Season 7 Episode 13

Me Without You

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • awfull ending

    NO! no! Why did they end it like that? Still cant get over how broken Allison was when she found out that he really is dead. Broke my heart how she begged him to stay..
  • Me without you

    It made me so sad I cried I hated to see it end I was so involved with this. Now I feel like Im let down because I don't havet to watch anymore. Everyone was great in the series really enjoyed it.
  • Waited too long to kill Joe!

    Great episode, I loved it at the end where all the actors waved goodbye. I just have 2 needles about it. 1. That Alison didn't see the plane crash coming, after all, the whole series was based on her premonitions. 2. That they waited until the very last episode to kill off that annoying husband of hers.
  • Medium gets "real" at the end!.

    We love all the paranormal fiction of this show and the happy endings.. but at the very end.. it shock us with a cruel real life fact... when a precious life fade away.. it just.. fade away.. and never comeback.

    Cherish every moment and fulfill your lives with love.. treasure specially your loves one.. 'cause when they leave.. nope.. you won't see them again.. they won't never ever comeback!... at least you're a medium.. or you believe in some kind of after life... or they comeback as zom... no.. wait.. we were talking about RL.. they won't never ever comeback!.. :P

    Medium was an entertaining show that give us a good lesson at the end... with a waaay unusual kind of happy ending.. nobody should watch this episode been depressed neither alone... 'cause it's just sader every time you watch it (it just makes you think about death.. yikes!).

    And finally... i just recommend you people to listen Happy by Pharrell Williams to move on from this hopeful-disharten finale!.

    Smile Smile Smile.. don't be SAD!... seriously.. BE HAPPYYYY!.. it's just TV.. xD
  • Not sure about the ending, but great series anyway

    Not sure about the decision to end the show the way they did. but great series anyway.

    I don't mind admitting I wiped away a tear or two.
  • hi is mine

    the husband so cute ..
  • Didn't make sense to me

    This show spent 7yrs selling us on the idea that Allison could see dead people and could see the future. There was the episode when she stopped the rape and murder of a daughter she hadn't even had yet. There was her nosy dead father in law that kept reappearing with messages about the future including to tell her that his widow needed to see a doctor. We were also sold on the idea that all 3 of her daughters had inherited the ability and that her brother had it as well even though he tried his best to ignore it. And yet no one, not Allison, not one of the 3 daughters, not the ghost of her father in law, or the brother got an early message that said "Hey Joe, don't get on that plane." REALLY? A show with that many people that could see the future in it and no one saw that coming. Come on. What a cheap trick. Not to mention ripping off a classic movie ending to try and make it all better in the end.
  • Cried my eyes out and then got pissed..HOW could they do that?!

    So awful! its been a while since this show ended..I still feel heartbroken by how they ended it..i thought it was totally disrespectful for fans of this show....I wanne cry just thinking about it..I also miss this show SO much..the dynamic with the family, i haven't seen it before or since..veryvery special..You really get invested in the family and feel what they go through..Killing of Joe, and leaving Allison without a man and the children without their father..It just leave a ugly taste in my mouth...Bloody awful it was..
  • Dreadful series ending.

    This was a totally horrible way to end the series. First, there was no need to kill a major character like Joe. Secondly, this new Allison was completely the opposite of what had been carefully built up for 7 years. It is totally incomprehensible that a woman who had been so dedicated to law and order would suddenly become someone who would subvert the law in pursuing her own self interests. There had been many other episodes in which family and friends were put at risk, but she had always done what was right. So why did the writers decide to suddenly change her at the last minute? The whole story made no sense and left me totally dissatisfied.
  • Left me smiling despite having a tear in my eye


    I always hate it when a show I love finishes, but it was great that they gave Allison a proper send off with this at times moving episode.

    Like others i was a bit shocked at her actions in her efforts to find the 'lost' Joe, but of course that turned out not to be real - on reflection that was her subconscious taking over, rather than what the real Alison would have done.

    The final scene with her reunited with her long-dead husband left me with a tear in my eye, and I even accepted the rather cheesy waves from the cast just before the credits rolled.

    This has been a series that at times has gone into some very very dark areas, but it's also made me laugh more than some so-called comedies.

