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  • Quite Excellent...

    Medium is based on the woman Alison Dubois who can see into the future and ghosts. It is a very entertaining show which can really get you interested. The characters are very human. Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber are excellent in their roles as husband and wife, while the children, Sofia Vassilieva and Maria Lark keep the show humourous with their arguements with each other. The stories are very good, and are very creative, scary, funny, and dramatic. the supporting roles of Miguel Sandoval as the DA is a good one alos. Medium is a great show with a great cast! 10 out of 10.
  • I found out when medium will come back on. sort of. says it will return on sundays after football.

    This is an excellent show. It is very different from what is on out there. It follows Alison Dubois who has dreams of things that have happened or things that will happen. She also sees dead people. She helps the police solve crimes. It is new and diffrent. I have been patiently waiting for it to come back. Now I know. Sort of. Anybody have any idead whn football ends??? I miss this show. The last show was weird. It showed what would have happened had Alison not married Joe. It was very interesting. I hope it comes back soon.
  • Where did it go?

    I keep looking and looking to find what night Medium is on, but no luck?! I always looked forward to finishing my Monday with the best show on TV. I assumed that they were trying to push one of their new shows in to that time slot because what a following it had developed, but not to put it back on. I haven\'t even seen any advertisements for what night it was changed to. I am so bummed and find myself flipping channels to find it. Where or where have they put my new best friend?! Someone please tell me! I\'m no Allison but I\'m having visions that they cancelled it, because I can not find it. :0(
  • This is a great show.

    I think the next upcoming show will have Wilson Jermaine Heredia in it. He posted a blog on Myspace saying he was filming an episode so keep an eye out.
    Anyway, I love the show and it'll be even better with Wilson Jermaine Heredia on it. (sorry about writing the whole name again, I just had to make enough words to make a hundred.) But anyways, has anyone seen Kidnapped lately? Anthony Rapp is on it and he plays a guy in prison who (for those who have been watching) Kidnapped his sister. He's in jail, but don't know why.
  • A refreshing break from all the "Reality Shows", and all the "CSI's" that has been flooding the television in the recent past. Please don't let this show fall on the way wayside. It is so boring to have no choices as to what typ

    Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, has there been such a quality show in this genre. Please don't let this be another good series that's goes on the wayside. Like Firefly, Farscape, the above mentioned series. Not everyone finds Reality Tv entertaining. Nor the many and I mean many shows about CSI. I rate Medium to be up there to the top along with Smallville, SuperNatural, Nip Tuck, Rescue Me.
  • Where is my favorite show. I have too few these days.

    Where is Medium? Will it be on again this season. I really miss it. I only have 2 shows I feel are worth my time and Medium is one of them. Please someone tell me if it will be on again and when it will be airing. I\'m going throught withdrawals, Help!!!!
    I only have one more show I enjoy watching, therefore the only 2 nights the TV had my attention was Monday at 10p and Sunday at 9pm. Nothing else counts. Where's is the real entertainment in life. I don't think it is on TV anymore. Nothing new under the sun, mostly repeatr and realitys.
  • The show "Medium" is always very interesting, thought provoking and brilliant...

    The creators of this show really did a great job with making this a very unique and intelligent show where it keeps you on your feet and really gets you to keep watching and seeing what next is going to happen to Patricia Arquette's character and who she is going to help from the dead. I really enjoy watching this show and I don't see much television but this is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! And to top it all off I found out my favorite actress "Cassandra Hepburn" is going to be a Guest Star on the episode of "Four Dreams" which I'm really looking forward to watching....can't get any better than that!

  • I miss MEDIUM. It is the best show on T.V. Nothing like has been seen for a long time. Bring it back

    The show MEDIUM is inspiring and well put together. It isn\'t for the lame brain as most T.V. shows are with their boobs hanging out or the same dialog you\'ve seen repeated. It\'s interesting, thought provoking and without it I refuse to watch T.V. except maybe Ghost Whisperer but it\'s a little annoying what with all the different wigs. What\'s that about? Anyway, bring MEDIUM BACK, P L E A S E !
  • I love this show it is awesome I love it, cannot wait from one week to the next

    This show is great, it has humor and it keeps you wanting more. I love it. Great actors and actress, the children are so cute, they make the show. I show day to day life the struggles and how hard it is for her to live a normal life. I hope this show stays around a long long time. I would really miss this show if it went off the air. Joe is allison's hubby and what a great job he does don't we wish all husbands would like this. And Allison what a great mom she is. Love it
  • Haven't you heard, psychics are the new detectives!

