Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2005 on CBS
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Allison's brother is enlisted in the United States Army, and Allison is rocked to the core and emotionally drained when she dreams of his death. While dealing with that she is handed a troubling case involving arson and an uncooperative young witness.

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  • Another good episode but still lacking that something extra that would make it great.

    A nice introduction to the character Michael Benoit, Allison's younger brother who has the curious nickname, Lucky. Michael has a secret that he is unwilling to admit but by the end of the episode you will understand why he has the nickname and discover his secret.

    I liked the episode. The story was ok but it was the acting between Allison and Michael that I really enjoyed watching. He has a great sense of comedic timing but can also nail the more serious moments when he is struggling with his conscience.

    Like the previous episode I didn't find it as exciting as the others, but I still recommend watching itmoreless
  • Medium knocks another one out of the park!

    Season 1 is on a roll! It's another outstanding offering from Medium. What I love about this show is that its strong points do not come down to its formula – it doesn't quite have one. Ok, yes, it has cases of the week, and family-squabbles of the week, but there's always a unique slant to each storyline. This episode works so well because it has bundles of sibling rivalry/banter, simple as.

    The dream sequence this week had nothing to do with Allison's case. The dream was actually the dream of her brothers. As hints go, it's one of the more interesting ones, as it's the first one not surrounding a case of hers, but allowing her insight into her brothers own gift.

    Her brother is a welcomed piece of comedy, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the negative effects of being a Medium. Sure, Allison has had her fair share of distress over her gift, but she has a strong support system in place at home and at work. Michael, on the other hand, had a leech manipulate him into thinking he's a freak, all the while using him as his lucky rabbit's foot.

    Patricia is such a fantastic actress; she can play off anyone with such ease and show so many different shades of Allison with little effort at all. Her rapport with Ryan Hurst felt so genuine, and it was nice to see Patricia be the cooler, older sister, as opposed to Joe's other slightly less funnier half, in terms of the funnies. Again, the same gripes remain – where do Allison's powers stop? That hospital scene, while a terrific visual, makes you wonder why she could only see a lot of dead people in that hospital. If that's the case, she should be bombarded by the dead 24/7 if they immediately know she's a Medium (how DO they know? Michael's sergeant didn't know at first, he didn't even notice her and then proceeded to ask if she could see him and hear him). I do realize it wouldn't make for good television, but I'd appreciate some boundaries.

    Overall, it's another cracker!moreless
  • Average

    This is just about middle of the road compared to the other episodes I've seen up to this point. The fact that they brought Afghanistan into the mix didn't bother me. The fact that bringing in Allison's brother could have been much more interesting in my opinion bothered me. And I know Joe could have stood up for Allison more when her brother was acting like an idiot. And, as far as the plot, it left way too many hanging threads. What exactly is the brother's power? Good idea, mediocre execution. I see that he is a recurring character though. I'll be interested to see what they do in his next episode.moreless
  • good episode

    Allison gets a horrible dream, in it her baby brother dies while serving in the army overseas. When she wakes up, she becomes really hysterical, she couldn't make sense of what her dream was all about. When she comes home form work, she gets a shock when her baby brother comes home after finishing his tour of duty in the army. This all happens when Allison solves a case. This episode is really creepy, it's good, the story was well done. We get to see stuff in it. The whole plot played out well, this is a good one, it's well directed.moreless
  • Patricia Don't Preach

    The United States is a very patriotic country, and we're always the first ones to stand up for ourselves, salute the flag and support our troops. Part of this sort of thing irritates me, as we, as Americans, get kinda preachy every once in a while when talking about our land. TV, in particular, gets preachy all the time when storylines center on war or patriotism. So I was less than thrilled when Medium ventured into this kind of territory, expecting a preach-heavy "very special episode" featuring war and troops and corn. Thankfully, and much to my surprise, Lucky was an emotional masterpiece, and by far the best episode Medium has produced so far.

    One of Medium's strengths is in its casting. Both Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber put across a convincing married couple, and the child actors on the show genuinely seem like their kids. Ryan Hurst is perfectly cast as Michael, and he and Patricia have a real "elder sister-younger brother" relationship happening, which helps put across a real family unit.

    I also loved Michael as a character. Some of Allison's dialogue in this episode is pretty corny, in particular all the "you can see her too" and "you have the sight" hoodoo. Being such a self-aware character, Michael literally realizes how ridiculous this situation is, and, as the cocky younger brother, he constantly tells Allison exactly how he feels.

    One small moment I loved in this episode was when Allison reveals that she hates visiting hospitals, as the spirits of the dead always try and reach out to her for help. The visuals, with all the spirits trying to grab her attention, as well as the loud Marilyn Manson track playing over the scene, combine to produce one of the best scenes this show has done.

    A beautifully written episode featuring a subtle, moving performance from Ryan Hurst, Lucky really shows how much Medium has to offer, and it's all good stuff.

    Director: Peter Werner

    Writer: David Folwell

    Rating: A+moreless
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