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  • great show.

    Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette) is a strong-willed mother of three, a devoted wife and law student who starts to believe that she can talk to dead people, see the future in her dreams, and read people's thoughts. Fearing for her mental health, she turns for support to her husband Joe (Jake Weber), an aerospace engineer, who slowly comes to believe that what his wife is telling him just might be true, upon discovering that some of her dreams match the details of a murder in Texas.

    The real challenge is initially convincing her boss, D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) - and subsequently the other doubters in the criminal justice system - that her psychic abilities can give them the upper hand when it comes to solving violent and horrifying crimes, whose mysteries often reside with those who lie beyond the grave. Information on certain people or crimes come to her in dreams or visions in cryptic forms, and often do not mean what they seem to.

    All of her daughters appear to have inherited Allison's gift, with Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) and Bridgette (Maria Lark) also having visions or dreams, which usually occur when their mother is in a bind in searching for answers to her own dreams. In Season 3, Allison's youngest daughter, Marie (Madison and Miranda Carabello), is also shown to have a paranormal inclination. Currently, she has only been shown to watch a premium TV channel that the family does not subscribe to, as well as reading the mind of her optometrist in order to pass her sight test. Bridgette never appears to be bothered by her abilities, while Ariel usually has a harder time trying to cope with a gift she knows very little about.

    Allison's younger half brother, Michael "Lucky", has the family gift too, but doesn't like to acknowledge it much, since it always seems to bring him trouble.

    Allison is often accompanied by Det. Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt), who initially did not believe in her "gift". Allison often bends the rules of the law when she is determined to stop a crime from happening about which she's had a vision. Additionally, Allison has helped and been helped by Captain Kenneth Push of the Texas Rangers (Arliss Howard), who is the first law-enforcement person to whom Allison revealed her gift, and Cynthia Keener (Anjelica Huston) of AmeriTips.
  • Great Series!

    This show is great! It's one of my fav series. My SIL kept talking about this series and I'm glad that I started watching the show. I hope it has several more seasons. I hope that they are able to keep the series going strong. I hope the writers can figure out a way to have Kurtwood Smith come back as a reoccuring role. He is a very talented actor and I loved the episodes he starred in.
    I was excited to see that Lifetime started airing reruns of the episodes. Netflix has the seasons available to rent as well.

    I love this show. The characters are believable and the story lines are always interesting. The kids are great and they are what makes it seem more believable considering the subjects of the show. I did not like the change from the DA's office but I am getting use to it. I will continue watching as long as they keep it on the air. I do not personally believe any of this is possible and I guess that is why I like it. It is pure entertianment to me. If people look at this way how could it not be a favorite. I just have trouble knowing when it is on. I always find just by accident. Please, keep it on a regular schedule.
  • Nice!

    I love the basic story line to this show, it has got a wierd twist to it and for me wierd is always good when it comes to television. The acting particularly by brigette is to my taste and patricia arquette herself is unorthodox which gives it the tinge I need. I also tend to think it is well written because unlike many shows that tend to be predictable, it's full of surprises for me and issues are delt with appropriately and new ones brought up. Overall, whenever I get it on telly, it's got my undivided attention and captures my imagination.
  • The episode was awesome. i hated the Meghan chic playing on joe's niceness.

    So glad the rich block offered Joe the job i hope he makes a success of it, he totally deserves it, i would have loved for Allison to deal with Meghan, and bridge at the end with marie qutting the family, that had me in stitches i hope season 5 see the show developing lil marie's Medium strengths, i think she will be huge. i too cant believe the Van dyke got me to cry towards the end after causing allison so much grief, it was breaking. But am so glad the DA is back to his old job. i cant wait for the next season.
  • In Season 4 Medium has outdone itself once again and proved there are things beyond this world whether we choose to ignore them or not.

    Medium ventures outside conventional ways of looking at things. This is A-grade acting and writing at its best.

