Season 2 Episode 17

Lucky in Love

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • A touching episode

    A touching episode.

    Allison's brother Michael really is a screw up, probably doomed to botch everything he touches.

    But his star-crossed relationship with the ghost of the con woman was touching.

    It played on some of the same feelings of longing and loss as the classic 1947 film, "The Ghost and Mrs. -
  • I didn't see the first Lucky episode, but I think I'm better off. That guy really annoyed me!!!

    My first encounter with Lucky was seeing him talking to that woman in the bar. And I thought; Any guy who listens to that manipulating woman for more than a minute has a screw loose. I didn't like either of those characters at all. Leah or 'eyebrowgirl', as I now like to call her, knew how to cry, but other than that she was terrible. Her eyebrows were all over the place, and she had an annoying speech impediment.

    So to sum up: This was truly a filler episode. And the worst episode of Medium I have seen to date! I hope they never bring back Michael! "AfganIstæn"
  • Nice

    Am surprised that quite a number of people do not have a liking for Lucky. Like him or not, I think he pulled this episode off and whatever is done to convince me otherwise just does not wash. First off he depicted his true self when needed, the broke, planless dude and then in the name of love tried to be who he was not. Someone who could actually stand up for something or someone other than him. That was new! Lastly, lucky had always been in denial of his abilities even when they hit right square on the jaw. This time he changed his mind. Why? All in the name of love. Despite the fact that I think love sucks. This episode as far as Lucky was concerned, it was good enough for me.
  • great episode

    Allison dreams about his brother being involved in a bank robbery. When she wakes up she calls up his brother and it turns out that he wasn't involved in any bank robbery. this calms down allison. that's until she attends a police investigation of a bank that was recently robbed and it looks like just the one that she saw in her dream. allison's brother visits allison and stays there for a few days. she sees her brother going out with a girl who turns out to be dead already. it's an excellent episode, i really enjoyed this one. the writers surely came up with an excellent episode.
  • Michael "Lucky" Benoir has troubles finding a job, his sister’s messages and money on his wallet but he’s not a bank robber regardless what Allison’s visions might say on the subject.

    However, when Allison dreams about her brother illegal activities she invites herself on Scanlon’s investigation until she’s sure neither he nor Davalos are after a suspect that responds to her brother’s description.

    Once she finally has Lucky sleeping under her roof Allison can rest, that’s until Michael’s special lady friend turns out to be the dead partner-gone-victim of the actual bank robbers on the investigation at hand, one who hasn’t realized she’s dead yet and one who just placed Michael in such a mess Allison can’t get him out without Scanlon’s help.

    The episode ties in on Allison’s relationship with her brother and Michael relationship with their 'superpowers. Like Ariel on "Doctor’s Orders", Michael can’t tell when something or someone he’s seeing isn’t there, for him his girlfriend is very much alive until the killer himself confesses he murder her. As touching as the "Ghost" angle may be this places Lucky in real danger both physical and emotional.

    A nice touch is the way Allison’s real brother Michael is saved by her brother-in-arms Lee Scanlon. Although these two men hardly share screen time together the parallel set by Joe is quite telling: while Michael is the kind of man one would think could robe a bank, Lee is the kind of man one would trust to find the robbers; while Michael is the man who questions his own 'superpowers', Lee relies on his sister’s skills to find him being Lee the one Allison resorts when its time to get Michael out of troubles. One could only wonder what could happen if Allison’s "brothers" team up together on an upcoming episode.
  • Decent but predictable episode with Allison reuniting briefly with her brother, Micheal. She dreams Michael was involved in a bank robbery that turned deadly.

    I have to say I liked this episode for the fact that we saw Micheal and Allison brought back together. Micheal is a nice guy and this episode
    shows how people played with his vulnerability.

    In essence this episode should be retitled "Unlucky in Love" as Michael gets involved with a crooked but unstable girl named Emilia. Turns out she wants him to steal money
    from her ex-boyfriend/criminal mate.

    Micheal of course is fed lies and never tells
    the truth. By chance, Allison sees Emilia
    with him and keeps an eye for Michael.

    When he goes missing she knows somethings up.

    Ok the story was predictable but the acting was
    great and at least the writers made an attempt
    to present a more personal family bond with Michael and Allison. I'd like to see the
    character be brought back since Jake Webber's
    character can get so incredibly annoying.
  • Not a fan of LUCKY.

    LUCKY, proved he was not so lucky after all.
    I did not enjoy this episode as much, but is stll gets a maximum points for making more sense than; 'GHOST WHISPERER', with the non-complaining husband, and evil ghosts who get redemption in the last 10 mins and literally 'SEE THE LIGHT.'

    This was definately a filler, her brother is not a regular cast member and I would have perfered more info on Joe and the girls.

    Rachael Miner was the plus in this episode.

    Go away Lucky and only come back at Christmas if you must come at all.

