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  • A train wreck... you shouldn't watch but can't look away. Tiresome writing.

    The gruesome work life of Allison juxtaposed with her sugary sweet home life is nauseating. It's like the writers decided to make her family life extra sweet to offset all the grisly images they present as part of her work with the DA. The plot with her being a psychic is already not quite believable and neither is her family. Scenes of the sickeningly sweet bedtime stories and children demanding good night kisses then cut to Allison dreaming some horrible crime... it gets tiring. I've started going back and watching the previous seasons that I haven't seen before and I'm glad Medium is only on once a week. The teenage angst plot with Ariel leaves me crying "Enough already! I get it you spoiled brat!" And the pudgy androgynous middle child always taunting her "younger sister" gets annoying after awhile. It is as if the parents are helpless to stop the sibling rivalry. Allison is almost depicted as a deadbeat mom. Sure she feeds them in the morning and yells at them to hurry up with their breakfasts and get ready for school. But where is she when the kids need help with homework or when someone has a dream? Joe is often left to handling dream explanations to the kids, an area he's not suited for. He's always telling them it's just a dream and not to worry when Allison should be hearing about the psychic dreams her children are having. Something about it makes me keep coming back for more episodes. It's like a train wreck, I want to look away but can't.
  • Allison Dubois is a Medium and helps the DA solve crimes, while mainting a family full time.

    This show is amazing! Regardless of its ratings or if some people think the show is going down hill, they still tune in. It is a personal favorite of mine, a guilty pleasure, and I find it to be very intriguing. Even the "boring" episodes are entertaining. It's one of those shows, where you can't take your eyes away from the screen until it finishes. You need to see the outcome, who did it and why. Great characters, plots and twists! I also find it fascinating that they mixed a crime/drama show with some sci-fi. It's edgy and Patricia Arquette gets more beautiful with time.
  • I love this show!! It gives me something to look forward to on Monday nights. I don't even turn on the set until close to the time. I heard it may not be coming back? is that true?

    Love, Love< love the show. I love the family life, kids, and how they are not always fighting. Just a really nice touch for a change.

    Please keep the show running forever, I really look forward to watching it every Monday nights. This is the only reason I like Monday's. Keep up the good work and writing.

    Thank you New York I love this show!! It gives me something to look forward to on Monday nights. I don't even turn on the set until close to the time. I heard it may not be coming back? is that true?

    I love this show!! It gives me something to look forward to on Monday nights. I don't even turn on the set until close to the time. I heard it may not be coming back? is that true?
  • Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show.

    Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show. The ratings have been the lowest EVER!

    Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show. The ratings have been the lowest EVER!

    Dont let MEDIUM get cancelled due to low ratings...Pass the word along... Everyone sign this petition to let CBS know that we need to see more promotion or a time-slot change for the show. The ratings have been the lowest EVER!
  • Loved this show until I saw the "real" Allison on another show on BravoTV.

    Loved this show until I saw the "real" Allison on another show on BravoTV called The Housewives of Beverly Hills. The real Allison has no class unlike the character played in the show. She's honestly a nut, fraud and horrible person. And to top it off the producer Camille Grammer (Kelsey Grammer's wife) is a caddy, low class, jerk. I lost all respect for those involved with this show because of the behavior of Allsion and Camille on that BravoTV show and can never watch it again. Hope it goes off the air, because Camille and Allison don't deserve for it to continue!!
  • I too loved the show until I saw the real "Allison" on Bravo. Yuck! She conveyed a very unlikeable person unlike Particia Arquet (sp) who I think is wonderful.

    After seeing the real Alison on Bravo TV along with Camile Grammer, who I didn't realize was part of production, I decided that I would never watch the show again. Character is lacking for both women and anyone who can look down their nose to another human being is not to benefit from my viewer-ship. I loved the show but despise that these two women benefited from it. Take it off the air so these women will have time to rebuild some true character and dignity. No medium should ever take their gift to humiliate or scare someone. The real Allison said "I know how she is going to die and what will happen to her family" all with a smile on her face as if her knowing gave her power over an advisary. Shame on you for using your gift to hurt instead of help.
  • Fresh, Clever Charismatic, Well thought out, twisty plots. It rates with the best for imagination and creativity. I've always loved it, no matter it's namesake.

