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  • Psychic Allison DuBois works cases for the Phoenix DA's office with uncanny success and deals with the difficulties of her psychic gift on and off the job, especially as it impacts her husband Joe and their three girls, the oldest two of whom already show

    Popular American culture has embraced the notion of the psychic who assists police in the solving of difficult cases, especially those involving missing persons. Yet, there's a tension in our embrace. We like the idea, and love to hear stories about how psychics bring comfort to families and bad guys to justice. A relatively new reality show Psychic Detectives fulfills that desire, as we view recreations of cases successfully solved by psychics. But, we also doubt it really works and often hear journalists claim that the successes of such psychics are over-reported. Many DA offices and police departments, too, lend doubt to psychic assistance through denying their use or claim any help they gave wasn't really all that helpful.

    But still, we hope and we wonder: What would a person who possessed such a gift be like and how would impact his or her life?. What is the source of such a gift -- or curse? What implications does that have for the nature of the world and ourselves? Is there a greater power and purpose? Are we all connected to one another? Are some of us, and our families, inherently different?

    One reason why Medium is so successful as a series is that it takes up the psychic sleuth of popular culture with intelligence, directly addressing the myths and questions surrounding her. Allison DuBois' gift really does work incredibly well, but it's unpredictable, even unreliable. Her visions are subject to interpretation, and they're often symbolic or piecemeal or delayed. She believes, loosely, that they are conveyed by some benign power, which on rare occasion she refers to as God, but she also receives impressions from other people and departed spirits, not all of whom wish others well. These complications in Allison's gift not only create interesting problems for her detective work, but they also resonate with our sense of knowledge as being fragmented, partial, and put together only with skill and insight. After all, why should knowledge gained through psychic powers be any different? Even saints have their contradictions.

    Yet, as good a woman as Allison DuBois is, she's no saint. She's a recovered alcoholic, who once used the booze to block out the psychic stuff with which she couldn't cope. Only with a grounding marriage and maturity has she come to accept her gift and found a way to make it count. She sometimes takes risks that she shouldn't, given that she's a mother to three girls, but she's driven to find answers to the pictures and voices in her head. The obsessions with which she struggles can mirror psychosis, sometimes causing her to put her family and others at risk, too (such as cases where she emptied her family's bank account, attacked an innocent father of a daughter's crush, or stalked a comely grocery clerk).

    Her gift, we're shown, can be a curse. However, it's her family life that keeps her sane. Her husband Joe and her three daughters keep Allison grounded in the human world. They keep viewers grounded, too. Although the show might well spin off into supernatural sentimentality or sensation, the expertly written and filmed realisms of family life: the conversations, habits, stresses, closenesses help us to feel that our lives and our families are not so different from the DuBois'.

    Joe isn't a uniformly supportive husband (as is Jennifer Love Hewett's on The Ghost Whisperer)--he has needs and obligations, too. And he's been (realistically) frustrated by her behavior, frightened of its extremes, and even embarassed and worried about its social ramifications and impact on their daughters. However, ultimately, he accepts Allison's gift and its drives out of what is clearly love for her. When she needs him most, Joe goes the extra mile.

    As a logically driven mathametician, he might simply dismiss her as irrational. The writers don't allow him to fall to that stereotype. Instead, he uses his powers of logic for good, to help Allison figure out what might or might not be accurate about her impressions. He also acts as her moral sounding board, giving her someone intimate and trustworthy to whom she can relate the sometimes uncertain and original ethical binds in which she finds herself. What's more, Joe helps Allison to find and keep the humor in the situations in which she and her family find themselves. They have the kind of working relationship and loving rapport that successfully married couples do when they've been together for some time.

    For this realistic and warm depiction of family life--even more than the supernatural stories themselves-Medium works. However, it's the two in relation to one another that drives the series, giving us a sense of consequences and connections between the real and surreal (in both the boundary violating acts of crime and visions of supernatural life) -- but above all showing us how to cope with the complications of daily, modern life.
  • i think that the is really good. i watch every monday night and i think that it is really cool how she has dreams like that. and can predict things. i wish i could do that have dreams like that. it makes you feel like your there with her itscool

    i've never missed a show. patrice is one of my favorite actors. i loved her in little nicky. i thought she did a great job and i like her other movies too. but i like her the most in medium. she really does a great job on the show itsgreat.
  • No other show experiments like this show, and most of the time, it works.

    Many people complain that Allison's family life and her job sometimes do not correlate well. In other words, you can mix the troubles in her family life with the troubles in her job, and get a different episode with the same affect. Sometimes the family drama is more interesting to watch than the crime part of the show, which is not a good thing considering this is a who-done-it kind of show.