    I find Medium is sometimes biased towards certain viewpoints, which annoys me somewhat, for example - the disturbed boy who she could have stopped from shooting himself but if she had stopped him he would have grown up to become a murderer. So she concludes he was "better off dead". I find this side of the series harsh. However one thing I will never accuse Medium of is being unoriginal, not clever, and not full of twists and dynamic characters. There is a lot of depth to this series that takes some time to understand - it's the kind of show you need to stick with for at least half a season or more before judging.
  • After C.S.I.

    It is a great show! Different from all the others on air in this moment,with more "paranormal" situations and a lot less science.
    Alison and Jo DuBois are a married couple with 3 kids.
    A quite normal family with normal problems and life but...strange dreams.
    Allison (and the kids) dreams are full of dead people who need her help to have justice.She works with Lee Scallon. a detective, and Manuel Devalos the General Attorney of Phoenix.
    The stories are well developed, the cast is good, and Patricia Arquette is great in her role.I also like David Cubitt who plays Det Scallon also if his caracter is a bit sceptical.
    Is a show that deserve to be seen bacause is different from the others.
  • First season a bit slow but......

    I have purchsed the first season of the show, and I am still debating if I will purchase other. I find the first season very slow. I am a freak of crim shows with cops FBI, CSI and other genres. This one, I don't know some episodes were very good but other where close to boring. I like the storieline but I hope it will get better because there is potentiel, there. I was watching the rating of all season and it seems to be getting better year after year, so I may be giving it another chance for season two.
  • An interesting premise with glaring flaws.

    Alison is no stranger to murder by this point, 4th season, so why is she so clueless all the time, more I cannot say without spoilers. Also her fellow 'crime fighters' have experienced years of her dreams and finally getting it right so why do they still doubt her? eg DA Devalos used her services in X number of cases and her success rate was (X-Y)/X where Y
  • The show is great and I enjoy it with my family. I hate to think of great shows leaving. I hope it does not.

    The show is great. Patricia is so great in the show. Believable and caring she really pulls the whole balancing life off. I love her hair and her eyes she is the best. I think the girls are jsut so real it is also brough all together bya husband Joe is so cute and patient. Please never stop on this show. I have had flashes like dejavu and it comes to life much later but I think the gift is wonderful and I admire it. I think maybe getting Allison back to working steady somehow and maybe have her travel mini cases now and then.
  • Good show, really good....

    I really enjoy watching this show. It is certainly one of my favourite shows. I love every episode, none is boring, all of them have high volume of energy, mystery, family love... Allison, that is Patricia, is as always great, and she really fits this show. I couldn't imagine anyone else, the show just wouldn't be the same. One of the best parts is that it's based on a true life story, and that's something we do not see every day. This gives to this show a taste of excitement, cos you simply have to ask yourself: " What? This really happened?" It's making you think not just about great acting, or what will next happened, it is making you think about life. You think about this world, or greater plan of Someone "up there", and about possibilities of having a gift of seeing dead people, or any other kind of gifts. It's great, real pearl in the field of sand....
  • what dreams may come

    allison dubois works as a 'special' consultant at the district attorney's office but she's more than just your average kind of person having these dreams, visions like psychic and use this certain gift to help especially to solve crimes & cases. most of the time her intuitions are right. she can see the dead and their ghosts in turn use her as a medium thru her dreams showing her the truth and outsmart those suspects who lie most of the time and bring the guilty to justice. allison's family is supportive of her & it's nice to see their closeness and the kids are funny most of the time. some of my favorite episodes so far are the song remains the same w/ allison hearing this song over and over & mother's little helper w/ the carrie reference. this is a must-see series!
  • interesting subject

    Patricia Arquette plays a psychic able to communicate with the dead. But she's more of a psychic, she's also a committed wife and mother who goes from day to day living with a sixth sense. It's an interesting show, I like this better than the other similar show Ghost Whisperer. This show is part detective and part supernatural, it's an interesting subject to explore, and the best sell of the show is that it was based on a real life Allison Dubois. Her life was dramatized in this fictional series, it's a bit creepy from time to time, I don't mind checking out this show.
  • Such a grat show..