    I also watched the housewife Alison Dubois. Who cares if she is crazy. She is not the show. The whole cast of Medium-writers cast etc. have done a wonderful job. I hate cop or lawyer shows and this one's storylines has been so refreshing,always full of surprises. The cast has been wonderful in everything they portrait. People hating it because of the character's namesake should get a grip. This show is not her. Whatever happens with the show I want to thank everyone affiliated with the show itself for always being entertaining and fresh and original. You guys were great ***** 5 Stars +
  • little fact - show is based off a REAL person, her family and career. I think this is a wonderful show and I have watched every show every season.. you can get every season on dvd (netflix, blockbuster.

    little fact - show is based off a REAL person, her family and career. I think this is a wonderful show and I have watched every show every season.. you can get every season on dvd (netflix, blockbuster.) The real Allison has actually helped the police find real killers. I started watching the show about 2 years ago and they tried to end the show last year but thank goodness they were just putting it on a different channel. I don't watch much TV but I do watch this show and I think it is great. The real Allison says that the betrayal of her and her family to right on!
  • Overall great show that is imho worth my time...

    I've been watching this show for a long time now and I'm a big fan of it since the pilot. This season (6) is maybe not the best one but I enjoy it. I'm just thrilled that a woman like Alison can be a great star of a show these days. I'm sick of size 0 models everywhere. Beauty is relative and I think we can all agree that diversity is very important in mass media. I'm not expecting this season to be any more or less than the last one (I just loved the finish in season5) because I'm convinced that there will be many surprises and great momments to remember.
  • Great Show with a good cast.

    The intriguing twists an turns in this show are great. There's no constant weeping and wanting people to go into the light. This is a show which can seriously creep you out with dead serial killers coming back to haunt you and supposed upstanding dead FBI agents trying to help put killers away, but then turn around and want to kill you because you won't do their bidding, but then theirs the side where good an evil are easily separated by the heroics of Allison DuBois. Medium is a show where you can never quite be sure what your watching.
  • Medium

    I have been watching Medium since the very first show and have watched every show since that first season. I love it. It has suspense and action. I love the characters, I love the story line. It has a little of everything you're looking for. When I heard that Channel 4 cancelled it, I was so upset until I heard that CBS picked it up. NBC's loss. I think that putting it on after Ghost Whisperer couldn't have been a better choice. This year seems to have some great story lines. I hope to see this show for many more seasons.
  • Best tv show I've ever seen. Followed it since day one and wouldn't miss an episode ever. Number 1!!!!!

    Best tv show I've ever seen. Followed it since day one and wouldn't miss an episode ever.

    Number 1!!!!!

    This show is never too "gorey" like all the other crime related programs that would make many folks puke. Medium has quality actors, stellar direction and incredible stories in each one. Each episode has many heartwarming messages that relate to real life. Best of all, Medium is about family - real family. If you don't follow Medium, you're missing out big time.

    I follow several shows on each network - always have. Medium always goes far beyond my expectations each and every episode. Thanks CBS & fellow fans!

    Medium fan!!!
  • i just love medium this is one of my favorite shows and i cant live without it.i cant get enough of medium.This show better stay on because if it doesnt i am going to get a bunch of people 2 strike with me and you will be rated very poorly.I love the show

    i just love medium this is one of my favorite shows and i cant live without it. i cant get enough of medium. This show better stay on because if it doesnt i am going to write a bad review on the station that gives this show if your going to cut it off u deserve to be rated poorly and i can get alot of people to help me because im going to strike. im sick of all my favorite shows getting cut off air its annoying and not fair to the viewers and myself who love the shows. Please keep medium its the least you can do considering what you have already done to me ---took off air.I love the story line and Patricia Arquette you are the best keep doing what you do. Thank you from your favorite fan tharanee
  • Geniune family interactions and captivating mystery!