    I do hope we've not seen the last of the talented young actors who player the Dubois daughters - in particular I'd love to see where young Bridget ends up; she could have a career in comedy, I'd say!

    All good things must come to an end, though, and this was a fitting end to an excellent series.

  • Cool ending - I just wish it wasn't the end. I wish it was just another dream and next season I could see what happens after that dream. I will miss this series!

    This was a brilliant way to end a series. It gave me closure but as with any death in a family you want your loved one back. Medium was one show I never missed since its beginning in 2005. It started out with a unique take on dreams and abilities to forsee. Abilities we all wish we had. Gradually I came to love Allison and her family. I was happy for Joe when she started being more affectionate and understanding toward him in the last season. Now oddly, I only feel a sense of loss.
  • Complete Closure, whether you loved, hated it or were in the middle.

    First off I would like to say I am giving this episode a 10 because it's a SERIES finale and I think the Series deserves a 10.
    This episode should have been a two part episode. Hands Down. They had so much to cover, in so little time, the episode seemed very rushed. I don't think they spent enough time on Ariel, Bridgette or Scanlon, all who have been an intergal part of the series. They all deserved closure. One scene, although nice, of Ariel pregnant, or Scanlon embracing Lynn was hardly full closure. The daughter they focused on the most was Marie, which was nice, but all girls deserved to be shown.
    I didn't want a full sappy episode, but I don't think it was right to have Joe die. I rather Allison and Joe get a divorce (then possibly get back together) then a death. Joe was such a great father throughout the series, and he died so young. Bridgette and Marie deserved the same father Ariel got. If a death was imperative, I think a different character should have died, someone big, like Devalos or Scanlon. Not Joe. Not the father. Not the guy who had to wake up numerous times from phone calls and Allisons yells from nightmares. Also is it believable that Allison would not find another man and be alone? What I really wanted was for Allison to wake up at the very end (after she sees herself die in the future)and be back in bed in the present, to warn Joe not to get on the flight. Correct me if I am wrong, but the audience wanted Joe and Allison to live a long happy life together, through the good times and bad times. Just because it was the series finale, doesn't mean people weren't rooting for this beautiful, believable fictional family. The show will be missed! It was amazing.
  • Romantic Ending

    I want to thank all of the people associated with this show for 7 years of great entertainment. The show had some of the most creative writing on television. I was glad to see that the final episode focused on the most important part of the series over the years--the love and affection between all of the family members. In the end, it was the love between Allison and Joe that took center stage. The writers can be excused for taking the ending directly from what is in my humble opinion the greatest romantic movie ever made--the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Somehow it seemed very appropriate for the series. Great job.
  • Fantastic show - interesting and unexpected ending...

    I have to say that I'm a little shocked by how negatively some people (including long-time fans)have responded to this episode. I've been a fan from the beginning - Medium has seen me through the end of high school, college, and into the start of my career. Needless to say I'm sentimentally attached to the characters like lots of people, and it's become the only show I really watch.

    All that said there are undeniably irksome moments in this episode. The script is patchy, sometimes excellent and other times lapsing all too easily into cliché ("you've seen me in your dreams...", "until the end of time..."). And I'm just not sure the 'scope' of the finale had to be quite as big, sweeping and slushy as this was - a more tightly focused, non-generation spanning number would have probably worked even better(?!) However, the return to the drug cartel stuff was welcome (after the success of the season 5 finale), and despite partially relying on the "it's just a dream" device, the structure was very clever and satisfying. I'm glad the finale relied so heavily on Alison and Joe's relationship as it has so clearly been at the centre of the show all these years. Just one final point - is it just me or does Alision actually scream "Jake" (as in Jake Weber) and NOT "Joe" when she shares a tearful goodbye with her on screen partner?! Medium - I'm going to miss you...