    Patricia Arquette's a psychic. Seems like a new idea, but is it? This kind of thing has been tried before-remember that show where the blonde chick would get psychic visions about her cases, I think she worked for the FBI, except that she never really solved any cases. U know, the one with the gruff boss with the indentations in his face? Anyway, Patty usually solves all of her cases. Which is really annoying. I can't get into this show because its predictable. You wouldn't think a show about paranormal activity (via extra sensory perception) would be repetitive, but apparently it can be.
  • Asolutely Amazing.

    In the long tradition of Bewitched and Profiler, in comes a show about a woman with extraordinary abilities and how those affect the people around her. A professional who happens to be a mom, a woman who happens to be a wife and an investigator who happens to be a medium.

    The female lead is complemented in her efforts by an intellectual husband and a gutsy detective, who help her balance a job solving crimes at the DA's office with the challenge to raise 3 daughters just as special as their mom.

  • God I love this show

    I am absolutely head over heels in love with Medium. This show is so amazing it surprises me with each episode just how great it is, the story lines are wonderful and the cast is out of this world. I must admit though at first I was sceptical and I only really watched it for Patricia Arquette, but after watching the first episode I was sucked into the mystery. I was so happy when they released the first season on DVD, I rushed out and bought it then sat down and watched the whole season over. Now it is time for the second season and I am so happy so far. I would most certainly reccomend this show to anyone that has taste.
  • Totally kewl show dude!

    This show rocks!Last night I was waiting to watch another show but ended up watching this!Probley a repeat but it wasnt to me.I really dont get in to all the "Law" stuff but this and Law and Order:SVU are on my top list of favorite shows...SVU is number 1 and this is number 2 of course!I seriouly think I can get addictied to Meduim!Its a kinda wierd show and you have to think about what just happened but thats what makes it orginal!Patricia A. rocks this role!But the fact that she brings it home with her is annoying!But I love it!Deffanitly a "Must-See" show!
  • Keeps me enthralled season after season

    This show is just so nice. The consept of a seer who helps the district atourney to catch the bad guys seems like a very ridiculous idea at first, but the way the story is written and the main characters played make it all but ridiculous.
    The main story lines are about Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) seeing dreams and solving crimes. The subplots are all about the Dubois family. And this is my favorite part, the interaction between the family members.
    In my opinion this is a perfect show to watch on a sunday night. All you need is to relax, sit back, open a beer and sink in to the velvety world of medium.

    I was very impressed by the pilot. It quickly set up how this woman got into helping solve crimes. We did not have to slog though a long set-up, because it got quickly to the action.

    I liked seeing her husband and daughters. Her husband was portrayed as a very supportive man. I already care about how she will handle this atypical job and be with her family. Will she have to do a lot of traveling, being away from home?

    She is a strong character. I liked how she stood up to the sheriff (or police chief, whomever). And with moments like "Tell him you know about the kiss." we see that she is also very perceptive with a quick mind.

    In spite of her strengths, she also showed a natural reaction to being odd/different. I also appreciated her frustration when she felt that what she was trying to do was for nothing.

    This episode had good acting, drama, suspense, humor. And it wasn't creepy. I'm really looking forward to future episodes.
  • Soooooo Interesting.

    This is so original and quite possible the best mystery show of its time. Who though of it? Patricia Arquette is amazing and plays Allison DoBoi (is that right?) SO wonderfully- you feel like you're a part of the story! A musts see. The daughter look exactly like her! Especially those cheeks! Check out Ariel in Shoebox Zoo. I especially like her boss etc 'down at the DA's office'. Is this a hundred words yet??
  • I have to change my review.

    I really thought I wouldn't like this show when I saw the ads for it. I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm not really into the supernatural things. This show really had me hooked from the beginning, and is one of the few shows that get a 10 from me. (I've recently changed my rating for this show) In the beginning I thought the husband's character was just a little too goofy, but they fixed that and I like the way he's portrayed now.

