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  • A not so original show... but somehow pretty good.

    One thing taht I really like about this show is the fact that not just Allison but her kids also have preminitions. I love how her traits were passed on to them. Now I do like Joe but I dont like how he doesn't support his wife as much as he could but everyone to themself. But I do like how she seems like a normal person who gets frustrated and has a job as an assistant DA. so over all this is a pretty good show that I do enjoy watching when i can around my other fav shows.
  • A amazing show!

    I personally love this show. Me and my mom watch it together. I think it gets better every season! I loved the season finale. Couldn't belive that she ratted her out though. I can't wait til next season to find out what happens! I think it works because it shows how her gift affects her everyday life. And i love her daughter's Bridgett is hilarious. She reminds me of my sister.
  • My opinion on the show, Allison DuBois and why I love her and the show ^^

    I started to watch Medium last year, when the first episode of the show was on television here in the Netherlands. I guess I was hooked from that very first episode. The character Allison really spoke to me and she's been doing that ever since.

    I've always been interested in the paranormal, in spirits, in the afterlife. I used to watch the show charmed a lot, and that show ended here somewhere else, so I kinda started looking for something else to satisfy my mysterious needs. The show Medium released just in the right time. When I first watched Medoium I did not know that it was based on true stories, and a true woman, called Allison DuBois. But when I came to know that, the show started to interest me even more.

    I bought the books Allison DuBois has written. I liked to learn about her ability to see the dead, and I loved to read about her daughters (especially Bridgette, she’s my favourite) and her husband, Joe, in real life. Her books have taught me a lot and made me love the show Medium even more.
    Why is it so cool?

    Well, it is mysterious.
    It has something witchy, something paranormal, something strange to it. I like strange.
    Every episode has something in it that has to be solved. It is like CSI, but much better. Allison solves crimes, she works for the DO and she faces a lot of strangeness in her life.
    Not only the things she has to deal with are exciting, the personality Allison DuBois is cool, too. She is funny, witty, smart, sharp, sarcastic and mysterious in her own way and on the other hand she is just a normal mom at the same time. And I think the actress Patricia Arquette is doing a great job being Allison =) Yay Patricia!

    …and the other characters, they are awesome as well. Joe for instance, Allison’s husband, a rocket engineer, he is sceptical as can be. He loves Allison deeply but sometimes questions her and the dreams she has, the assumptions she makes. They fight a lot, but in a funny and friendly way. They tease. They are a very funny, nice and cool couple. And they have three wonderful daughters! Bridgette is the one that really makes the show worth watching. There is one episode in which the little six-year-old (I take it she is older now) had a red helmet on her head and she would not take it off. She want to sleep with it. She is funny, the little girl is smart, she is a crazy kid. She loves food and candy and has her abilities to find those things, too. Bridgette makes the family complete.

    I am totally hooked to this show now. You can watch one episode and miss another without having missed a lot; unlike shows like Desperate Housewives there are lotsa stories and things going on. Which makes it easy to drop in right now! If you have never seen this show yet, well, I truly recommend it to you. Start watching it today! It makes you feel more in love with life, the show makes you laugh, makes you think, makes you wonder about life and afterlife. If you like such things, this is the show for you =)

  • this show is the meaning MEDIUM I have ever watch 2nd it will be that John Edward guy a medium person that tells how the deceit's is doing

    ware would we be with out a medium in this life time. so when some one says i wish i had a nickel for every time i did that our dream will mean nothing /no growth/ no plans in life/ garden empty interpenetrates could use a loan, Then a developer would have to use an architects. in his/her stature of expression, if a grade of sand is 0.0217 small and a thousand could make a castle i guess a small dream could go places es, if the girl/boy next door is an expression, what down the road. wow the old stories of a chinnees with cat joke, it could use a cat in the craddle sign jay-bird
  • The same old story told different way.

    I've known women who have had premonitions - one even gets weird twinklings where she blurts out things while watching the news - and then whatever info she states comes out to be true.

    So this show really works for me. It could have easily gone for some kind of sensationalism and quickly sunk to the bottom, but the writers have decided to reach for something more meaningful by creating an everyday household trying to deal with an unique situation. In doing so they have made the fantastic seem much more plausible and have given the show a sturdy foundation.

    If you are looking for refreshingly crisp dialogue and some excellent acting within a show that makes you think, then please give Medium a try. It's so much better than all those so called "reality" shows, or the posturing in such shows as CSI where the writers cover up their lack of skill by having the stars look meaningfully into the camera.

