Season 4 Episode 12

Partners in Crime

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When Joe presents his new solar power-based invention to an investment firm, he piques the interest of venture capitalist Meghan Doyle. Meanwhile, FBI profiler agent Edward Cooper claims his return to Phoenix is to track down another serial killer, but Allison's dreams tell her otherwise.

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  • The serial killer gets a leg up on Special Agent Cooper, but ...

    The serial killer gets a leg up on Special Agent Cooper, but Cooper turns the tables on him from the afterlife.

    Ingenious twist on the use of ESP in this cat and mouse game between the police and the killer.
  • great episode

    agent cooper returns to hunt down a very dangerous serial killer. allison dreams about it, but her dreams mislead her to what's about to happen. As it turns out, agent cooper becomes a victim of the serial killer and he hunts down the wanted man from beyond the grave. it's a really exciting episode, the writers came up with a cool idea of making agent cooper a spirit. it plays out really well. it was very suspenseful. a lot of good stuff happens within the episode, i really enjoyed this episode. i can't wait for the next one. it's a really cool episode.moreless
  • FBI Agent Cooper returns to Phoenix while Joe searches for and finds funding for his invention.

    Agent Cooper returns to to Phoenix to help solve the murders of two young girls who are found dead with silver wedding bands on their hands. He relates a third case to the previous two cases and turns out to be correct. Allison warns him that she has dreamed that he will kill the murderer. He tells her that he needs her help and Allison finds herself in an uneasy alliance with both Cooper and Van Dyke.

    Meanwhile, Joe finds funding from a private investor, Meghan Doyle, who wants the control of the project in order to fund it, posing a dilemma for Joe.

    An expertly written show!moreless
Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston

Meghan Doyle

Guest Star

Kurtwood Smith

Kurtwood Smith

F.B.I. Agent Edward Cooper

Guest Star

Greg Thirloway

Greg Thirloway


Guest Star

John Prosky

John Prosky

D.A. Tom Van Dyke

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: In Allison's dream with the car accident, when the driver of the car that was hit got out to check the other driver (Julian Pierce) we can see that Julian Pierce's car's front is ruined because of the accident. Meanwhile the car with the couple inside was almost undamaged.

    • In many episodes Allison wakes up during the night to call someone or she has a call coming in. Why do they still have the phone on Joe's side of the bed and not on Allison's side? Does he really need to wake up during the night with her, every single time, to give her the phone?

    • Goof: When a casket is exhumed it isn't opened right at the grave but instead taken to a coroner's office, because a coroner must be present when the casket is opened. In the episode however, Agent Cooper opened the casket right at the grave, without a coroner being present.

    • Goof: When Agent Cooper is digging up the grave of the prostitute, one can clearly see a big pile of dirt by the hole. Yet the casket is quite clean - there's barely any dirt found on it. A casket sitting in the ground for that long would have had much more dirt caked on it.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Allison: You're a killer. And before long you're going to wind up in the same terrible place he is. I would never help you!
      Edward Cooper: (in an ominous tone) Guess we won't know until we know ... will we?

    • Allison: He swore to me that he wouldn't harm the man who killed these women.
      Joe: You at least got a pinky swear to that fact right? Because without one he is really under no legal obligation to stop killing.

    • Allison: Bridgette, honey, you're supposed to just wait for your teeth to fall out on their own. You're not supposed to use your fingers to loosen them.
      Bridgette: I dunno, Mom, I've been hearing about how ... bad the economy is, and here I am sittin' on 26 bucks that could make a difference.

  • NOTES (5)