Season 2 Episode 17

Lucky in Love

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CBS
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Allison dreams that her brother was involved in a local bank robbery. Her suspicions grow when he unexpectedly shows up in town and gets involved with a con woman.

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  • A touching episode

    A touching episode.

    Allison's brother Michael really is a screw up, probably doomed to botch everything he touches.

    But his star-crossed relationship with the ghost of the con woman was touching.

    It played on some of the same feelings of longing and loss as the classic 1947 film, "The Ghost and Mrs. -
  • I didn't see the first Lucky episode, but I think I'm better off. That guy really annoyed me!!!

    My first encounter with Lucky was seeing him talking to that woman in the bar. And I thought; Any guy who listens to that manipulating woman for more than a minute has a screw loose. I didn't like either of those characters at all. Leah or 'eyebrowgirl', as I now like to call her, knew how to cry, but other than that she was terrible. Her eyebrows were all over the place, and she had an annoying speech impediment.

    So to sum up: This was truly a filler episode. And the worst episode of Medium I have seen to date! I hope they never bring back Michael! "AfganIstæn"

  • Nice

    Am surprised that quite a number of people do not have a liking for Lucky. Like him or not, I think he pulled this episode off and whatever is done to convince me otherwise just does not wash. First off he depicted his true self when needed, the broke, planless dude and then in the name of love tried to be who he was not. Someone who could actually stand up for something or someone other than him. That was new! Lastly, lucky had always been in denial of his abilities even when they hit right square on the jaw. This time he changed his mind. Why? All in the name of love. Despite the fact that I think love sucks. This episode as far as Lucky was concerned, it was good enough for me.moreless
  • great episode

    Allison dreams about his brother being involved in a bank robbery. When she wakes up she calls up his brother and it turns out that he wasn't involved in any bank robbery. this calms down allison. that's until she attends a police investigation of a bank that was recently robbed and it looks like just the one that she saw in her dream. allison's brother visits allison and stays there for a few days. she sees her brother going out with a girl who turns out to be dead already. it's an excellent episode, i really enjoyed this one. the writers surely came up with an excellent episode.moreless
  • Michael "Lucky" Benoir has troubles finding a job, his sister’s messages and money on his wallet but he’s not a bank robber regardless what Allison’s visions might say on the subject.moreless

    However, when Allison dreams about her brother illegal activities she invites herself on Scanlon’s investigation until she’s sure neither he nor Davalos are after a suspect that responds to her brother’s description.

    Once she finally has Lucky sleeping under her roof Allison can rest, that’s until Michael’s special lady friend turns out to be the dead partner-gone-victim of the actual bank robbers on the investigation at hand, one who hasn’t realized she’s dead yet and one who just placed Michael in such a mess Allison can’t get him out without Scanlon’s help.

    The episode ties in on Allison’s relationship with her brother and Michael relationship with their 'superpowers. Like Ariel on "Doctor’s Orders", Michael can’t tell when something or someone he’s seeing isn’t there, for him his girlfriend is very much alive until the killer himself confesses he murder her. As touching as the "Ghost" angle may be this places Lucky in real danger both physical and emotional.

    A nice touch is the way Allison’s real brother Michael is saved by her brother-in-arms Lee Scanlon. Although these two men hardly share screen time together the parallel set by Joe is quite telling: while Michael is the kind of man one would think could robe a bank, Lee is the kind of man one would trust to find the robbers; while Michael is the man who questions his own 'superpowers', Lee relies on his sister’s skills to find him being Lee the one Allison resorts when its time to get Michael out of troubles. One could only wonder what could happen if Allison’s "brothers" team up together on an upcoming episode.moreless

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    • Michael: I guess I'm more like you than I realized.
      Allison: Yeah, sorry about that.
      Michael: Just so we're straight here - seeing ghosts, seeing the future, that is the extent of our superpowers? I don't have to worry about laser beams shooting out of my ass, or leaping tall buildings in a single bound, or anything like that?
      Allison: I believe you and your ass are safe.

    • Allison: Michael never came home last night.
      Joe: Well, so maybe Lucky got lucky last night. Can you get lucky with a ghost?

    • Michael: (to Lia) Okay, yeah, you know what, I understand. You just met me, you know me well enough to break and enter for you, but not to actually know where you sleep at night. Makes sense to me.

    • Michael: Lia, if you're going to let me take you to a fancy place like this, but not let me spend a dime on you, the least you could do is, hm, not stare at other men.
      Emilia: Don't let the suit fool you, he's not really a man, he just impersonates one. It makes it easier for him to steal your soul.
      Michael: (pauses) You... know him?

    • Allison: I had a dream about you two nights ago...had to see if there's any truth to it.
      Michael: You do realize you just used the words "truth" and "dream" in the same sentence, right?

    • Allison: Swear to me you will take a shower before you lay down on my couch.
      Michael: I swear on my children's lives.
      Allison: You have no children.
      Michael: But, I want them, want them desperately.

    • Michael: (to Allison) Well, you better wipe that look of horrified disapproval off your face and give me a hug. Got impressionable young people watching this.

    • Emilia: I'm not even sure I know how I ended up here. So, now you know my sordid past, let's hear yours.
      Michael: Well, I growed (sic) up in the Midwest, played some high school ball, never made it to the college ranks cause I had the grades of a cretin. Bumped around from job to job a bit till one night I got really drunk with a bunch of friends and woke up an enlisted man.
      Emilia: You're a soldier?
      Michael: I was a soldier...did two tours in Afghanistan. Got back last winter, moved to San Diego. Oh, yes, people like me have endless possibilities. If you're expecting an ambush, I'm your guy. Shooting? Hand to hand combat? Peeling potatoes? Oh yes, I have an extraordinary skill set.

    • Joe: Doesn't sound to me like you have anything to worry about.
      Allison: How can you say that?!
      Joe: It's easy - I just think it, and it comes out of my mouth.

    • Michael: I really liked the Christmas card.
      Allison: Thanks.
      (Michael shoots victim)
      Michael: Those girls of yours sure are growing fast.

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