    It's funny how a show that many think has an outlandish premise can actually come off as being so much more realistic.
  • What a great show

    I have to admit, when I first heard about Medium I was skeptical about the show. Being a big Patricia Arquette fan, I gave it a chance. I am now hooked.

    The reason I was hesitant about the show is that when ever a TV network takes on a paranormal subject matter, it runs the risk of becoming an unbelievable joke. Want proof, watch Ghost Whisperer.

    The cast of Medium is as strong as any on TV today. The writing of the episodes is almost always above the bar. I especially like the reacuring characters, Capt. Push of the Texas Ranger and Alison's brother Michael Benoit.

    If you haven't seen Medium please give it a chance.
  • Great Show Period.

    This is a wonderful show. It's fast paced and suspenseful. It will always keep you on the edge of your seat. This show is about a psychic, Alison Dubois, who works as a detective and solves cases using her dreams and psychic visions. This show is actually based on a real person and while I'm sure quite a bit of the story is made up, a lot of it is really based on aspects of her life. My favorite part of any Medium episode are the dreams. They don't usually make sense in the beggining but they always end up making sense in the end. I would recommend this show to everyone and anyone because there are so many things to like about it. There is the crime solving aspect that people who like Law and Order and CSI will like; there is the psychic part that people who like crossing over and psychic shows will like and theirs the mystery that just about everyone enjoys. I really like this show and I think you will too. And hey if you don't like it... Heck, who wouldn't like this show?
  • I absolutely love this show...

    I'm not as obsessed with this show as I am with a few others, but it is in my top five. Firstly: Never dispute a woman's -or a parent's- intution. Not that a man -who isn't a father- can't have some sort of intuation, but a woman's, in my opinion, tends to be more... emotional based, and is usually tend to be better at intuting certain things. Secondly: Anyone as skilled at doing what Alison does -in real life or in TV land- deserves a lot of credit, especially when something they do doesn't turn out the way they expected to -or when something goes wrong, which, I'm sure, does happen on occasion.

    Thirdly: Anyone with Alison's ... abilities, should -at the very least- consider working for law enforcement in some manner. Sure, not every cop/lawyer/anyone in the court system will accept the idea of someone like Alison, but we all have people who don't like us...
  • This show is one of the best on television.

    Gosh, Medium has to be one of my favorite shows of all time. I have to admit there are many times where I don't watch Medium for weeks but when I come back to it, it always blows me away.There's always something in there that's so poignant. It's a very touching show. Many episodes have me crying. It's very deep and thoughtful. It can also be funny and lighthearted. A better cast could not have been chosen. Even the young Allison is perfect for the role. I love how the whole episode comes together in the end. It always gives me chills up my spine. Amazing show! I gave it a 9.9 because I know it'll just keep getting better and better.
  • Love it.

    My mom got me hooked on Medium and I have been enjoying it since. Nowadays, I tape it onto my DVR to put onto disc or watch later (right now- only because still trying to figure out which channel is ABC, NBC, and CBS for where I live now). She does a great job and the rest of the cast is wonderful. I'm hoping it's on the air a long time to come. The Kelsey Grammer episode(s) were wonderful - enjoyed seeing him as death and loved the 3D episode - it kept me on the edge of my seat, in fat had to rewatch it to make sure I saw it all.
  • This show is slightley scary and very entertaining. This show "Medium" is Similar to the horror show "Roswell". Medium mine as well be classified as slightley a horror show because it is scary but this show is the best drama show in five years.

    I give this show 5 out of 5 stars. If you wanted to see a masterpiece this is the show to watch. I'm glad this show has lasted a while, three years to be exact. I like all the characters and the whole show. Do me a favor watch this great show you will love it.
  • agood show that gave us this old idea "being a medium" dah in a new interisting way

    this show is good enough to last between a great shows like prison break , hereos ,and lost and the list go on as i said in the summry this new way of showing the medium kept it going i am still new to the show becouse i am wathcing it on MBC4 it's an arabic channel that brings shows toooooo late but it brings them evntuly so i get to see some good shows
  • Allison is a medium, when she sleeps, she has dreams or nightmares about crimes that happened or will happen, and she has to solve it or stop it.

    This show is great, one of my favorites, it's suspenseful, scary, funny and dramatic. U just have to fall in love with the Dubois family, their happy and so inspiring. I just love this show, so if you don't watch it, your the one losing one of the best show on television.
  • Good show...keeps you thinking.Provocative and inspirational series that starts you wondering about " life " after death. Domino effect of your actions,can or do you change the lives of the people you touch.

