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  • This show follows Allison DuBois and her ability to read people thoughts and speak to the dead.

    I like the subject matter very much. I do however have a few problems with the show. I think some of the acting is very "stiff" and really think the star (Patricia Arquette) was a poor choice to play Allison DuBois. Then you have the "Perry Mason" syndrome. No matter how many times she is right, her boss, the detective she works with and her husband are constantly doubting her. Even when it comes to the safety of their children the husband (Joe) is always acting like his wife is totally nuts. With a different cast a new writer or two this could be one of my favorite shows.
  • Absolutely wonderful, never a dull moment, keeps you guessing.

    Medium is one of the best series on tv right now in my opinion. No more boring Monday nights thanks to Medium, always keep you on edge, never a dull moment. Allison Dubois is absolutely magnificent, not too thrilled about her husband in some of the episodes. Great show, hope it stays on the air for a long time.
  • Great show!

    One of the best shows! It is minus foul language and explicit sex, and is refreshing! Based on a true story it gets inside the minds of criminal investigators, and explores details involved to solve crimes. Scary at times, but also mixes family fun situations to keep the viewer interested.
  • Decent show, but kind of monotonous.

    I watch it every week, and I enjoy it, but every episode is pretty much the same. She sleeps, she dreams, she wakes up, she talks to her annoyingly understanding husband about it and then she solves the case. Please, dear writers, give it some change and climb out of that rut.
  • I enjoy the show it is refreshing, new, and way ahead of its time. I like seeing a woman able to show the full range of her emotions and being taken seriously. She is smart, powerful and has charisma. Her husband is the perfect partner, strong, sensitive,

    This show is excellent. Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) is fabulous. I feel it is a show way ahead of its time. I especially enjoy the couples relationship to one and another and how they interact and handle their problems and challenges. I especially enjoy seeing a woman being portrayed with a sense of mystery, power, and a strong sense of her self worth. Her husband is tops as well, because of his compassionate, caring, and realistic attitude.

    I missed last weeks show and I was so annoyed since it wasn't on TV this week. How come? ;( It would be great if they put the show on a little earlier but, it still is worth waiting up for in my book. To the cast “Keep up the great work!” “You are all fabulous, fun, talented and enjoyable to watch!”

    Ellen M. Jensen

  • every show is original and unpredictibale. I love the family values and how different every show is. everyone should give it a try - my favorit show on tv!

    every show is original and unpredictibale. I love the family values and how different every show is. everyone should give it a try - my favorit show on tv! this show is great because it doesn't have the gorey crap that CSI does nor the inappropriate sex scenes like CSI. great clean, mystery tv!
  • Medium, a lesson in how to be a real man

    I think the writing in this show is superb. Guys take note of the husband. Notice how he is supportive WITHOUT being a wimp? Also, their relationship is not all roses, but they deal with life without taking it out on each other - realistically. I LOVE IT!!!Please keep this show coming
  • Interesting mix of family life and the supernatural.

    I like this show for a few reasons. First, Patricia Arquette is not a beauty queen, and looks very much like an everyday person. Actually, all of the cast look very "normal" and fit into their roles very well. I like the way they start every episode with breakfast in the morning with kids and all the chaos that goes along with family life. The relationship between Alison and Joe is very realisic and relaxed. The writers much have really wanted it this way because of the sometimes "over the top" storylines. Not that I don't enjoy them, but they are definately not "ordinary". All in all, this is an interesting show to watch, with a nice mix of family storylines along with Alison's psychic storylines.
  • A really good show that takes a different approach to the crime drama.

    This show takes a leap by showing how the justice system sometimes avail themselves of the help of psychics. It goes deeper to show us the life of the psychic, Allison Dubois, and her family. Her relationship with her husband is a great aspect to watch unfold along with the cases as they're solved. It's interesting to see how the family as a whole reacts to Allison embracing her abilities and using them for the 'greater good.' The characters are strong and well flushed out as well as the relationships between the main characters. It's definitely a show to watch.
  • I think this show is great!

