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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2005 on CBS
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Allison keeps having "dreams" that her husband Joe is determined to disprove. In a drastic measure he submits her "dreams" to different law enforcement agencies. Much to his surprise he gets a hit on a case out of Texas, involving the murder of a teenage boy.

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  • Fun to watch

    A truly enjoyable episode. Arliss Howard is a blast as Capt. Push attempting to wrap his head around Allison's abilities or claims there of. This does a good job of laying the groundwork of an enjoyable series.
  • A great start to this series

    I thought this was a great beginning to the series. It gives a good introduction to the characters, and we get to see how Allison gets her premonitions. I also liked the fact that the episode had Allison focusing on various crimes scene cases, like the 7 shootings, rather than just the main case with the 17 year old boy. The episode also had nice twists and turns, and I really thought that there was no hope when the hurricane washed away the crime scene. And lastly I also enjoyed the character of Kenneth Push, and hope he shows up again in later episodes.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode.moreless
  • A great beginning to a fantastic series

    Based on a real life medium Allison Dubois, the first episode is about Allison, a wife and mother of three coming to terms with her visions and intuitions. She is a law student working at the District attorneys office where she starts to see and sense things relating to a murder case. With many people disbelieving her claims, Allison has to fight to prove herself and in so doing solve the case.

    A great beginning to a fantastic series. Medium is well written, well acted and has a real life quality to it despite the supernatural elements which not many shows can pull off successfully. Highly recommended.moreless
  • a woman has dream of violent acts and other crime related visions.

    I enjoyed this episode. I mean how Joe is sooo supportive and how Allison gets with the rangers. Perfection. I have seen so many episodes but never te first season its nice to see how the characters come together. I always wondered where the captain came in or why Allison dropped out of law school but i now know. I have to say that i do agree that its a good idea that Allison did stop because her job already has a heavy emotional baggage image if she was a lawyer...i bet it would drive her crazy. It is fun to see how supportive the whole family is. Not to mention how SMALL the girls are.moreless
  • A nice mesh of humour, drama and the right kind of cheese, make this a satisfying pilot.

    This is a great little pilot. It managed to get across all of the essential tidbits that make a show successful, while adding a healthy dose of normalcy to an otherwise supernatural show. I loved that Joe backed Allison up and that we didn't have to go through countless episodes of Allison having to prove to her husband she's not bonkers. The production values are solid and the acting overall is impressive. The script allows for some very real moments, even in the midst of all of this psychic nonsense. Sure, it would seem that Allison has too many powers at this stage in game, but it still works, even if we may encounter problems later on in this series regarding her limitations. Overall, it's a confident pilot with accessible and identifiable leads, a healthy dose of the undead, and humor to boot.moreless
Arliss Howard

Arliss Howard

Capt. Kenneth Push

Guest Star

April Grace

April Grace

Balinda Alexander

Guest Star

Matt Barr

Matt Barr

17-year-old boy

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: During the scene where Allison is driving Balinda to the psychic's house, the door on Balinda's side begins unlocked when viewing the car from the front, then is locked during the first two cuts inside the car. It is unlocked again afterwards.

    • The Texas Rangers had a search warrant to go through the rapist's house, but didn't have one to dig in the yard. Why did they bring shovels then?

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Allison: Suffice it to say I'm apparently either a little psychic or a little psycho.
      Devalos: Oh.

    • Captain Push: Well, how'd you find out about that kiss?
      Allison: I made it up.
      Captain Push: Excuse me, lady?
      Allison: Oh, put your bug eyes back in your head. I said, I made it up. I took a shot. I figured he'd either be so offended, he'd talk, or he'd be so embarrassed, he'd talk. So either way…
      Captain Push: This is not good for my heart.

    • Allison: (to the 17-year-old) You're so pretty. You look like an ad for milk or toothpaste. But when I listen to your soul, all I hear are the sounds of small animals being tortured and children crying.

    • Allison: I am too sensitive to practice law, but I can't do any good with all my effin' sensitivity 'cause I'm not sensitive enough to know that it's gonna freaking rain!
      Joe: Allison…
      Allison: Shut up and drive.