    I am so in love with this show. I am intrigued by the paranormal sensitivities. I fell in love with the family, they are so real. The way the kids misbehave and how Joe and Allison interact is the way tv was meant to be. I am addicted to this show like visiting my favorite relatives. I miss them when I don't get to see them. Please write more episodes for the fall season. 22 is not enough and I can speak for all my friends when I say we are sick of the breaks in the episodes. Every friday night would be nice. I would like to see more from the girl's abilities and please change Allisons hair back lol. Seriously though, im 26 years old I don't have children however I do remember a time when television was like this show. Good, REAL ACTING, with a mother that doesn't look like she's trying to be younger than her daughter and a husband that is loyal, supportive, intelligent, and emotionally connected to his wife. This show is so much more than about a woman who dreams about things before they happen.
  • Week after week, I find myself excited to see the latest episode. Tonight I was rewarded by one episode that I missed during the latest 2009/2010 season: "How to Beat a Bad Guy". WOW!

    This was a WOW! I always enjoy the episodes of Medium. But tonight, watching a rerun of one show I happened to have missed during this 09/10 season, I had to find a way to express my feelings on the writing, the directing, the acting. The ingenuity of each case week to week is impressive. In this episode, I was very much involved --- you grabbed my attention from the very beginning. I appreciate Patricia Arquette's acting so much. I am always hooked whenever Scanlon is working with her character. Tonight, I was hooked into Scanlon and this was one suberb entertainment offering! Thank you.
  • CBS thank you for picking up medium!

    Ghost Whisper has died and isn't coming back. I Thought Ghost Whisper was the best show out right now but I was horribly wrong. Every time I'd watch CBS I'd keep hearing of this show medium and it sounded good, but I didn't want to just pick up in the middle of the season and have no idea what was going on. Also, every week my friends would tell me about this awesome show medium. Again it sounded good but I just didn't watch it. Then, Ghost Whisper ended. I was sad and mad because now I would have nothing to do on Friday nights. So, I decided to get Season One, Disc one from the library. If I didn't like it I'd just return it, no big deal. Well, from the opening season I was hooked! I'm glad NBC decided to cancel it and send it over to CBS because otherwise I wouldn't of start watching. I' glad CBs canceled Ghost Whisper because again, I wouldn't have started watching. Medium is Ghost Whisper meets That So Raven meets CSI meets Full House. Alison must deal with cases she has dreams about while dealing with family issues. And…. It gets better. Medium is based on a true story. Alison, Joe, Arial Bridgette and Marie Dubois are real people and family issues that are shown on the how are real. Cases in the show are based off of real cases but very slightly because the real Alison didn't want to bring back old memories for the families of the victims. So, Thanks again NBC for ending medium and CBS for brining it back!
  • Allison and Joe DuBois seem to be an ordinary couple with three young daughters but the reality, at least where Allison is concerned, is far different.

    Allison and Joe DuBois (played by Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber) live in Phoenix, Arizona with their three young daughters; Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) Bridgette (Maria Lark) and Marie (Miranda Carabello.)

    Joe is a pretty normal guy who works in the field of aerospace engineering while Allison, who was once studying Law, has a most unusual job working part-time for the Phoenix District Attorney, Maneul Devalos (Miguel Sandoval.) You see, Allison is a psychic who has revealing dreams, visits from the dead and visions of both the past and the future. She uses these gifts to assist D.A. Devalos and his team solve crimes. She is often assigned to work with Detective Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt) who, at least in the beginning, finds it very difficult to swallow that Allison has these so-called 'talents'.

    As time goes on, Allison proves herself invaluable to the Phoenix PD and the D.A.'s office but she still has to juggle being a wife and mother whilst coping with sleep depravation at the same time.

    The character of Allison DuBois is based on a real person who claims to have the same abilities as the television persona, in fact, she is a consultant for the series. Whether or not you believe in such things, you will find that 'Medium' is an excellent series and Patricia Arquette and Miguel Sandoval in particular deliver great performances on a regular basis.