    These actors are top class. I love this show, and love the dynamics of the family too. The children themselves are each very individual characters, and especially Bridget is one of a kind. I enjoy the relationship between Allison and Joe, and also Allison\'s relationship with her boss and the detective. All in all, this is one of my favorite shows, and I don\'t miss an episode.
  • A great mix of sci fi and humor. The struggle of a medium and the typical craziness of a juggling a family and work ! Great writing !

    The reason why this show is a trendsetter is because although theres been movies about mediums before, none has shown the home life of such a person, with a husband and family who are always trying to adjust. The husband takes it all with humor and the kids have that typical sibling rivalry.
    And of course, the cases she investigates are very interesting !
  • Medium is full of adventure and realistic scenarios every week. This show definitely has my vote!

    Medium has everything I could ask for in great TV. The show is realistic, has great actors and great scenarios. If it were my choice, Medium would be on the air two nights a week. Has anyone considered a DVD for this series yet? They could make millions! Hopefully Medium will be on the air for years to come...
  • This show is one of the best shows on television. It has excellent story lines and plots and is a show i will never miss!

    Medium is about a psychic woman named, Allison Dubious. It is almost a crime show and almost a psychic show. It shows her balancing her family and job. It is a perfect blend of a dramatic, thriller, comedy, etc.. It is really worth checking out and i give it 11/10. It is really ahead of it's time, it's not just another average drama series. Check it out!
  • Allison is a mother with special abilities. She can see people in trouble, she can see other people's thoughts, and she also has dreams where she becomes other people. She uses these abilities to help solove cases for the FBI.

    Medium really does stand out from all the other shows about people with paranormal abilities. It has a great cast and the stories are always well done. It never gives too much away and keeps you thinking without being annoying. It is always interesting to see what people are really thinking through Allison.
  • What a great show.

    I love all shows like this a mom with powers to see the furture and uses that to save people, put people in jail, and help the families that lost people. This is one of my favorite shows I love how they show her as this normal person with a normal person but she is a great person.
  • This season is getting a little corny/hokey... They need to get back to where it was first season.

    The basic concept is great but it needs to fine tune a bit. She seems to doing alot of "dreaming", maybe she needs to do some more talking to the dead people. I loved it in the first season when she went up against that lawyer and told him hings about himself that nobody knew... that is more of the kinds of stuff I would like to see.
  • On this show i really like the combination of allison the family woman and her life as a freelancer for the district attorney.

    How she often strugles with her job and how she grows coping with her special abilities is greatly put into frame. I really enjoy the show. It is not so technical and it has a certain warmth to it altough the crimes in it are sometimes really cruel. This show is still young and i think it has the potential to grow into many seasons. A good way to do that would be the introduction of a new regular. We will see...
  • I can't get enough Dubois (or however you spell that)

    This show is entirely underappreciated. The relationship between Allison and her husband is actually the biggest reason I keep watching it. That and how she rocks her totally healthy body. My mom and I agree that she is probably the most relatable character on television right now. So... more watching! For everyone!
  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

    This show is terribly addictive and engaging. I seriously doubt I'm the only girl has decided Joe is her fantasy husband and Detective Scanlon her fantasy affair? This show creates a perfect combination of intense drama, lighthearted family moments and intrigue which all together make the perfect show!! Getting better with every show!
  • This show has the same opener and out come every week.

    This show has some creativity in it but for the show to open up the same every week with a dream and waking up in bed in a sweat is ridiculous. Change the opener. Change the closer. Also 3/4 of the way through the wife and husband always end up in bed assumed to have sex, naked. Good thoughts but at 05 past the hour 49 past the hour and 55 past the hour I can tell you what your going to see for sure.
  • Underrated

    Despite only watching about two shows
    And being sandwiched with powerhouse CSI Miami
    This is an underrated but very good show
    And Patrica Arquette is awesome as the main character
    Trying to solve crimes and even knowing about them way, way, before the crime is committed
    (Think Tom Cruise's Minority Report but with no action sequences and a woman instead of a man!)
    She also must balance life as a married mother of three daughters
    While helping the police and feds to solve the case!
  • What is there to be said about this show, It's just a great show,

    Allison Dubois is a women who can see things other people are oblivious to. she works as a special consultant for the DA's office, and helps them in a way no one knows. She and her husband are affraid that their children might have ingerrit their mothers "Gift" and don't know how to help their young children with this little problem.
  • Medium is about a woman,Allison DuBois, who has to struggle with a sixth sense thing about dreams and visions of dead people. It can be a chilling drama. She must deal with her family and her talented skill in order to find out what is going on the case.

