Season 2 Episode 11

Method to his Madness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2006 on CBS
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Allison can't get a psychotic murderer out of her head which makes Joe worry about his daughters' well-being.

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  • A bit too graphic and a bad ending...

    There were moments during this episode when I wondered if I had accidentally slipped in an episode of “Millennium”. Not that such a thing would have been terrible, since I enjoy that show immensely, but it’s not what I’m looking for when watching “Medium”. That said, I have to give credit where credit is due. This scenario fits within the logic of the series, even if it does so in a more graphic manner than usual.

    At the same time, I’m on the fence as to whether or not I feel that the idea was handled as deftly as I have come to expect. Sure, there were the usual “common sense” moments where Joe tried to get Allison to see what the real-world effect of her reaction to the dreams might be, and when Allison slipped into the persona of the killer, it was chilling.

    My main issue with this episode was not the graphic slashing or bloodletting, however. It was the disappointing final act. It was one thing for Allison to take several scenes to catch up with what the audience could figure out in relatively short order once the “ME” clue was dropped (my wife actually called it before I did, and she wasn’t paying much attention). It’s another for her to confront this possible deranged killer on her own, without any hope of backup, and expect things to go well.

    But all of that would have been forgiven if the Medical Examiner would have at least threatened Allison and taught her a lesson. The lesson being: Allison is not a cop and she shouldn’t act like one. Instead, the guilty party just sits there and explains, in detail, exactly why she committed the murder. It’s a time-honored complaint, and I’m sure it’s happened on this series before, but for some reason it was a lot more annoying during this episode.

    I guess my objection is that the rest of the episode didn’t test my willing suspension of disbelief, so it annoyed me when the end was far too conventional. That’s going to happen from time to time, but it doesn’t get any less irritating. And when I don’t expect that kind of conventional cheat, it gets under my skin and takes something away from my enjoyment of the episode. Along with the graphic content, which was a little over the top, that ending made this episode less enjoyable.

  • great episode

    Allison dreams about being a psychotic murderer. She sees herself murdering someone, she leads investigators to a house where the serial killer could be living. They find a victim at the house, and someone dead at the scene who could have been the serial killer. But her dreams on the subject wouldn't stop, she starts acting out the behavior of the serial killer without her noticing it. It starts to worry Joe that he gets the kids out of the house while she's having episodes. It's a creepy episode. The writers came up with another great episode, I really liked this one.moreless
  • Losing one's identity...

    Although this episode wasn't one of my favourite episodes, there was a great deal of PA's performave which I enjoyed in this ep. The slow and gentle absorbtion of the killer was a scary and highly insightful look into the mind of a killer.

    In contrast, I was really frustrated with Joe's actions. I sometmes have trouble with how that character is presented, I understand he's meant to be an antithesis of Allison, logical, practical etc but you would think that he would offer a little more empathy towards his wife, rather than what seemed like etherial support (saying you're there, when you're not)

    I think the twist was the highlight of this episode. The confession comes quickly and unexpectedly.moreless
  • This is one viewer who is glad Medium is back! A killer in her head?

    Wow what an episode. This one screams EMMY! I was left wondering what the heck was going on. I was not sure if there was an accomplice or if the guy was really still alive. It kept me guessing till the very end.

    The acting, writing, directing, and everything else were great. The honest fear in Joe’s eyes made the situation just that more believable. It is really fascinating to watch the relationships grow and how Allison’s “gift” is advancing.

    Overall a great episode! What a way to come back from hiatus!

  • Allison has a killer in her mind.

    I thought that this was an exciting episode. I am anticipating seeing the show next Monday. I think that the writers are on the path to something that could cause a HUGE hit for the 2006 year. It is starting off great for me! Particia Arquette plays her roles as I think that only she could. Her character is believable and that is something that we hardly find in this day and age. Something that could possibly be real and that people can relate to. I LOVE THIS SHOW!moreless
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