    I really liked the first season, the second season was getting a little old and I was disappointed. I still think it's an above average show, but they need to get back to what it was in the first season and the reason I got hooked in the first place. Still worth watching, but sometimes it's more a case of what's on against it, I hate CSI Miami and What About Brian is awful.
  • great show, gets more and more interesting every time!

    When I first seen the previews for this programme I thought it wouldn’t be my thing, but once I had watched 3 or 4 episodes I was addicted! The storylines are great and they have lots of twists and turn which sometimes make you confused but apart from that they are great. All the actors are great at there parts especially the kids. They are very talented children. I would like to applause the creators and producers who made this programme a hit. And I can’t wait for the 3rd season to come out. I hope they make many more series.
    Adam Phillips
  • This is the new best show on tv right now, it is perfect!

    Medium is the best new tv show, because this show have a lot of quality, the episodes are great, the writers are the best, the story is just really great and of course the amazing actors.I hope this show goes on until the seventh or eight season, but please ,the writers can't ruin this show, that is just perfect.This show remind me The X files that is other amazing show.Season one was great, but season two was so much better, I hope the third season will be better than the preview two seasons. I mean everything is perfect on this show, I became a fan and now it is one of my favorite shows ever.
  • Medium is Brilant

    NBC has long-since been in the lacking of a good, strong drama (particularly that of a supernatural nature). When first commercial airings for a show entitled \"Medium\" began airing, I decided that I might give it a try. After all, I was a sometimes-fan of the lead star, Patricia Arquette. The cast was intriguing enough, and I awaited the pilot heartily. I thought it was going to be a mediocre, \"it\'s okay if I miss this week\" sort of show, but the first episode completely ripped apart my standpoints. Wow!

    To know that this was based on an actual woman made the show all the more interesting, even though it had more than enough twists and turns to keep me loving it. Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette) has made a great transition to the screen from being a real-life person to the leading woman in a sleeper hit by NBC. Arquette plays out an extremely believable character who just happens to see the dead. She has instant karma with her new boss, D.A. Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval), who is a more sensible side to some of her more intense visions. Along with her husband (Jake Weber), Allison slowly puts the pieces of these puzzles together to undercover a deeper truth.

    One of the greatest points of interest is the great chemistry between the lead stars (Arquette & Weber). Although some episodes may get caught up in the current storyline, there\'s always good quality DuBois family time. From fighting, to the strange habits of their adorable children, to visiting mother-in-laws--\"Medium\" always keeps a fresh balance of action, mystery, humor and love; all a very refreshing break from many other shows currently on the air.

    Although there is no major season-long plot (how could there be, exactly?), the show never fails to enthrall me and keep me tuning in each week. I literally have to fight for the remote some nights, but I make it. Each episode is different in it\'s own respect, and the writers never fail to come up with a dramatic twist that will throw you completely off (take the brilliantly crafted \"Night of the Wolf\" for example). I was surprised and over-excited when I found out about the renewal of this wonderful piece of art, and cannot wait for the next season! So give it a try, even if you didn\'t like \"The Sixth Sense.\"
  • Cant wait to see what happens every show!

    Alison Duboi, very talented, beautiful, down to earth actress, who's main concern is helping others with her talent. Yet, the plot thickens when she realizes her daughter was seeing a child on the playground who had passed away, and her brother actually had the same talent she did when she took him to a house fire so she could speak with the little girl. This show is truely remarkable. I would like to see more happen with the case files like what happend in the beginning of the show. Definately something I stay awake so I can watch. Chalk another one up for the network, they are on a roll!
  • Alison Dubri is a normal wife and mother. She wakes up in the morning, makes breakfast, takes the kids to school, goes to work, comes home, makes dinner, goes to sleep. Dreams that something horrible is going happening and REPEATS.

    This show is about a wife and mother with three little girls living in the state of ARZ. She lives a normal life, you know taking care of the kids going to work, cuddling with her husband until night time comes, where she dreams of murders, kidnappings, shootings and robbarys and has to wake up the next morning and go to work--the DA's office and help them solve whatever case she dreamed off, When shes awake she has visions and sees ghosts. Alison is your ordinary Medium.
    This show always keeps you guessing and the best part is that it gets the audience involved. I love trying to figure out the case before alison does. With her dreams and visons as clues. I hardly ever win though, lol. Medium is funny and suspenseful and the best part is, that its based on a real medium.
  • A believable paranormal show.