    • Captain Push: (to Allison about his heart operation) The doctor cracked me open like a walnut. He told me if I didn't calm my life down, the next time I complained of chest pains, he wouldn't bother with a needle, thread, or latex gloves. He'd just walk me over to the autopsy room and have me pick out which drawer I wanted to be kept in.

    • Allison: (on the phone) I gotta go. It's Captain Happy at the door.
      Joe: At this hour? At your hotel room? Is there something you want to tell me? Something I need to know?
      Allison: Yes, I am leaving you for the angriest, ugliest man on the planet. Now go to bed. I love you. (hangs up)

    • Captain Push: Let me give you somethin' to think about. If I embrace this nonsensical hunch of yours and waste valuable public resources by havin' my 30-odd men here use the better part of an afternoon diggin' up this yard and we don't find the body, then I figure that makes you an accessory after the fact. Aiding and abetting a child molester by providing us with false leads. And I figure that's good for three years hard time. Now, you ponder that for a second and then you tell me one more time where you think this body is.
      Allison: You're standing on it.

    • Allison: All I know is, the body is here now.
      Captain Push: You know that, huh?
      Allison: Yeah.
      Captain Push: And how do you know? You just get, what? A feelin'? Like an itch or somethin'? Or maybe you seen a secret unrecovered body map somewhere that we missed. Or, hell, maybe you're online with the folks at www.i' I'm talking to you!
      Allison: No. You're yelling at me. And trying to intimidate me. And attempting to ridicule me. And you really ought to calm down. We both know that your heart can't take this kind of agitation.

    • Captain Push: You sure this is where you meant? Looks to me like The Partridge Family lives here.
      Allison: Oh, I'm sure. And I'm sure you're sure. And besides, I always thought those Partridges were a little strange. Didn't you sense a little something between David Cassidy and Susan Dey even if they were brother and sister?

    • Allison: (to Captain Push) Something happened here, all right. But I don't think it was any crime. At least not where I come from.

    • Joe: If you're really getting messages from the great beyond, (sighs) well, somebody's gonna get back to you. But if, as I suspect, these dreams, these voices, even the dead people in our bedroom, have more to do with the stress associated to being a mother of three while trying to get into law school and work an internship at the D.A.'s, well, then let's stick to the plan. You should go to law school. You should study hard. You should become a heartless, scum-sucking attorney and buy your husband expensive foreign cars. Just seems like the right thing to do.
      Allison: I love the way you put me first.

    • Joe: What's the matter? Are you okay?
      Allison: Yeah. No. It was just a dream, I guess.
      Joe: Was I in it? Were we naked? Answer the second question first.

    • Allison: Look, I know you're trying to make me feel better. But I gotta tell you ... Yesterday, when I thought, "I know where this body is. I can help them hold this guy. I can help them get this guy," I felt so like, this is where I belong! I don't mean in Texas, but in the field, in the line. Like, this is what I'm supposed to be doing! This is why I'm here! Finally! This is why I am the way I am. And when I woke up and found that none of it mattered, that it had all just been washed away. That God had played some cruel joke on me.
      (Allison stares at Joe)
      Joe: What?!
      Allison: You're thinking I'm the most conceited, self-involved person you've ever met.
      Joe: Whoa-whoa, hey! When did I say ...
      Allison: What kind of person thinks God himself would unleash a rainstorm just to screw with her head?
      Joe: Well that's just nuts.
      Allison: No, I'm nuts! That's what you're thinking, isn't it!
      Joe: God! I never said that!
      Allison: I didn't say you said it!
      Joe: It's not what I was thinking, either. What I was thinking is, "Go read his mind, your 17-year-old pedophile!"
      Allison: And leave me alone!
      Joe: (smiling) That may have been in there.

    • Capt. Push: What do you say we go up and look around?
      Allison: What do you say we don't. This is not the place.

    • Capt. Push: You follow me so far?
      Allison: I speak English and you do a passable job yourself, so yeah.

  • NOTES (5)