Season 7 Episode 11

Only Half Lucky

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Allison's brother Michael is at his wit's end, and is about to end it all by throwing himself off an overpass, but before he does, someone talks him out of it. Michael agrees to the stranger's proposal but loses his footing anyway and tumbles to the ground. And then Allison wakes up, scared for what's about to happen to her brother because of her dream. She calls him, and it turns out that Michael is turning his life around. He has a new job and is taking a flight out to Phoenix, so Allison invites him to dinner.

Later, Allison is called on a case of a man (Warren Cheswick) who was beaten to death with someone's bare hands. Unusual, to say the least. Lee reminds Allison that they have to focus on this case, because Devalos' opponent in the mayor's race has claimed that the DA is soft on crime. As Allison explores Warren's home, she gets a flash of a helpless young woman with a plastic bag pulled over her head, and Warren taking pictures of her as she suffocates. The woman dies, and Warren puts the camera in a hiding spot. Allison finds the camera and it seems as if that girl wasn't Warren's first victim.

Meanwhile, Devalos' campaign manager, Justine, expresses her worry about his opponent's smear campaign against him. She suggests that they use Allison's gift to dig up some dirt on the other side, but Devalos refuses. However, Bridgette has been volunteering at the campaign headquarters, and Justine thinks that she could do a lot more to help Devalos out.

Michael arrives at the DuBois home, and he explains that the man who stopped him from killing himself is a dead self-help guru named Dalton Churchill. Allison later dreams about Michael, seeing him make a deal with Churchill. Churchill helped Michael land the job by taking over his body during the interview, and if Michael allows Churchill the use of his body for a few hours every day, then Churchill will continue to help Michael lead a decent life. Michael agreed, since he had very little left to lose.

Michael explains that this is only so that Churchill could finish writing his latest book. Once the manuscript is done, it could be published, with all proceeds going to Churchill's widow.

Warren's murderer is a man named Jason Bumgardner. He tells the team that Warren killed his sister and he wanted revenge. He tracked Warren down thanks to a detective who worked on his sister's case. However, Lee worked on the case, but doesn't remember the detective Jason mentioned.

Later Joe finds Bridgette looking at information on Dalton (Devalos' opponent) and she tells her father about what Justine told her to do because Devalos wouldn't let Allison do it. Devalos finds out what Justine did and he's furious at her. However, Justine points out that his squeaky clean campaign isn't getting great results either.

Allison dreams about Bumgardner's meeting with the detective, who turns out to be Churchill controlling Michael's body. When Michael is confronted with this, he sees nothing wrong with bringing divine retribution from beyond. However, Allison is worried and wants Michael to break off his agreement, but Michael refuses.

Devalos talks to Bridgette and apologizes on Justine's behalf about wanting to dig up some dirt on Dalton. Bridgette says that she did figure out something about Dalton, but Devalos refuses to hear any details. Bridgette then points out that there's someone else Devalos should be worried about, someone closer.

Allison's next dream involving Michael shows him, with Churchill in control, talking to a recovering alcoholic. Churchill tempts the man with some whiskey, which the man initially refuses. The temptation is too great, however, and the man drinks and later leaves. Churchill then dials 911 to report a possible DUI. Lee tells Allison that the man was arrested for DUI and he lamented that fact because a DUI would mean he'd lose his spot on a heart transplant list. Interestingly enough, Bumgardner was also on a heart transplant list, but now that he's in jail, his spot is also forfeit.

Allison tells Michael about what Churchill's been doing in his body and Michael had already grown suspicious of Churchill's true motives, especially since his widow is also on the transplant list. It's obvious that Churchill is trying to get rid of all the people on the list so that his widow would become first.

Michael struggles to keep himself awake with caffeine pills and coffee, because the moment he falls asleep, Churchill will be able to take over. Churchill speaks to Allison, who isn't swayed to help. She later has a dream where Churchill offers a cigarette to an old woman at a bus stop, which would ruin her chances of getting a transplant. However, this incident hasn't happened yet, so there's still time to stop Churchill.

Devalos speaks to Justine, and he reveals what Bridgette uncovered. Justine had previously worked for Dalton as his campaign manager, and she bribed a polling station manager to destroy opposing ballots so that Dalton would win. Devalos fires her, and reminds her that if there is more smearing from Dalton's side, he will launch a formal investigation into those missing ballots.

Later Allison finds Churchill and mentions that if he continues to use Michael's body, then he'll re-enlist in the military, which would mean Churchill would have a lot less freedom to do what he wants. Churchill agrees to leave Michael alone.