    I've never been a huge fan of the show, but I watched a good majority of the episodes in late night reruns on Lifetime and recently started watching it since it moved to Fridays and there's not much else on at that time. I didn't particularly care about the show, but I like watching how shows I have watched end, even if I wasn't super invested in them.
    That being said I thought this finale was horrible. They used every finale cliche, killing off a major character, time jumps and the "It was all a dream" bit even though the dream was kind of real in the end. I understand that the show was recently cancelled, so perhaps origionally this storyline had some sort of build to it that got cut, but it just didn't make any sense to me. Even for a show about a woman who dreams, filling up 45 minutes of a dream that wasn't relevant only to have the real message be conveyed in two minutes at the end was a cheap shot. Also, I hate how it jumped foward at the end and we don't know if Alison ever became a lawyer, what became of her children or anything that may have happened. A few other pet peeves
    With the exception of the "pregnant" Ariel they didn't show any of the children who were on the show. They were always an important part of the plot and they didn't even get aknowledged until the end (I'll talk about that in a minute)

    When Alison died at the end, her ghost regressed to looking how she had looked 40 years ago, but throughout the whole series, people who appeared to Alison looked exactly as they did when they died.

    The "Breaking the Fourth Wall" ending by showing all the actors in the set being taken away. The final scene, although bad, was kind of sweet, and if anything I would have liked to be left with that as the final image of the show. Insted, we get the actors out of their roles, which took away the last bit of comfort I had with the ending of the show.
  • It was really hard for me to give this episode a score because some parts of it I loved and some were a bit hard to take. Whatever I thought of it though, I really wish it hadn't ended, it has been a favourite for a long time and I will miss it.

    To be honest, I was hoping that the finale wouldn't have a happy ending because I am not a fan of them and a show like 'Medium' with a really happy ending would have been a little strange.

    I really think they needed a two-hour finale. They had to pack too much into a 41 minute slot and, at times, it felt forced. Maria Lark and Sofia Vassilieva were barely in it and, having watched them grow up on the show, that made me feel sad. The actress who played an older Marie was an excellent pick for the role as she looked very much how I would have expected Marie to look at that age.

    Scanlon was seen so briefly I almost missed him and, given that he has been an integral part of the show, that seemed wrong. It was, however, good that we saw plenty of Devalos as he has been a cornerstone all along.

    I was pretty certain, given that Joe's mother had that dire warning for Allison in the earlier episode, that somebody was going to die and I was sure it was going to be Joe, so I wasn't at all surprised. I would have liked to have heard about what the girls did with their lives etc. as I think that would have been interesting, all we really know is that Ariel got married. I really enjoyed the cast farewell at the end, but it made me extremely sad, although it probably would have been worse if they had spoken. A fine show, and one that I will keep watching on DVD whenever I feel like a good dose of some terrific television.
  • I hated the finale. Above all hated the unhappy ending.

    I hated the finale. I didn't see why it had to be a sad ending... or even worse, building up the hopes of the audience to be expecting a happy end (Joe found in Mexico) - only to dash the dream and instead reveal him dead. Also, sad to think of Alison being widowed at such a young age and then spending the next 40 years alone. (And children also losing their dad so young).

    Why not end happily, leaving the impression that the DuBois family will continue going on with their lives as usual? And why not involve her entire family in the final episode so that the TV audience can enjoy a final time observing their warm interactions? They were all important to the show and it seemed a shame to leave them out of the finale.

    For example, here is an alternate way the final episode could have gone: * a final crime solved * perhaps also include some sort of opportunity to reminisce about Alison's accomplishments. (E.G., she could have been given some special award by the police department during which some of her key cases over the year were remembered. Or, it could have been Joe honoring Alison by going over some of the amazing cases she solved over the years, etc. etc.) Overall, I didn't see any reason not to leave the audience with happy memories and the impression that DuBois family is still intact and continuing to live their busy and fruitful lives, with Alison continuing to help others, solve crimes, pursue her dreams etc.
  • It saddens me to give this episode a score of SIX, since it has been one of my all time favorite shows for 7 seasons... Although, the actual QUALITY of this entire show is a big fat TEN!

    Season after season of excellent writing, original storylines, and a family to which I feel incredibly attached. Very hard to say goodbye, indeed.

    I agree with another reviewer that oddly, there will be a void.

    These are my gripes with the final episode:

    1) Allison is a MEDIUM -- Would she not have foreseen a plane crash involving her most beloved husband?

    2) I don't appreciate the message that this embeds into the very emotional minds of women who watch this program, including myself, that you can either have the love of your life and your family OR you can have the BIG CAREER. (and that somehow the career is more important.)