    I'd rather see Joe's mother again.
  • I'm seeing that some people here don't care for the character of Alison's half-brother, Michael aka Lucky. Well, I Love Lucky! He's a great, funny, charming, real character. So lovable. More Lucky please! :)

    This episode focuses on another character who to my knowlege has only appeared once before. I hope one appearance per season isn't going to be the going rate for this guy. He's great. He's very down-to-earth and real. He falls for a ghost which is kind of sad because the story is written in such a sympathetic way that we want Lucky to well, get Lucky. (And I mean that in the nicest way.) Hopefully this isn't the last we see of Michael. He's an interesting character with lots of room for growth. I'd like to see more of him.
  • "Lucky" is just not one of my favorite "Medium" characters

    To be honest, I didn’t remember Allison’s brother at all. A lot of time has passed since the first season, and there’s a lot of other material worthy of attention. So it completely slipped my mind that Lucky had abilities, making it a lot more surprising when Leah turned out to be the spirit of a grafter betrayed by her partners.

    I’m not sure that Lucky is as interesting as the writers seem to think he is, but I was struck by the idea of someone not as bright or generally driven as Allison dealing with the effects of the family gift. Allison herself didn’t work it out until late in the proceedings, which makes it completely believable that Lucky wouldn’t recognize the signals.

    My only concern is that the production wasn’t consistent in showing her as being dead. In some scenes, it’s clear in retrospect that she was being ignored by everyone but Lucky, especially when people are looking right at her and not reacting. It gave me the impression that she was in on another scam, pulling Lucky into another bank robbery. Unfortunately, in other scenes, she was being touched and touching things, which is still possible but breaks the illusion somewhat.

    Maybe I was focusing more on what was happening between Allison and her brother, but I didn’t notice as many good scenes between Allison and Joe and the rest of the family. Everything was about Lucky’s personal situation, and it just wasn’t as interesting. As attractive as I found Leah (she of the oddly compelling accent and strange eyebrows), her chemistry with Lucky was lacking in a lot of key moments.

    One thing I did enjoy quite a bit was the severity of Lucky’s predicament. The writers did a great job of demonstrating how determined he could be, despite the fact that he was getting beat half to death in the process. He really was acting like a man in love, willing to die for someone worth protecting, and there was a certain lug-headed dignity to it.

    The episode itself was well done, and it certainly managed to surprise me along the way, so it’s not as if this was a particularly weak installment. It just wasn’t something that I would look forward to seeing again, which is not something that I usually experience when it comes to episodes of “Medium”.
  • another great show

    I enjoyed this episode Very Much. now we know Alison's brother Has The Same Gift She Does,as Well As Two Of Her Daughters Ariel And Bridget,She Had Thought Her Brother Did The Very First Time In Another Episode,It Was Very Interesting,As Always I Look Forward To Medium Another Great Show.
  • A bit too depressing, but good ending.

    I knew that the girl was a ghost long before they revealed it to us.

    For the last couple of episodes, Medium has ended in a very talkative...weepy...way, and it does not reveal what happens to the characters. This one actually ended well with high entertainment factors.

    But still, seeing the anguished face of her brother on screen really, really brings down the show. I got very depressed seeing his normal face in so many wrinkles, and it was even worse when he got beaten up.
  • Hated the episode

    I didn't like the brother last year and I can't stand him this year. I agree with the other review this episode makes the shark jumping official. Last week's episode was bad and this week's was even worse. Since the Olympics ended the writers took a break from their talent.
  • I think Medium \"jumped the shark\" with this episode.

    Medium has always played fast and loose with what a medium actually sees when seeing a spirit. My sister is a medium as well as a couple of close friends. The spirit is not a three dimensional \"flesh and blood\" appearance. Allison would be able to tell if she were looking at a dead person or a live one, and to have Michael not only talking to this person, but kissing her was ridiculous. I know television shows need to stretch the truth to be interesting, but this was stretched to the breaking point.

    Still, I have to say it was an entertaining show. However, I won\'t have the same feelings I had for the show as I did before.
  • She thinks her brother is involved in a bank robbery when in reality he is involved with the girl who was killed by the bank robbers. He sees dead people just like his sister.

    The girl who plays the dead girl is so awesome. Her name isn't listed here yet for some reason. I also like Ryan Hurst. He is about the best down home boy out there right now. I wish his character would stick around and maybe help his sis out or something. The ending made me cry as usual. It is just that the people are dead and it is sad to see them go away.
  • Really good ep.

    I enjoyed this ep. now we know Alice has the seeing into the future thing as does two of her daughters and now her brother so that means what she gots is inherdited so her mom or dad has it and some with her grand parents or it skiped the rents and just went to them. Well i liked how they showed that more than her family can have this. and the ideal of this was really neat. I love the 1st lkine Alice says in this ep. (sees brother robbing bank) Does Mom Know Your doing This.