    Wow.. This is a great show.. I truly love it.. I mean is very original.. I think that the guy that invented this is a genius.
    Among all of the crime show this is the weirdest one.. in the C.S.I. era this show is an innovative mix of crime, comedy and thriller.. Besides in it you also can find the classics problems of a family with three girls.. And to be honest I really like Allison (Patricia Arquette), because she is, in my opinion, a very good actress. Well.. I really hope that this show will run for a lot of time.. Go Allison!!!!!
  • Season Four, episode one And Then

    Allison Dubois life could not get any worse, her secret of what she really does for the district attorney's office has leaked out to the press turning everyone close to her lives upside down. Allison has lost her job and so has her husband Joe, Devalos has been replaced by a self centered man that only watches out for his own reputation and Scanlon is reduced from a homicide detective to a detective that goes to primary schools to educate children on the importance of right and wrong.

    Frustrating as all this is to Allison her life could not get any worse right – wrong besides the fact that money problems are become a problem in their home, Allison starts having dreams about a young boy getting kidnapped from a toy store by a man wearing a green denim jacket and who likes to dance. Eager to share her information she realizes she has no one to share them with as Scanlon will not even answer her calls and Devolas is holidaying with his wife somewhere.

    The more you watch this episode the more frustrated you will find yourself, Allison has helped close a lot of puzzling cases and now she is being shut off from her resources to help the little boy. This episode is sure to keep you wanting more, it is a very promising start to season four.
  • I love Medium. I love the realistic aspects as well as the not-so-real ones...but for the most part it's very realistic.

    New episodes of Medium (a.k.a. Season 4 begins) on January 7th. I can't wait! I already own the first three seasons, and I can't wait until the new season begins! It will be another great season. I think Allison is very cool, and my sisterhas Arial as her role model or something. Anyway, I love how realistic Medium and every single person in it is. I love the theme song too. I spend a LOT of time on YouTube, listening to it and watching the far-too-short clips that there are. So bring on Season Four and let the fun begin! (Again!) :)
  • Dreams and feelings that come true - it won't be everyone's taste, but it's extremely well made.

    I don't know of the real Allison DuBois and I don't really want to, not out of any animosity towards her, but because when I read the Kathy Reichs books I realised how different Temperance Brennan (from Bones) was to the character from the books and to Kathy Reichs herself, and I preferred the show's character, because she was based on someone but taken to a different level through the power of TV (like the karate and the guns etc.)
    So from then on I've never done a look up of a real person if it's based on a show I like! I sincerely hope that the real Allison DuBois has had some of the exciting times that are portrayed in the episodes. Whether or not you believe in mediums (I assume they're not media!), this is a very good show. It took me a while to warm up to it, but Patricia Arquette is terrific as Allison and the rest of the cast are just as good. I think the reason I decided to watch it was based not only on the subject matter, which I like, and the writing, which I think is great, nor even the acting. The show has heart and whilst the main character is doing her 'supernatural' stuff, she's also trying to juggle a family of 3 kids and a husband, who is supportive but gets a little ignored and irritable at times (as you would!) The focus is the investigation of whatever, but the mix with the family and the home problems just makes it more than one of those 'oh doesn't she have great powers' shows. And Allison (the character) doesn't high kick, use guns or fists or pretend to be perfect. She's confused sometimes, doesn't understand things right away, gets it wrong sometimes (before she gets it right) has a few tantrums, gets tired and is generally human.
  • I've watched this show from the beginning and it remains one of the shows I watch every week without fail.