    Medium is a decent show because at times, the writers don't neccessary make the same storylines or plot, but the same process is the same. For example, he struggles with sleeping and her job with the presence of her family. It gets a little repetive; however, the stories of the dead people is what makes the show because the dead people are usually pretty interesting. Also, it is cool how she can feel them and get a sense of who the dead person, so she can fix the problem. Overall, it is a good show to watch except it may not be for children due to the scary images of dead people.
  • It doesn't get the respect it deserves...

    Medium us a great show, but no one I know really watches it. I watch it everytime it comes on. There is always a new story, although, I must say that it is always on the same outline. I don't understand why people don't beleive in Mediums. This show is based off of real life, Allison Dubois. She is a real psysic whether you want to beleive it or not. There are things that have happened to her, things she sees, that normal people can't. She is 1 in a million kind of person. She is really speical. I don't understand what people think is so hard to figure out with people like her. If you watch the show, you will see how interesting she is. She goes through things that some people, counting myself, would love to experience. There are a lof of thses types of things that I have read about, and these people are just so awesome. They solve crimes by using their dreams, and just thoughts that comes into their head when they walk into that area.

    I know that when people think that they are fake. But they really aren't. There are a lot of clues to show that they are real. It is very hard to pretend you are a Medium. Someone will catch you.

    But this show shows the life of Allison Dubois. And it is one of the best shows there could possibly be.
  • This show is similar to the USA network tv series The Dead Zone.

    The Medium and THe Dead Zone are pretty similar...the main character sees what other people dont see. the medium is better now..i thought first season wasnt as good as the second...btw the dead zone premieres during the summer. it doesnt focus just on the involves her family and stuff..
  • Wow!

    I recently found this show during a late night channel changing session and have been hooked ever since! I find it engaging on so many levels. Not only is the acting and writing superb but the expert direction and overall cinematography envelope it in an amazing package to create a supremely top-class show!
    Love It!!
  • A personal favorite of mine. Medium grabs me and holds my attention throughout each episode.

    I will be a Medium fan for as long as its on television, and I do hope that's for at least five seasons. The show is compelling. I am pleased the writers created a character who is a mother and has a family life to contend with along with her psychic abilities, instead of some single go-getter woman in a powersuit who would have no life outside of her career. It is even more compelling that the daughters are beginning to see they have been blessed (or cursed?) with the same abilities. Patricia Arquette does amazing in the role. Some have told me Ghost Whisperer is just as good, and that is so far from the truth. I'd just Medium anyday over Jennifer Love Hewitt's near laughable character on Ghost Whisperer.
  • A show about medium Allison Dubois, a woman that can communicate with the dead and see things other people can't.

    This show finally let's people see the stuff that I have believed in for many years now. Allison is able to solve mysteries for the DA in a way that most people would never believe. It's a show you must have seen once. I really believe that there are people out there that can see what Allison sees.

    She struggles with her life as a psychic and her life as a wife and mother of three. Every night she has strange dreams, that eventually come true or tell her something she needs to know. It's a show about a woman everyone can relate too in a different way. Struggling moms can be found all over the world. Psychics are a bit harder to find, but I know they excist.

    Watch Medium whenever you can.
  • Its a fantastic show.

    This show is fantastic. Especailly beacuse its based on a real person. We are about to receive our second season in Australia. I can't wait. The first season was really addictive I could not miss an episode. Hope there are many more seasons to come. Keep up the good work. Big fan.
  • This show really opens eyes...

    It just goes to show that anything is possible and that not everything is what it seems. Medium is a really cool show to watch. It can be a little confusing at times but it never fails to grab someone's attention. This show is often seen as made up and many people don't realize that this stuff really is possible but it's not common amongst everyone. Patrica also plays her part really well, so good on her!

    Heads up for Medium!!
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