Season 7 Episode 7

Native Tongue

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

A man with a dark complexion drives up to a trailer home. He goes inside and immediately slips in a puddle of what turns out to be motor oil. A man in a fireproof suit brandishing a torch demands the fallen man tell him where "it" is or he'll set him on fire. Threatened, the man claims his partner has "it." The man in the silver fireproof suit torches the man in the puddle and blows up the trailer anyway. The sound of the explosion wakes Allison up, who suddenly can't understand a word her husband Joe is saying.

Once again, Joe accompanies Allison to the hospital to get her latest bizarre problem checked out. A Dr. Natalie Salem examines her and tells Joe that, physically, Allison is fine. She can still read and speak English, just not understand it when it is spoken. While the doctor explains this to Joe in a flirtatious manner, Joe is already looking worn out from the thought of having to communicate with Allison via notepads and charades.

Later, Joe comes home to find Allison gone and a headline in the morning paper that features a story about a man who accidentally dies in a trailer fire.

Allison brings her suspicions about the man's death to Devalo and returns home to an angry Joe. He complains that he can't constantly accommodate whatever inconveniences her gifts cause and he isn't sure he can continue with the way things have been going. Allison gets that he's angry, though she doesn't know exactly what Joe is saying. Ahe promises to fix whatever problem he is having.

The next day at work, Allison's boss confirms the man in the trailer was murdered. Later, Allison overhears and understands a woman on her cell phone. It turns out the woman is speaking Dine, the language of the Navajo tribe, even though it sounds like English to Allsion. The woman is a linguistics professor named Jane Livingston. Jane thinks that Allison is suffering from xenoglossia, which is the ability to understand a language you've never heard before. Jane offers to help Allison.

The next morning, Allison joins Jane on an outing to another murder scene -- the partner of the immolated man, apparently. That night, Davalos calls to tell Allison the two murdered men were part of a bank robbery. It's bedtime and Joe seems less angry. Allison reassures him the difficulties are almost over, but Allison dreams that someone tries to murder Jane. Other details regarding the identity and motives of the killers are revealed. When Allison checks on Jane in the morning, she's gone.

That night, Allison gets angry with Joe for not being concerned about Jane's well-being. Joe communicates to her, in a series of very sweet texts, that he sometimes has a hard time dealing with the "gifts" that everyone in his family possesses but him. And then he strips down to join Allison in a bubble bath.

That night Jane dreams that the killer has a partner, who turns out to be Jane. This epiphany wakes Allison up, and she can understand English again.

Then Jane calls Allison from a tropical paradise to thank Allison for all the messages warning that someone is going to try and kill her. Jane explains she decided to off her boyfriend before he could do the same thing to her. Allison is angry, but later she dreams that a man in the crowded marketplace where Jane made the call from overhears how much loot Jane has and kills her for the money.