Season 1 Episode 15

Penny for Your Thoughts

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 09, 2005 on CBS

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  • A terrific episode! Creepy and compelling in equal measure.

    An eerily effective episode that builds to a fantastic climax, 'Penny For Your Thoughts' actually starts off rather slow, gruesome opening teaser aside, but soon sets a chilling tone as it demonstrates that you don't need gratuitous scenes of violence to depict a heinous crime. |

    Mark Sheppard is used sparingly here, but his character emits a creep-factor that would give Hannibal a run for his money. Admittedly, there are definite shades of Silence of the Lambs here, albeit supernatural ones, and both Patricia and Robert Joy offer up stellar performances during those interrogation scenes.


    The mythology continues to grow, and I got a great kick out of an evil soul targeting Allison, concluding that she's a psychic and detailing why Psychic's aren't just useful for seeing the dead, but are also more susceptible to possession. Dr. Walker's monologue about eviscerating young women is extremely difficult to listen to, especially since, and there's no offence intended, Robert looks incredibly off-putting. |||

    The subplot involving Ariel's math teacher felt a little tacked on; it didn't really contribute to anything, only highlighting Joe's handicap when it comes to parenting, since he can't connect to people the same way his wife can. I'd imagine he feels isolated, but it's not dealt with sufficiently enough to give much thought to.


    The ending is superb. SUPERB! I did not see the Elisha possession come at all, and the young actress playing the part was absolutely fantastic â€" Medium has a nack for locating exceptional child actors. Allison shows Walker she's a force to be messed with and the very fact he threatens he has more potential victims in mind means we'll more than likely see him again in the foreseeable future (one hopes!).

    Overall, it's one of the more difficult episodes from Medium. Its subject matter dark, with very little in the way of comic reprieve that we've come to expect. The bad guy even gets away!
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