    Granted, her career is more fulfilling than most, but unfortunately the majority of Americans WISH they could spend more time with their families, but are busy being shackled to JOBS that simply make money for giant corporations. I truly believe FAMILY life and the strength, security, and stability that a family unit provides is way more important than any JOB and I wish more people agreed with me on this...seems we've gone wayward.

    The reason I keep harping on *family* is because, in my eyes, the portrayal of Allison & Joe's connection with each other and their devotion to their three amazing daughters, was easily the most loving and intimate family depictions on television. None of the usual dysfunction, negativity disguised as humor, and all the other craziness that TV tries to encourage us to believe is normal or healthy...know what I mean?

    So, why break up a family like this? Very sad.

    3) Even though Joe is the love of Allison's life, she was way too young to spend her entire life without the love and support of another man.
    So, if she had found even one person before she died that she truly loved, would he not ALSO have met her after her death?

    I will say, the ACTING in the final episode was phenomenal and there were some truly gut-wrenching's just too bad that more consideration wasn't given to properly end this lovely story portraying a family we love so much.
  • I absolutely love 'MEDIUM' loved the interaction between all the characters, lovely to watch the kids grow up and very, very sorry the show has ended. I really enjoyed the way Joe and Allison's relationship worked. Everyone in the cast was amazing.

    Excellent, I could not think of a classier way to end the show. As a matter of fact I do believe it was just about the best ending of any show I have ever seen. Bridget you are amazing. Did not know Marie was a twin(how cute). Ariel, Devalos, Scanlon all did a great job. Everyone waving good bye was a great touch and it may be silly but I was waving back. Thank you all. To the cast - the very best in all your future endeavors. And OOOOOOOOHHH OMG Allison and Joe what a "KISS". Thank you for a consistently great show.
  • Great Episode

    I'm so sad that Medium has come to an end. It has been a wonderful series. This episode was pretty good. It was sad when Joe died in the beginning of the episode, but knowing that at the end, it wasn't a dream. It was very sad to see Allison not believing it was not a dream and begging for him not to go. But in the end she dies at an old age and she got to see and spend forever with Joe. I really loved how it showed the main cast members waving good bye. What a great ending to a series. R.I.P Medium!
  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever...

    Once upon a time, I started watching a show based solely on its rather intriguing opening credits, I promised myself I'd stop watching the minute it started to suck...7 seasons later, here I am, saying good-bye to one of the most powerful character-studies of a married couple I've ever seen on TV.

    The show that inspired Ghost Whisperer, influenced The Dead Zone, Supernatural and several others, ends it run with a glimpse of the future, a most compelling and surprisingly satisfying glimpse of the future that pays an homage to Allison's work relationship with D.A. Manny Davalos, a most touching, platonic and, at times, hopelessly romantic relationship with Det. Lee Scanlon and the ever evolving relationship with three little girls we saw grow up onscreen.

    Marie, who went from little baby to small person in front of our TV, Bridgette, perhaps the most interesting middle child who ever befriended dead people, and Ariel, the first one to manifest the same powers as her mom, as ready to face an entire world with them as other kids can do without them.

    The show wrapped its 7 seasons run in the same way it started, as the story of a marriage, a normal marriage, a supportive marriage, the marriage of a couple who always had each other's backs whether in life or the afterlife. It left on the right note, an emotional one, for no matter what the future brings for Joe and Allison they will always have forever because, in a clear day, that's exactly what a medium can see.
  • Sad - but honourable ending.

    As I watched this episode I could see the future unraveling. It was like a daydream and being awoken just as the dream seems to almost come to a conclusion wanting more with answers. I have followed this series from the beginning and enjoyed the development of the characters and thought of the possibilities. Noted that Allison has lost weight and hope it is a case she is living healthier. The last few minutes are devoted to video goodbyes and soothes the mind of a peaceful exit for a full closure. An honourable finish to an excellent series - much better than leaving the viewer lost without answers. Thank you.
  • Major letdown to a great show

    Why end on such a sad note? This was a show I always enjoyed for its well-written stories and often surprise endings. Instead, they come up with "Joe died in a plane crash" as the final mystery? Come on!

    I don't begrudge them the "it was a dream" part, since the whole show is based on her dreams and their interpretations.