    Allison Dubois works in the Phoenix District Attorney's office. She uses her psychic powers to help solve criminal cases. When she has a dream, the dreams often give her clues to the whereabouts of missing people and other things. Just by touching someone, she often gets to see beneath the outside of the person and into the person's soul. Kind of creepy don't you think so?

    Allison juggles her job with her role as wife and mother of three children with a daughter who seems to be developing similar powers.

    In spite of her strengths, she also shows a natural reaction to being different.

    If you have the time, you should check it out.
  • Not that so bad... but it was not so good either!

    I don't think that this show is really the big and very best show ever, but I don't think that it is boring either, I don't fully understand what the show is about, but what I understand is that this show is not the type of shows that I like, but I still don't think that I should give it a bad grade just because I don't like the episode I wathced a while ago, but instead, I think that the show is not so bad and I think that is alright.
  • Great show I love it.

    I love the whole Family in this show its great the way they interact with each other.
    The kids are cute and funny and they act like normal kids do not the Brady Bunch lol.
    This show has great storys and great endings to each story every week.
    I don't know how i would handle dreaming like that every night. Its pretty crazy some times it makes you wonder if people really do dream things like this and don't know what it means.
    I would recmend this show to watch to anyone is great.
    Thanks for coming up with great storys everyweek.

    Keep them coming.
  • Medium Allison DuBois struggles to balance a life with a family while hearing voices from the other side. Helping D.A. Devalos in court with Scanlon by her side, she has clues about cases through her dreams, often to wake up gasping which wakes up her hus

    I loved Medium from the first time that I watched it. Allison DuBois is not just a character from a TV show, but a real-life medium. Medium is my addiction, and I can't wait until it is on next. I would go crazy if it, heaven forbid, ever got cancelled. I even have a book about the real Allison DuBois that I have read many times. Her adventures are amazing. I couldn't even imagine how hard it would be to balance a family and a career only to come home, go to bed, and dream about work just to wake up screaming after seeing something horrible that might have already happened. I could not even begin to wonder how difficult it would be to have to work when your work is causing you not to sleep very well.
  • A pretty decent sci-fi drama.

    It's a pretty good show. I think the star is kind of a wooden actress. I think the show would be much better with someone else in that spot. I love the middle girl and the funny faces she makes and all of the funny things that she says. It is prett creepy that the girls have the same ability as their mom. I wonder how old they have to be to really be able to make use of it. i guess it would really come in handy when dating. You would be able to tell maybe how your life would turn out beforehand.
  • Love This Show

    I absolutely love this show and watch it every week. It would be such a gift to be Allison for a day to help so many people and have a boss who unconditionally believes in her. I do find it a bit hard to believe that she has such an understanding husband like Joe, who gets woken up during the night with her dreams and he humors her and does not lose his temper. He is such a gem of a husband - to take care of the family so much because she gets called away at all hours of the day or night. Great Job writers!
  • I think it deserves more!!

    This show should be on more popular night. Oh & definatly earlier like 9pm. I don't think that the ratings are bad... at least as far as I know the show is doing great but imagine if it was earlier. But thats just what I think & who am I. But overall I love this show. Patricia Arquette is her character! She deserved more the just one award. The actors work incredibly great together. The scenerios blow me away every episode. I even have my husband watching it & he doesn't like those types of shows but he sure does like this one.
  • Slick script writer with well cast actors who seem to be in the spirit of the show.

    A view of the world from the perspective of a person with special gifts. Allison (lead character) struggles to maintain a normal life as a wife and mother and achieve some career satisfaction while being given a gift of being able to recieve messages from the dead or tormented living. As an aide to the local law enforcement Allison uses her talent to solve issues that may otherwise go unresolved. Her relationship with all around her is the real story and how Patrica brings this to life is the charm of the show. The writing is seldom cliche, has more twists than a Califirnia road and the novel nature of the show does not overpower on any form other than to enhance the tale.
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