    Some issues may trouble pre-teen children.Definitely should be watched with mature adults if children are viewing.Series started strong.. starting to become weaker in plot line. It's a nice change of pace allowing her children to become focused upon as main characters... hope they can pull it off.There is room for growth...maybe developing each person as a more rounded individual..more three dimensional. I would like to see all actors as real life figures. Getting back to the plot line...earlier episodes
    were interesting and thought provocating. Newer " shows "
    are becoming bland..hope to see more in-depth scenarios..
    I really want to continue watching this program so i hope they step up to the task.
  • The series follows Allison Debua, a pyschic woman from Nevada who works with the district attourney's office. It's a must-see.

    Allison Debua seems like your average, every day, working mother, but she's far, far, far more than that. Growing up with such a horrifying "gift" that she inherited from her mother, and all three of her daughters have proven to have inherited from her, Allison constantly saw the "memories" of objects that "witnessed" murders and talks to poltergiests and ghosts and spirits who seek help while being here. She follows Detective Scanlan, who besides the District Attourney, is the only one who knows about her "gift" where she works. She simply tells people that she's his assitant, but she truely helps him solve unsolved murder mysteries. The series is amazing, with great plots, shocking endings, etc. Her husband is amazingly supportive of her and her work, but gets scared at times considering she constantly wakes up in the middle of the night due to scary dreams that the spirits send to her to help her with the cases at hand.
  • Scary, Unique, VERY interesting!

    This show is really unique because where do you find a show where the character is a psychic, really. At first, Although I liked it a lot, I thought that the show would be canceled for sure. But, to my amazement it is still running strong, which I'm very happy of because I love the show! The thing about this show that I though people wouldn't like was that I didn't find it that believable because some of the things that happened, not just the whole I can see who killed him, but the whole thing with getting into the police department and stuff. Other than that I was addicted to it, it is a great show and I hope it stays running strong forever!
  • Spooky!

    I have to admit that this is one show that even if you are not believer in the supernatural you will be by the end of the show, and knowing that its after a true story makes me believe even more. Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois you defenelty cant get a better choice than that. You really believe in her character. Channel 10 bring back season 3.
  • GREAT entertainment !!

    Medium is simply great entertainment. There is no need for sexual content or just beautiful people because the content speaks for itself; it doesn't need flash. It integrates intelligence and mystery solving into a mind exercising experience. The imagery and characters are very well developed, realistic, and creative. They never take it too far just for ratings. Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber are excellent at their jobs, you really believe they are the characters. The D.A. Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) never goes outside realistic bounderies, over or under, in his belief and trust of Allison DuBois. This simply means the writers are excellent. Congratulations to you all!!
  • Medium has got to be one of the best tv shows that i have ever came across. I can't do without it. I love it so much as i can relate to it so well. Having something like this can help me develop my mediumship skills and focus on all the good that i can do

    Well i am from Scotland and watch it like there is no tomorrow. I have never been addicted to a tv show in my life but i can't do without this one. Being young and a developing medium myself, this tv show is a complete god send to me as at first having that sort of skill and talent was scary. Watching this programme is helping me to understand that you can help so much people with your skill and talent... I thank everyone behind Medium. It really is a God Send. :) xx
  • Bringing her daughter in to her magic world is pretty good.

    Program is good. You never know what they are going to come up with next. I\'m glad they haven\'t yank it. It seems that they have a plot to the show. It\'s not just all sex. Which is nice. You have to use your mind and they to figure out who did it.
  • I'm not sure people are ready for this but I love it. It makes you think twice about discounting things down as deje vu.

    I'm not sure people are ready for this but I love it. It makes you think twice about discounting things down as deje vu. Patricia Arquette is perhaps the only person who could have portrayed this woman\\\'s life. Easily the most original series Medium is opening the avenue for more series in this genre. More and more people are open to the possibility of ESP.... now there is a TV series that makes it more personal than the X files. I hope to see it on TV for a long long time. Who would have thought of this for TV?
  • i think medium is GREAT...Patricia arquette is stunning, the three girls even have their own abilities...The plot, what can i say, is so addictive, its like CANNOT stop watching it when u first see it

    medium is gut-wrenching, clever in every way possible, heck they even have a 3-d episode...i personally think medium is one of the best series showing now....can anybody suggest others that may captivate me as well as medium has done to made me ADDICTED.....hey, is how i met your mother good???and heroes???
  • Another good show that you just wish the network would leave alone. I think the writing and performances have taken a hit because of all the bouncing around which kind of makes it hard for faithful followers to tune in.

