't really amount to much. She doesn't want to take the car home, then she does, and then she doesn't again. And that's about it, really…Oh, and Allison's little speech at the end was very sweet.

    Overall, this is yet another solid episode from season 2. Acting Kudos aplenty to Patricia and Jake, who both have some terrific scenes to work with in this episode, and spar off of each other with aplomb. The murder plot this week didn't really amount to much, and it was a tad predictable, but nevertheless, this is another hour that knocks it out of the park.moreless
  • Forgettable but not terrible

    In this episode Allison is taking sleepwalking to the extreme with outrageous and somewhat dangerous behaviour, which has Joe frantic with worry. There are a few heated exchanges but in typical Dubois fashion they work through it together. Over at the DA's office they are investigating a possible abduction of a young boy. The prime suspect being the child's father.

    Things go from bad to worse when a body is discovered and it is a race against time to save the young boy.

    This episode had it's moments where it was quite enjoyable, I liked Ariels storyline, but for the most part this episode was kind of forgettable. However like all the other episodes of Medium I still recommend it.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison sleepwalks one night and end up getting herself in danger. Her husband slaps her out of her sleep and takes her to the hospital. The doctor gives her some pills that will prevent her from sleepwalking again. The following day, she goes to work and hears a case from a woman who is trying to get her son back from her husband. Allison senses something from a man who is escorting the woman. She couldn't quite figure out what she was seeing in her vision. This episode is awesome, it starts out with something really bizarre, we think it's nothing, but as the plot progresses, it turns out that it's leading to something. Excellent episode.moreless
  • Allison is behaving very weird, at least worst than usual. She has a new sleeping habbit.

    Great episode. Unusual the way Allison was dealing with her visions. These time she sleepwalks and behave very weird, all connected with a missing boy and his dad.

    In this oddly behavior she was trying to find certain amount of money and she was driving her family insane. Till she found one of the missing people in this case dead with 15 million dollars CASH.

    After this she was able to figure it out and find the little boy.

    One of the things i notice about this show is how Allison's personal business are always conected to the cases. A missing boy related with her older girl was walkinghome and she was so worried. At the end she (Allison), understood no matter what a parent want to prevent their kids from suffering, they have to experience it to live their own life as part of growingmoreless
  • One of the Best Medium episode ever

    I am so glad they reaired this episode because I did not get a chance to see it the first time. Possibly the funniest, emotionalest, interestingest episode I've seen of Medium. The episode was enjoyable throughout, and the ending was very good. The actor who plays Joe is phenomenal in this episode, as well as Allison herself. And the story of the daughter was not all that bad either.
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Greg Cahill

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Alicia Coppola

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James Frain


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: Hannah started out as a redhead, but later turned brunette.

    • Goof: The doctor gives Allison a bottle of anti-anxiety pills - a Schedule IV drug in the United States. In reality, he would have to give her a prescription because these type of drugs are controlled.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (to Doctor after he's reassured Allison about her sleepwalking)
      Joe: Forgive me, Doc, but that's it? A handful of Valium and, "call me in the morning"? She didn't just sneak out in the backyard to look for the cat. She stood in the middle of a highway, and tried to strike up a conversation with oncoming traffic... what about my anxiety? Do you have any suggestions?
      Doctor: I suggest you lock all your doors and windows at night.

    • Devalos: Pardon me for saying so, but you look like hell.
      Allison: Oh no, I'm fine. I just ... I didn't get any sleep last night.
      Joe: Wait, I don't get it. What did you do between 10:30 in the morning and picking up the girls from school?
      Allison: I don't know. I think I was asleep.

    • Allison: Calley shot the kidnapper. Justin's safe. I know I was there.
      Joe: I'll get the pills.

    • (searching around car crash)
      Joe: I think I may have found that $15 million you've been looking for.

  • NOTES (2)