    I love the concept of the medium and the fact that this is based on an actual character. I love even more the stories they have been able to come up with. Sometimes this show scares me. The creepiest was the episode with a blind Molly Ringwald. I can't think about that one too close to bedtime. Besides the scary factor, I love this family relationship, her relationship with the DA and her relationship with the Detective she often works with. Things don't always work out. This show can be very gritty at the same time that it is warm and caring. Of all the shows I do watch there are a few episodes on this series that I just can't stop thinking about. Turn on the lights!
  • The truth of the Dreams

    Medium, is the TV-show that make you feel as you were the person that is having the dreams, that you are the one who can caught the bad guys, and not Alison.

    After CSI, Medium is the other show that try to solve the crime, but with one difference, the main character see the crime before it happen. unbelievable The good atmosphere with all the characters, the model family, the perfect husband, and the position of a mother that have to deal with dead everyday is what makes "Medium", one of best show of the history. you have to watch it.
  • A perfect show to watch.

    This emmy winning drama "Medium" is a perfect show to watch. I enjoy this show a lot. The characters in these show play a great role in shaping this drama. For example, the husband Joe DuBois is very supportive of his psychic wife Allison Dubois. He sometimes helps her to understand her dreams and visions of dead people plus at times puts up with her when she is not herself. Patricia Arquette plays her part very well and I hope she wins an emmy for her outstanding performance in this show "Medium". I strongly believe she has earned to be atleast nominated for an emmy. I am eagerly waiting for the premiere of season 4. I hope the WGA strike will end soon and give the eager audiences a treat with our favorite shows.
  • My favorite current crime drama

    Allison Dubois is a regular mother of three girls with a loving husband...except that she can talk to the dead. Well, not really, but she is psychic. Medium is one of the best crime dramas out there. It's a lot more character based than the other crime dramas out there, which makes it different. You can really sympathize with Allison, who is haunted by these horrific nightmares of people being murdered. Patricia Arquette's acting is great as Allison and the murders are always unique, not the same thing every week.

    The rest of the cast are good as well and you find yourself caring about the characters, which is why you keep tuning in week after week and that's what makes it better than just your average 'solve a murder' show.
  • i can see something that you can't

    I like this show is good and interesting for me is not one of the best drama show that i have abaut a women that can see the future and predict thing that will pass or that that allready pass. sometime is a little creep and silly .it is a good show but somethime is turn a little boring for me actually .some epi are bad but in this world what is perfect.some case are verry showching and other nothing happen ut is continue in that way.i like the way that they represent the relationship with her daugthers.i only have to said wacht the show .

    Some pisodes confius me and are strange in general all characters are strange in their way. ilke the flashback of the madiun has are great and are all of mistery andemenmatic character .i love went the episode biguns with a drem and the mediun wake up and her husband said tell me what you see no this day.the drama is gret went the 3 daugther of the mediuns are envolpment i really enjoy that that well what more i can daid abaut this show ... and yes why 9,0 just to say that it is a good show.
  • I see dead people! Only I have no clue what on earth they're saying. Come on, guys! Give a girl a break. Failing that, a good night's sleep...

    Ok, so. I have issues with real-life psychics. I have issues with blonde, real-life psychics. I have issues with blonde, I'm a real-life psychic, I help the police department chicks.... And yet I love this show. Why? Because it's just that darn good, that's why. I could so very easily have been driven to absolutel nausea by the whole premise - I think in real life psychics feeding off the police are the worst sort of parasite, on a par with ticks and leeches. They feed off death, pain and grief and provide nothing more accurate than ametuer guesswork (statistically speaking). And yet...and yet this show, the acting, the whole thing - it's amazing. It's dark and disturbing and as real as Iv'e ever seen, and if you take it for what it really is - fiction - it's so utterly amazing and gorgeous that you have to go, wow. It seriously deserves better ratings. At least, it's so much better than "Ghost Whisperer" that it makes me want to tear my hair out that that stupid candy-floss piece of garbage is more popular...
  • At times disturbing drama about a psychic who helps solve cases.