    But this year, the writers has convincingly meshed her family life with her job, bringing great episodes that really challenge Allison.

    Truly, the recent episodes have been creepy, and some people don't like it. But this is a show about ghosts, it should scare us a little. I love that Allison impersonates a serial killer, perhaps one of my favorite episode, and an episode that supports the fact that Patricia's emmy win was not a fluke. I also really liked last week's episode where Allison's is put in jail for letting her motherly instincts get the best of her.

    This show is nothing like other crime dramas, because the writers really love to explore. Each episode is unique from the other. Episodes that stand in my mind is the one where she falls asleep to the TV show and is brought back in time to solve an old crime. The one where the song plays in Allison's head is so unique. The 3D episode was pretty fun to watch as well. Allison's impersonation of the serial killer is just ingenious.

    The show does have its fault. The biggest one: the little girls (especially the middle child) are sometimes just too annoying.
  • Brilliant and well thought out.

    It was a brilliant well written episode. I'm glad that the kids are getting bigger parts.
    Alison reacted on gut instinct, and later found out she was fed disinformation by the spirt of an old foe. As a mother of young children I can understand the reason she did react so badly.

    And finally,I don't understand the reviewer who complained about nudity, why is her little sister watching tv that late at night for anyway.
  • awsome kool provacative show nice twist tur dramay show original fantastic

    its is a show about a medium it is great i thought it would suck but when i watched it i was addicted o the screen its great it has everythin phsycotic from people and other stuff also i love its provacative gory and bloody thing is kool and awsome
  • There are few shows that really capture human drama as realistically as this show about the supernatural. The family dynamics, the chemistry of the couple make this show a winner with every well written and acted episode.

    This is NBC's highest achievement in bringing quality human drama in a supernatural package. The cast creates for the viewer an experience that is filled with mystery and yet is able to touch on family drama like no other show on network television. I am so glad that the show does not have phoney hollywood stereotypical beautiful people but people that are believable and ordinary in many ways. It has a personal charm because the people in the cast are not bound by the formulas of so many trite shows on television today.
  • Helps you to understand what a physic goes through.

    A gift to some, but there are those that do not believe. I only go away wanting more. I enjoy the interaction of Allison with other cast members. You learn that all though she has a gift it can sometimes be very wearing. I would like to know how she came to help the Phoenix police department.
  • Medium is a show that pulls together psychic phenomena and sixth sense into a suburban wife and mother trying to cope with it as her new job with the DA she embraces this ability in a way that is enticing to watch as well as cleverly funny at times too.

    love this show, it definetly is a must see and that is not a play on the fact that the show in on NBC. Patricia Arquette really plays this character well i think. i look forward to the show every week havent missed an episode yet in the first season it showed that she coped before by drinking to keep the people away from her but now with her new job with the DA she embraces
  • This show is based on the life of the real person Allison Dubouis who is a psychic medium, a person who sees visions in her dreams of things to come. Each weeks there is another puzzle to solve and another killer to catch and Allison helps out to do it!

    Although this show started out interesting, it can get a little old fast. Each episode is different and is not a show where you have to watch week after week. The shows, unfortuately, don't run together so that you can have a root storyline to follow. They just pick a story and go with it that particular week. I still watch it and it is a very well written show even though I still can't believe her husband/the DA are still skeptical about what she sees. The shows can get a little much with the blood factor but nothing too over the top. The 3D episode was ridiculously un-needed, just a ploy to get people to watch that episode but if you didn't buy the TV guide that week, you were out of luck. Although a good show to watch on Monday nights, the 10:00 timeslot is a little late and I worry about the show's life. If you can catch it, catch it. If you can't, don't lose sleep over it because it's nothing fantastic.
  • A cool, domestic crime thriller

    The concepts not original, a person with psychic skills aiding the police.
    I remember an 80's film, 'Fear', where a female lead was sharing visions of a psycho-path. The film was freaky and had me hooked.
    I've watched medium out of interest, since it started months back on BBC1.
    What keeps this show real, is the fact that the lead is a mother and a wife as well as a psychic. Unlike other films or shows, like this, she's not treated as schizophrenic or nut job. Her visions are taken the drama centres around the vision, rather than watch her trying to convince the world shes not crazy. Not to mention her supportive husband.
  • I wish it was number one!!!

