Season 2 Episode 17

Lucky in Love

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Michael "Lucky" Benoir has troubles finding a job, his sister’s messages and money on his wallet but he’s not a bank robber regardless what Allison’s visions might say on the subject.

    However, when Allison dreams about her brother illegal activities she invites herself on Scanlon’s investigation until she’s sure neither he nor Davalos are after a suspect that responds to her brother’s description.

    Once she finally has Lucky sleeping under her roof Allison can rest, that’s until Michael’s special lady friend turns out to be the dead partner-gone-victim of the actual bank robbers on the investigation at hand, one who hasn’t realized she’s dead yet and one who just placed Michael in such a mess Allison can’t get him out without Scanlon’s help.

    The episode ties in on Allison’s relationship with her brother and Michael relationship with their 'superpowers. Like Ariel on "Doctor’s Orders", Michael can’t tell when something or someone he’s seeing isn’t there, for him his girlfriend is very much alive until the killer himself confesses he murder her. As touching as the "Ghost" angle may be this places Lucky in real danger both physical and emotional.

    A nice touch is the way Allison’s real brother Michael is saved by her brother-in-arms Lee Scanlon. Although these two men hardly share screen time together the parallel set by Joe is quite telling: while Michael is the kind of man one would think could robe a bank, Lee is the kind of man one would trust to find the robbers; while Michael is the man who questions his own 'superpowers', Lee relies on his sister’s skills to find him being Lee the one Allison resorts when its time to get Michael out of troubles. One could only wonder what could happen if Allison’s "brothers" team up together on an upcoming episode.
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