Season 7 Episode 11

Only Half Lucky

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • Alison's bother is possessed by a ghost

    Alison's bother is possessed by a ghost who is determined to knock off everyone ahead of his wife on the transplant list.
  • Allison's brother, Michael, is on the verge of suicide until he is helped by a ghost and Bridgette helps out with the D.A.'s campaign for Mayor of Phoenix.

    The opening sequence shows us Allison's brother, Michael, (played by Patricia Arquette's brother, David) about to commit suicide. A ghost talks him out of it and assures him that he can be a success. Allison wakes from a dream and immediately calls her brother who, it seems, has a high-powered job as a pharmaceutical drugs salesman and is about to fly to Phoenix on business.

    Joe was less than impressed when Allison told him that Michael appeared to have turned his life around and, in fact, made some pretty nasty comments which Allison didn't try all that hard to dispel. I found this annoying because Joe, especially lately, has had quite a self-righteous attitude about a lot of things and was very cautic and sarcastic.

    When Michael arrives, Allison is overjoyed to see him doing so well. Although I have no problem at all with David Arquette, his portrayal of the character was very different from that of the actor who has previously played the role. Even when Michael was about to jump to his death, David didn't give me the impression that he was 'down and out' enough to supposedly be feeling so rotten that he wanted to take his life. The previous actor always seemed more than capable of showing how desperate and displaced Michael was.

    We soon learn that the ghost, whom we find helped Michael secure his new job, wants some payback. He wants to 'borrow' Michael's body upon occasion so that he can finish writing a book which he didn't have time to complete before his own death. Michael is more than happy to oblige but when Allison has dreams which indicate the ghost is using Michael's body to travel around and manipulate others into performing illegal acts, she feels she may have been mistaken when Michael produces typed pages of manuscript.

    The pieces soon begin to fall into place though when it is realised that the two people the ghost has visited, one who killed the man who murdered his sister and one who took a drink even after being on the wagon for a year, are both on the list waiting for a heart transplant. Their felonies will now push them further down the waiting list and, as it turns out, the widow of the ghost, who needs a transplant herself, will be moved up.

    Meanwhile, over at the D.A.'s office, his rival is running a negative campaign against Devalos in the race for Mayor but, in spite of pleading from his campaign manager, Manny refuses to stoop to the same level, even though he is way behind in the polls. The campaign is getting a helping hand from Bridgette and the campaign manager, without Manny's knowledge, asks Bridgette to see if she can see or dream up some dirt that can be used against the opponent. When Manny finds out, he is very unimpressed and tells Bridgette she need not worry about such things but when it turns out that she has something extremely important to tell him about a former election, he is able to turn things his way.

    As the episode ends, Michael and Allison find a way to make the ghost leave Michael alone and he moves along on his way to get on with his life and his new job.

    Once again, I was sorry that we didn't see Ariel and I hope that with only two episodes to go, she may be back for at least one of them. I also found the episode irksome in that it didn't follow on in any logical way from the end of the previous one when Joe's mother delivered her warning to Allison just after her death. It seemed more like a vehicle for David Arquette to be a guest star than the second last episode of a series which has been on for seven seasons. Ah well, at least Michael's storyline was wrapped up on a positive note. I'm really looking forward to the next one! I hope the last two are really excellent and that 'Medium' ends on a very high note.
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