    Many people now a days do not believe it is possible for people to talk to the spirit of another. This show explains to many people how some police departments may be doing the samething using a medium of some sort and the general public doesnot know. How can you explain police finding the body of a murder victim after months of searching???
  • medium rocks it has a wonderful cast and i think it should be number one!!!!!!!!!! sometimes a show comes on that you just cant stop seeing and i love it so much andif you watch it you will love it too. i highly reccomend it,so watch it

    wow what a show you would have to be crazy not to love this show it is one of the best shows i have ever seen!sometimes a show comes along you just fall in love with well this is the one for me and i love it so so much
  • Who would have thought that a show about a medium who helps the police would be such a hit?

    I do like this show. It's a show about the dead that doesn't become morbid. However, it does have its downside.
    Allison's family is not likeable. Her kids are a pain, and her husband is blasé. I don't remember the actor's name, but I've never seen him in anything else. I wonder why they picked him. The only emotion he ever shows is anger, and his eyes appear lifeless. Whenever he is "feeling frisky", he is so unbelievable, it's painful to watch.
    I think that the show would be better with other actors. But the parts where she's at work are great. I like the DA and the detective she works with.
  • 10
    Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien always kid around and say that NBC is in the toilet, the last rated show. I personally love the network. I do believe, however, that if the 3D glasses were made available through the mail instead of customers running around buying a TV guide just for the glasses, I think more people would have watched just for the sake of the 3D and then they would have been hooked! Just a thought. I have many!!!
  • "Still Life" sent me on a "How'd They Do That?!" quest! (Some answers found...)

    Thanks to the "magic" used in "Still Life," and as a lifelong sucker for all things lenticular and 3-D, I simply HAD to find out...HOW'D THEY DO THAT?

    - The Rod Serling visual snippet was, in fact, taken from a "Twilight Zone" episode. (I'd love it if anyone can tell me if the backdrop was in the original or if it was added.)

    - Help me out here: I was sure I noticed some play with his mouth movements during his "lecture." I'd have to see the ep again to be sure--maybe someone else noticed it?

    - Voiceover artist, Mark Silverman, who is the only person the Serling estate recognizes as a viable substitute, supplied the actual voice.

    - The 3-D effects, love 'em or not, was done by a company called Sensio - Sensorial Experience Technologies. They provide "Professional Stereoscopic Services" to many of Hollywood's major studios, according to their website: (choose English or French).

    Next time...and with this show there HAS to be a next time...let's hope the glasses are more widely distributed. (I couldn't find my "Shark Week in 3-D" standbys, either.)
  • Why doesn't more people open there minds to a reality,the unexplained,is now explained !!

    Loved ones need Closure,Murders,unsovled,or just getting answers,being able to sense objects or walk into a room, or have it come in a dream. These are gifts. Special gifts. again, it amazes me how much is coming out of the closet. This show is very well put together. true to the core.Everything that happens on the show cant wait to see whats next. GREAT SHOW !! More people need to watch.
  • Where were the glasses, promised issue of TV Guide? Were they sold out, or were not enough issues printed for the unanticipated popularity? Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing it in 3-D, and had to settle for a semi-blurred version.

    This show is wonderful, but the 3-D episode? I was not able to find the issue of TV-Guide w/the glasses anywhere. I checked 7 different stores in 3 different towns, that normally carry TV-Guide, no luck. It was a good episode, but had to watch it on a semi-blurred screen due to the graphics and not having the glasses to fully appreciate it. Too bad.
  • Simply the best show ever! I look forward to every Monday just so I can see medium and it never disappoints me! I hope it doesn't end soon. I am looking forward for the all new 3D episode of tonight. Don' miss it! I know that I wont. att: L.

    Simply the best show ever!
    I look forward to every Monday just so I can see medium and it never disappoints me! I hope it doesn't end soon. I am looking forward for the all new 3D episode of tonight. Don' miss it! I know that I wont.
    att: L. Walker
  • A Women who can see ghosts and read minds.

    I do not regularly watch this show but i think it is good i like praticia Arqutte she does a really good job . overal this is a decent show BUT it is not the best i wouldd still recomend it to people who are in to this kinda stuff Enjoy

  • A ridiculous concept becomes a great t.v. show.

    If you wanted to find a television show I wouldn't like, you couldn't do much worse than a crime-solving psychic. I watched the first episode with my finger on the channel button.

    Well, I'm completely won over, and this has become one of my favorites. Patricia Arquette plays arather introverted, normal woman who really seems to dislike her psychic gifts. She's happily married with three children, and it reallly causes strain on her time, her psyche, and her marriage to have visions and dreams of crimes.