    The first time I watched this show, was in its first season. I was surprised at how brutal and disturbing it was. A little while ago I was flipping channels and ended up watching an episode. I was struck at the brilliant and original idea. Unlike before, I wasn't creeped out by the cases. Patricia Arquette is compelling in her role as Allison, as well as the other characters. As well as being about the cases and about Allison's abilities, it is also about her and her family. Especially as one of her daughters begins to have visions of her own. Overall an intresting show, Medium is worth checking out.
  • An interesting show, but too formulated no bigger picture

    I like the show, but only because the family is so great. The attorney stand for truth and justice, and the cop is tough and will uphold the law no matter what. The medium, played by the beautiful Patrcia Arquette isn't always right which makes the show more realistic as she never knows what is just a dream or what may have some truth in reality. It's interesting to see her struggle and get through it every episode, but, it gets old because there isn't much of a story going on. Every episode has her going after someone different, there is no reason to keep watching as you can skip an episode and not miss anything. I'm not sure how much longer Medium will go on, but if I were writing, I'd try to get some kind of story to keep the viewers coming back every week... right now it's only because we admire the family.
  • Medium..

    Im really enjoying watching this series, not too scary, not too blah, a bit of humor
    thrown in makes it really good viewing..

    What surprises me is that Alison and Joe are still married..! I cant imaging what it must
    be like for Alison's husband, it must be tough.. There are occasional signs of strain like
    for example arguments starting to escelate, one or both parties feeling bad..
    Its good how they seem to difuse tense situations by throwing in a bit of humor when
    things start to get heated..

    Its interesting to see their children developing their mothers talents.. wonder how that
    will turn out?

    Patricia Arquette is brilliant and very believable. She expresses the character (Alison)
    with passion and conviction..
  • I love this show!

    Started watching this about a year ago and I really enjoy it. The part of me that belives in the super natural and enjoys investigative shows really likes this one. I find it much more entertaining than CSI, and the acting is good. Although it may not have the most original episodes it never fails to entertain, it always leaves me wanting more. Which is why my only issue is that it is not on tv often enough. But I guess that makes it a special treat! I would enjoy more shows in this vain like supernatural but maybe with a few less "Beautiful people" and a bit more substance. Something to make us all wonder...
  • The kind of show that leaves you wondering until the very end

    A very well written show that gets its attractiveness not from hot lead roles but from the clever stories, the great acting and the good plot.

    I've been drawn to the adventures of Mrs. Dubois from the beginning. Medium joins mystery, detective work and paranormal phenomena into one style that makes this, a very appealing show.

    But it not only deals with the cases and the vision of the week, but also with a family's life and their struggle to lead their lives as best as they can, leaving room for character development and it helps the audience to connect with the characters.

    A great show that never fails to entertain.
  • Makes me want to hide behind my eyes at time, but god I love this show!

    This show is amazing; the script, the actors, the dimensions, the art directing, the timing, the locations, the emotion... everything. I simply cannot fault this show. When a program impacts you so incredibley that you almost feel inspired by it, you know it's definitely a hit. Not only does it bring a consistent string of drama, humor, emotion, humility, suspense and impemding punctuality, it almost feels real, as though it's happening in your general life. In reality, I think it's the executive producers, the script writers and the (strangely!) the wardrobe department that bring the combintion of rehearsability and realism to the camera, projecting a staged yet accurate perception of life to our TV screens. Should be made into a motion movie! And then add a sequel...
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW! This, I feel is the most underappreciated show in television history!

    Why hasn't Patricia Arquette won an Emmy every year that she has portrayed Mrs. Allison Dubois?!? Tell me, please! Seriously....the show is just great and I feel that it doesn't get the kudos that it deserves and I really just wanted to get that off of my chest, thank you. Does anyone else feel like it was the whole 3-D episode that killed its momentum? Just curious. It was a nightmare here in Michigan getting the glasses, my husband never laughed so hard at me and my best friend trying to get those things! Still a great show, though!
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