    If you like something a little different, then this show is for you.
  • Medium.... Can you see the future?

    I started watching Medium... thought it was really cool. But it's the same stuff every week! It's a bit predictible! I don't like the characters. Neither do I like the show! It has SO much potential, I mean it's a great idea.

    But, as far as I'm concerned, this show has soo much potential! And yet, it falls FLAT!! They have good writters each week, and the actors are really good. I appluad the writting and the acting, but I just don't like the show.

    I think they named this show MEDIUM because that's exactly what it is! A medium show! Not something worth watching unles you are REALLY bored!
  • Love and worth giving a try...I promise.

    This is an outstanding show that takes a few episodes to get into. If people give it a far shot, I'm sure they would grow to like it. I only hope that CBS keeps it since I was crushed last year when NBC axed. Great show and not your normal solve-it and be done with it show. Not every case is solved and completed and that's more realistic. If you're wanting to get into the series, I recommend watching the episodes with Angelica Houston in them from last season. They are on hulu and great! If she wasn't nominated as a guest actor for that show, then I am totally surprised.
  • I would like to mention something about Medium.

    I would like to mention something about Medium.As by the end of season 4 Allison's husband got paid off 250grands as he broke off with his business partner.It was a dream amount for the family of Allison.Nothing has changed in the 5th season.. They are still worried about their mortgage, drive the same crappy cars.In the 17th or 18th episode of season 5, Allison mentions the house mortgage.Many of the people who watch Medium make fun of this blunder or ignored point.. Shes still driving the same lame car though in the 4th season they wanted a new car but couldnt afford it so wheres all the money gone?... I dont think this point will reach the show producer but still I wanted to write to you guys because I love the show...
  • One of the best shows on TV.

    This show is without a doubt one of my all time favorites. The family life makes everything seem so real. Patricia Arquette is a very talented actress and plays Allison in an unbelievably convincing way. I'm am so happy to hear CBS has picked it up. I always thought I belonged there, and next to Ghost Whisperer too! The story lines just get better each passing year. I hope season 6 is a good as the amazing bone-chilling finale we were left with in May. I am so glad that the show is begining in September this year and getting a full 22 episode like it deserves to.
  • Finally a show that tries to look at "the dark side" in an as realistic as possible way.

    I did not want to write a long thing, because deity knows I write enough for uni lately, but I just had to make this one point.

    Jake Weber is the most underrated actor of our time.

    This guy can convey everything from anger, frustration, brilliance to despair in such a convincing way that I have nightmares about it every once in a while. I am deeply in tv-love with the guy (best male actor of any current show, apart from House, Hugh Laurie wins there), and I wish he would get bigger parts. Jake Weber: I'm rooting for you! I realize that that is rather useless as I live in Norway and do not help make ratings in the US, but dammit I am a huge fan!
  • excellant show. great story line. the young actors that play the kids are really good. i just can't say enough great things about this show. and i'm not one to get on line a do this sort of thing. but when i heard it was going off air, i was so mad.

    One of my favorite show ever. I like everyone of the actors, the story lines, everything about it. please don't take it off the tv. i missed part of the end story so i will have to rent the cd when it comes out i guess. i taped it for one hour but missed the end. i love the way the husband and wife dicuss things and work things out. wonderful to see that it can be done. i know it's only a tv show but it's a good influense on people and families. need more like it. and the story line is different. i had a friend who use to have dreams and if she dreamed something 3 times i a row i usually came true. so this show is very real to me. keep it going.
  • A Phoenix Housewife with three daughters uses her psychic abilities to help the D.A. and the police solve crimes in her spare time.

    Patricia Arquette plays Allison Dubois, a Phoenix wife and mother with psychic abilities that she uses to help solve crimes in her spare time. Her husband, Joe Dubois (Jake Webber), is a scientist and engineer, so there is always that conflict between rational logic and irrational intuition. It doesn't help his case that they have three young daughters, Ariel, Bridgette, and Marie, with varying degrees of their mother's gift themselves, but he has learned not to fight it, Allison usually turns out to be right after all. He takes her constantly waking up at all hours with her revelatory dreams in reasonably good humor. The D.A. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) has also learned to trust her intuition, though her hunches often seem extremely far fetched at first.