    She works for the District Attorney as a "consultant" and, although he is convinced of her abilities, they have to keep her role secret for obvious reasons.

    One could not overstate how strong the production of The Medium is, from top to bottom. The actors are all convincing and absorbing -- not a weak one in the bunch. The writing is brilliant. To sustain a show like this really demands a variety of plots and settings, and the writers provide it. It provides constant visual creativity, and the production values are high.
  • i like this show alot the acting is great

    i like that the shows are complete in 60 minutes the acting is wonderful i like that the bad guys are caught and that her husband loves her and helps with the kids she is real in how she deals with a very confusing gift please keep the show on the air
  • Great show and great episode (Judge Jury and Executioner), however did not understand two parts of the show.

    I think this show is great, and gets better each episode. The characters are believable and I can't wait for the 3-D episode.

    However, I did not understand the beginning of the episode Judge Jury and Executioner and the significance of the husband being shot 23 times. Can anyone help me with this?
  • I think medium is awesome. I love the fact that it makes you wonder whats real in life and whats not. The characters playing the parts are great. I faithfully watch every monday night. Keep up the good work, I'll be watching as always...

    Thank u for putting this show on and allowing people to experince what life between is all about. I love the kids they remind me of my nieces. The show being in Phx is a real asset for me because I lived there for 17yrs til I moved to Mo. I think Patricia is an awesome actress, I have watched films she has done in the past on lifetime. I would not have picked anyone else for the role. Thank you Patricia and I hope you keep up the role your awesome in it.
  • A superbly written and produced show based on the life of a real individual who has visions.

    Patricia Arquette is a real gem! This show shows a typical family dealing with an extraordinary situation. The children interact like typical siblings and the parents react as parents should. The fact that this "gift" is passed from mother to daughter adds an extra element and opens a door for additional story lines. I don't understand why this show isn't rated higher. What are people doing at 10 on a Monday night? For me, this is a DO NOT MISS!
  • I loveeeeeee it

    God! Medium just keeps getting Bettter and better. The whole production, cast and crew are amazing on the show. Allison Dubois is really great and now seeing a show based on her life is really amazing. Patricia Arquette Makes a wonderful job as an actress. All medium episodes keep you on the edge with mystery, suspicion and a bit of laughter and love. I highly recomend it.
  • we have just star it to see it here un south america (venezuela0. Is a fun show that i hope the directors and producers do not waste the momentum it has on his second week here and make the show a complete waste of time

    the show has a unique way to see the criems and the people that can help solve those crime that do not use high tech exams, as i i think this show will be a great hit and a chance of ways to understand the medium role in our day by day life
  • enjoy the mystery of the whole show, is my favorite show, always watch it every monday, evcen watched it on halloween special, was awsome, I enjoy the dreams she has and when she can pick up what a person has done by meeting them, solving mystries with po

    I enjoyed every episode of Medium. Medium is the only show I would commit to every monday, I have only managed to miss one episode in the time it has been on tv. I enjoy a good mystery and this is one of them every week. I know that everyone should watch this show if they mystical stories or read the horoscope for that matter. This show relaxes me after a long day and takes me away from the daily reality\'s of like in an odd way, ironically it is a mystery about solvings lifes crimes of inhumanity.
  • Excelent show. It feels slow moving, and suddenly explodes!

    This is my favorit show next to Prison Break and Lost. Mainly because of Arquettes cool and easy handling of her viewings. but also because of the chemistry between her husbanbd and her. Some of the plots are also very good, and you never know what is going to happen. It's not all fun and laughs but it's with out blood dripping shocks, luckily. And hasn't a all well that ends well philosophy about it.
  • medium is awesome! i have watched every episode. i couldn\'t imagine not watching it! it is my all time favorite show. i look forward to mondays because of medium! i would rather watch medium than go to school any day!!!

    i had missed the very first medium the first season, but ended up watching it on a rerun after season one\'s finale. i couldn\'t imagine modays without it. i hope that it stays for at the very least ten or even 20 seasons! some people might think that i am obsessed with the show, and i think they are right! i love the suspense or every episode and all of the twists and turns and the unexpected out comes. the stuff that i never see coming just adds to the obsession of this show! mondays would be boring without medium!
  • I don't believe in Medium's. I think the idea is crap. But this show rocks.

    I don't believe in Medium's. I think the idea is crap. But this show rocks. I watched the first episode because my cousin and my online friend said they were going to.

    I grudgingly gave it a shot. Wow am I glad it did. The whole cast is wonderfull. Surprisingly there is an Arquette I like. The girls are hilarious and the Dad and D.A. are great.
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