    There were so many other see-into-the-future final episodes they could have used. If they wanted something original, why not have Allison's own ghost visit Allison and see where that took the writers?

    Instead of originality, they used the same story as the also dreadful 1999 final episode of Mad About You, in which two characters whom you've enjoyed as a perfect couple for years suddenly get divorced years in the future (for no good reason – perhaps during a plane trip to Hawaii), you see their grownup daughter, and (wait for it...), they get together again in the very last scene. Losing Medium and Keith Olbermann in the same hour of the same night. "Death (and conservatives) be not proud..."
  • It was good...until the last five minutes.

    Well, since only the last 5 minutes were bad, I guess I can use that to give this a decent rating?

    So it starts off with Joe dying -- whoa! It's already intense. But then they jumped 7 years into the future, which took awhile to get used to but I eventually liked it. Allison was a lawyer like she'd always wanted, and she was still good friends with Devalos and Scanlon (and Lynn), who were more successful now as well. Good stuff.

    Then the whole Joe not being dead came up and it was kinda crazy, but a much nicer ending than Joe being dead. Oh and Allison doing her crazy rants in Devalos' office -- Classic Allison! It does suck that Allison threw away her whole career for it, but it was still a nice ending...

    But it wasn't the ending! She woke up and Joe was dead again. Whatever. I mean, at least he explained that he had made her dream that so she'd understand her life could be good, then she took over the dream (kinda cool)...but it still sucked.

    Umm and then the super-jump in time? Just so we can see Allison die (while listening to the cutest message ever) then hug Joe? Yay they're together again, whatever. They're dead. I mean hey, that is a way to end the story for good though, right? Except for now we know Allison and her children lived the rest of their lives without Joe. Yeah...dumb.

    Oh but wait that's not the ending either, let's show some lame character/actor montage. Great last impression, show. Oh well, take care Medium!
  • Amazing ending for a good show. Medium went out with a well thought-out and very moving show. True to its seven year run, the final episode kept family relationships true to life.

    Life can be messy and painful, at times, but we go on living and loving Me Without You brought that home beautifully. It was an elegant way to end the series. So much better than the years of cliffhangers TV viewers have had to endure when a show is canceled.

    As is typical of most Medium episodes the audience isn't sure when she is dreaming something and when she isn't. But her dreams always tell her the truth in the end.

    Some of the other reviewers are unhappy because of the sadness of this episode. Yes, parts were sad but there was also a lot of hope and love. All the things that Joe said to Allison in their bedroom were a promise that she and the girls would be all right and flourish. Well done Medium! Besides, I'm a sucker for an ending a la "The Ghost And Mrs. Muir". That always gives me hope.
  • A little too much like the finale of Six Feet Under but...

    Overall I liked this episode. It had a few moments of sappiness, and the ending was a bit too much like the end of Six Feet Under (though without the awesome soundtrack). I consider myself an atheist, but I have to admit I liked the sentiment that their relationship lasts into the afterlife, which has been so much a part of their lives. Probably what I'll miss most of all is the on-screen chemistry between Joe and Alison. I sometimes forgot that they are actors playing roles. They had the easy, intimate banter between husband and wife down to a tee and it always felt authentic. That's probably what I'll miss most of all. There are few shows that leave a void for me when they go off the air, and this is one of those. We were lucky to have it while it lasted.
  • It was a gut wrenching ending for the characters you cared about, but I think it had to be that way to stay true to the show's premise about a loving family living life with one foot in the now and one foot in the hereafter.

    I'm sad to see medium go since I've watched it faithfully since the pilot. I think its had a good run and am sad to see it go even though I think its time.

    I both hated and loved how sad the ending was but it validated exactly how much I'd grown attached to it and what a good job Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber did in portraying the strong central relationship. Over the years (without *ever* missing an episode) I haven't lost interest in their family dynamic. I think this episode was an appropriate summary to its main themes: love, justice and the hereafter.

    I agree the ending was Six Feet Underish, but I'm not sure how else you would be able to appropriately end a show that has so much to do with death. I really think it would have been too cheesy to just do a "happily ever after" scenario for TV, but thank goodness the real Dubois family isn't faced with the same setback. Hurray for Hollywood only tragedies!