    I like the way that their semi normal life is juxtaposed with the world of crime and the paranormal. They have normal problems, like Joe is worried that the company he works for will be sold and the project he is working on scrapped. They have all the usual problems of parents raising children, except that the daughters are like chips off the old block -- in one episode one senses that her teacher has a cancerous tumor, and in another, the youngest one has an uncanny ability to predict what stocks will rise. Her engineer husband, the D.A., and the police are all such rational thinkers; there is always that crazy dialogue between the two. Just when the domestic scene starts to get a little hum drum, there is always some exciting crime to solve and get the adrenaline pumping again. Sometimes I watch The Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt, with a similar premise -- but Medium is far superior. It seems grounded in reality and then when the paranormal stuff is brought in, you never have a problem when you suspend your disbelief. The Ghost Whisperer, on the other hand, you didn't believe in the first place. Both shows are entertaining, but Ghost Whisperer is like a cartoon. But just like in a certain coffee shop, Medium is Grande.
  • An interesting and fairly intelligently written tv show with very good acting and endearing characters. (Hurray for CBS picking it up for season six!)

    This is a great show from the standpoint of acting and interesting characters and relationships. I find though that the twisted murder of the week formula gets on my nerves sometimes - and stretches the bounds of plausibility even for a show of this nature, and particularly when there are so many not just murderers but serial killers. I contrast it with Ghost Whisperer, which, while a lesser show in so many ways, finds lots of interesting plots that don't always involve murder. Of course - Alison works for the DA's office, so that somewhat justifies the murder theme, but I still wish they could sometimes break up the murder routine with some other interesting mysteries for her to get involved in. I have to admit that it is the family relationships that in find most interestingly written and well acted and that's what keeps me tuning in. The child actors are really good expecially Bridgette who has great comedic talents. Marie is turning out to be a good little comedian too!
  • good show and I love Allison...

    It is a good show not a ground breaking one but it is nice to watch it. What I really like is the charachter are very real like neighbours next door. I mean like Allison she is a little bit overwight, not thin like all the other star of the other series but her face and eyes are very beautiful. Their house is always a mess like neutral 3 children home. Every detail is like real in my opinion.
    I like the coollness of Joe even Allison wakes him up in the middle of the night. And the funny talkings of Bridgette. I admit that some of the episodes were very boring but most of them are very good and watchable. I hope the show will continue for more seasons.
  • My favorite show ever! Creepy stories, beautiful family stories, and great acting and writing by all!

    This show is without a doubt one of the best shows on television today. Filled with brilliant writing, directing, and phenomenal acting, it easily traverses the distance between family drama and crime drama, with a touch of the supernatural thrown in to make it interesting. The crimes are often macabre and the psychic touches suitably creepy to give one chills while watching (and maybe even cause a few sleepless nights!). But the heart of this show is the personal dynamics of the relationships that Allison has with those around her, how her psychic ability affects those relationships, and how she deals with this. Her relationships with her co-workers (Devalos and Scanlon) are warm and friendly, with the two of them having developed an affinity for her over the years, and having come to rely on her gift to help them solve often heinous crimes. They have become very protective of her and her gift since their friendship began. But it is her relationships with her family, husband Joe and daughters Ariel, Bridget and Marie, that are the heart of the show, and what make it compelling to watch. Joe is a loving, supportive husband who has come to accept his wife's gift as part of who she is, and no matter how it disrupts his sleep at night, he is always there for her. He is often the voice of reason that keeps Allison grounded when her dreams send her into a tailspin, as they are wont to do. And despite all of this, their relationship remains strong and connected, and they share a deep, unbreakable bond that makes their relationship one of the most beautiful on television, and helps them to survive whatever life throws at them. Their daughters have all inherited Allison's gift, which sometimes creates tension in the household, particularly with teenage daughter Ariel, whose struggles with growing pains, coupled with the weight of this ability, causes some beautiful moments between mother and daughter as Allison helps her to learn how to cope with this, as well as some teen angst as she rebels against her parents' rule. Middle daughter Bridget and youngest daughter Marie are both precociously adorable. All of the girls are perfectly written and played, and all of the dynamics of the family are so real to life that this family could be any family living on your street, save for the fact that the mother sees dead people!! The actors are all amazing, particularly (well-deserved) Emmy winner Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois, and Jake Weber as husband Joe. Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, and Miranda and Madison Carabello are all perfect as the Dubois daughters, and David Cubitt and Miguel Sandoval are equally wonderful as Scanlon and Devalos. Great show!! MUST SEE!!
  • Usually I don't like this paranormal stuff in crime stories. But this show deals with it brilliantly!

