Season 7 Episode 13

Me Without You

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • Didn't make sense to me

    This show spent 7yrs selling us on the idea that Allison could see dead people and could see the future. There was the episode when she stopped the rape and murder of a daughter she hadn't even had yet. There was her nosy dead father in law that kept reappearing with messages about the future including to tell her that his widow needed to see a doctor. We were also sold on the idea that all 3 of her daughters had inherited the ability and that her brother had it as well even though he tried his best to ignore it. And yet no one, not Allison, not one of the 3 daughters, not the ghost of her father in law, or the brother got an early message that said "Hey Joe, don't get on that plane." REALLY? A show with that many people that could see the future in it and no one saw that coming. Come on. What a cheap trick. Not to mention ripping off a classic movie ending to try and make it all better in the end.
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