    I think the network is ambivilant about this program and maybe the writers and actors are loosing their enthusiasim for what started out as another fresh show hot out of the oven. If this show goes belly up the network has no one to blame but themselves. I think that the suits don't really respect the show or for that matter the idea and fact that there is something to paranormal research. I mean when the actors made the rounds on the talk shows for the pilot they were ridiculed more than anything else.
  • Definitley getting better with each new episode!!

    When I first learned of the show I was so excited to have something finally to watch on TV that interested me. So many people now a days are into this whole speak to the dead thing.. like with John Edwards and Alison Debois herself. I like that it gears towards a maturer crowd. Its not overly exaggerated. It basically keeps to what the real world Mediums pretty much go through. In my opinion anyway. I love that I have choices. With my other favorite show Ghost Whisperer I can expect a little more exaggeration. Thats what makes both shows keep me coming back for more. Because they are so different but yet have similarities that are true to real life as what we believe.
    My only problem is the 10pm..I am exuasted by then so its hard to stay up, but I do!!
  • It's finally back!!

    This show is so amazing! There are so few shows my husband and I can watch together, but this is definitely one of them. This last show was exceptional, I absolutely love it when her daughter’s gifts are used. It makes it so much more real and believable. And her old boyfriend … wow, that would have been a very hard ghost to ignore. And that's her real husband, rock on! The cartoon twist in the plot I thought was a great idea. It really brought the mother / daughter turmoil together, especially when it was scoffed at.
  • I love this show....but my problem is why in the world did they have a lady speaking tagalog which is PHILIPPINE (on todays 2hr show) yet they said she was from Indonesia? Come on guys!

    Anyways....besides that screw up I still love your show - the kids even match the parents... Gotta love it! About time you brought it back!! I thought for awhile that you might have cancelled... Thank goodness the tv execs are paying attention to the viewers... Don\\\'t cancel this who please... Oh and NEVER use a different nationality for the wrong language spoken..... Didn\\\'t like that.... What else can I say since this review thing requires 100 words to type? Patricia Arquette you are awesome!! Oh and so is the rest of your family totally make the show - don\\\'t ever replace anyone! Thanks - woohoo 105!
  • Amazing show.

    Medium is one of the greatest shows of it\\\'s time. Original and thrilling plotlines, and mind provoking episodes is what this show is known for. Patricia Arquette portray\\\'s Allison in a way in which no other actress could compair. This show is a must see every week, as each episode is better than the last. The writers always have new and exciting ideas, which make you want to watch ever more. It\\\'s one of those shows, that when it\\\'s over, you wish there was more. Not only is the writing fantastic, but this is one of the most fantastic shows on television.
  • I have never missed an episode. Then I read the book, this is so close to Allison's life. I have a grandmother who is psyhic, and a sister, and I believe 100 percent that there are those who have this gift. This is the best show on television.

    greatest show on the television. this show stands out all on it's own... AWESOME !!!

    The story lines are so unique, and really make you pay attention. They are different because I am sure they are mostly based or loosly based on actual stories. Not your regular cop show, which are all the same to me. And also the medical shows, pretty much all the same.
  • know what it's like to actually see dead people and well have your dreams come true

    SHOW DESCRIPTION:A housewife finds herself "gifted" with the ability to see and hear dead people. Her rocket scientist husband goes from being a skeptic to a bemused believer as she embarks on solving crimes across the country.

    BRIEF HISTORY:Patricia Arquette's character is based on a real person. Glenn Gordon Caron ("Moonlighting," "Now & Again") and Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier") are executive producers of the show.
    STARS: * Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois * Miguel Sandoval as D.A. Devalos * Jake Weber as Joe Dubois * April Grace as Balinda Alexander * Sofia Vassilieva as Ariel Dubois
  • It's only a dream right??

    Medium is a fun show to watch. You could call it a mystery/crime type of show but with one big twist. The main character as some special abilities. Things like seeing the future in her dreams and then trying to keep people from getting killed or she helps solve a murder. Talking to dead people sometimes. Can take on a "Sixth Sense" feel or "Ghost Whisperer" The main character Alison also has two young daughters who show the beginnings of her abilities. I am not sure how long things go before they run out of material though. I bet things could stay interesting if they made it a little more scary! Bring on the new season!!
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