    Once I got Medium on DVD and I had never seen the show before that night. I thought I'd watch a couple of episodes and then go to bed. Eventually I went to sleep only in the morning. I couldn't stop till I watched the whole season! And since then I'm a real fan.
    I've loved Patricia Arquette for a long time. But now she's not that crazy chick from True Romance or the femme fatale from Lost Highway. She's a lady named Allison, a caring mother and wife who has some special... abilities. Those abilities help her (and the police) in solving crimes and catching criminals.
    It's the 5th season and the show is still marvelous. The plot is so carefully written that even though I can hardly stand those superpower tricks in crime-shows I can't say a bad word about Medium!
    And by the way... opening credits are fabulous!
  • Joe must be the best husband ever. Great episode but the endind was not as fullfilling as usual.

    This episode of Medium was great. I totally love how nothing shakes Joe anymore. He takes everything in stride. Wife building a problem lets just load the manure up and take it back to the store.
    I must admit that Bridgette is still my favorit character. This week she took lots of advantage of her parent's distraction. She outsourced her chores to Marie, "Come on everyone does it..." and then proceeded to use half a bottle of syrup on two pancakes.
    The end result of the show was not what I was used to. It was not as fullfilling as I would have liked. I think the man who built the original bomb should have gone to jail but maybe his guilt was worse in the long run.
  • great show.

    Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette) is a strong-willed mother of three, a devoted wife and law student who starts to believe that she can talk to dead people, see the future in her dreams, and read people's thoughts. Fearing for her mental health, she turns for support to her husband Joe (Jake Weber), an aerospace engineer, who slowly comes to believe that what his wife is telling him just might be true, upon discovering that some of her dreams match the details of a murder in Texas.

    The real challenge is initially convincing her boss, D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) - and subsequently the other doubters in the criminal justice system - that her psychic abilities can give them the upper hand when it comes to solving violent and horrifying crimes, whose mysteries often reside with those who lie beyond the grave. Information on certain people or crimes come to her in dreams or visions in cryptic forms, and often do not mean what they seem to.

    All of her daughters appear to have inherited Allison's gift, with Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) and Bridgette (Maria Lark) also having visions or dreams, which usually occur when their mother is in a bind in searching for answers to her own dreams. In Season 3, Allison's youngest daughter, Marie (Madison and Miranda Carabello), is also shown to have a paranormal inclination. Currently, she has only been shown to watch a premium TV channel that the family does not subscribe to, as well as reading the mind of her optometrist in order to pass her sight test. Bridgette never appears to be bothered by her abilities, while Ariel usually has a harder time trying to cope with a gift she knows very little about.

    Allison's younger half brother, Michael "Lucky", has the family gift too, but doesn't like to acknowledge it much, since it always seems to bring him trouble.

    Allison is often accompanied by Det. Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt), who initially did not believe in her "gift". Allison often bends the rules of the law when she is determined to stop a crime from happening about which she's had a vision. Additionally, Allison has helped and been helped by Captain Kenneth Push of the Texas Rangers (Arliss Howard), who is the first law-enforcement person to whom Allison revealed her gift, and Cynthia Keener (Anjelica Huston) of AmeriTips.
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